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  1. Rather shocking to me. But even more amazing is that he still posted the video publicly.
  2. Yeah, I thought the same... where are the races today? Had plenty of fun watching yestarday, though.
  3. I would probably not have an Evora if I lived in Spain for the reasons you provide and some others, but I would not enjoy living where I do as much without the Evora, if that makes sense. @Colin P My thought reading your post was that you are in need of an Elise 120/136. Don´t remember now if you have already been there, done that.
  4. I had a good laugh watching Kimi here. This guy is a semi-god. He has a couple of brilliant (seemingly unscripted) phrases.
  5. That quote made me laugh hard. I can relate to your love "affaire". I do use mine less than I would like, but this year I have taken it out as often as I could, both on my own, with Club Lotus France (to Schwarzwald) and with the Luxembourgish club on a few shorter runs in Luxembourg's excellent b roads. I can go as fast as anyone else on the road and then cruise back on the highway in full comfort, perfectly fresh. I always come back home firmly in love. Nothing beats the Evora for me. So much so that this year's trip to Schwarzwald was the maiden "car weekend" for my girlfrien
  6. Well, I checked today after seeing this thread and mine does keep time accurately.* A special edition surely. *up to now. Past accuracy does not guarantee future accuracy.
  7. @C8RKH They do seem to acknowledge early on the text that it had already won before starting the group test, so you might be right.
  8. Thanks for posting. It is good to see the Evora being brought into these sort of tests but I have to agree with the OP that the article and the conclusions do not match. I am not a motor journalist or a driving god (would these be synonims...?), and I have not driven the Alpine or Cayman, but I do own two out of the four (well, almost, an M2 N55 and an Evora S) and the Evora is for me, hands down, the better drivers car out of the two, even if the M2 is very playful and good fun in its own right. They seem to agree when saying this For me, it is not even about adrena
  9. Enjoy. Fingers crossed for whichever outcome you are wishing for
  10. @m1980k This is mine in a similar effort with journalists in Italy, back in the day. They must have been very close in the production line, given the plates.
  11. Hi Tom, I happen to be from A Coruña myself and my mom´s family is from the Basque Country, so I hope I can provide some help. I don´t live in the area for some years now, but I go back to Galicia every summer (I may have a slight you may see by the end of the post). I am not sure if you know the area to a certain extent. You do want to cover a lot of ground in one week. Picos is indeed a highlight of the area, but IMO there are nice spots and roads in all the areas proposed with a mix of coastal, mountain roads and good food all the way. Starting from the East: F
  12. Well done that man! A legend indeed. Platinum-Iridium balls too (and/or a very understanding wife). Enjoy the drive (while you can)!
  13. Hi Willi, I have the same head unit and never had that issue (not even when the car was put in pieces to repair the gearbox). The paper manual and quick start guide that I have don’t say anything either. I found the following on the extended English manual pdf file that I have (see attached pictures). I hope this helps. I can send you the pdf file if you send me your e-mail address through pm. Or maybe try 11111?
  14. I thought so, too, but hearing that the S3 is the last Elise is bad news, too.
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