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  1. Thanks @JimH I thought it might be a different compound. Should have checked the obvious first. Thanks again.
  2. Can anybody clarify what FSL stands for in the description of the Pilot Sport 4S? MICHELIN PILOT SPORT 4S FSL EL I am trying to follow Rallysax's advice and go for the standard (ie. not branded) XL tyre, but I am not sure if this is the one. Thanks in advance.
  3. @Cdm2018 A new battery is a good starting point, I would say. How old is yours?
  4. Just to update this thread. The car has kept having this issue. Running well, just a forced idle and, in the worse instances, an override to my throttle input. Took it to its annual maintenance on Monday. Had to clear the codes to be able to climb the garage ramp... it seems that my OBD reader deleted the engine’s history, so Komotec could not get to the root cause. After some driving around the area (and the good hour at brisk pace on the empty autobahn at 7:00 AM to get there) there were no signs of the codes coming back, but I decided to change the battery nonetheless. Played safe and went for the standard Varta. No wish to add lithium batteries charms to the equation... it seems to go fine now. I hope I will not have to update this further. Fingers crossed.
  5. I see. I didn't know it was planned for demolishment.
  6. Arregueti

    Lotus Emira

    That is quite a statement! I fear some of that is true (just see who is at the helm in their latest (and first Emira's) commercial. Let's just see how much room the current team has to still make the new cars feel like a Lotus. So far they seem to have won a battle. The fact that the Emira is there is probably just a testament to the resilience of the (former and current) team at Lotus that pushed for the Evora. After putting together the Evora and seeing it "not reach its sales objectives" they have pursued a similar, if watered down, route. I "just" own an Evora, so I am not a "proper" fan, but it is still purer than most other cars I have come accross and a very exciting car to drive. I think it is a good thing that the Emira takes over where the Evora set the path but we will have to wait and see what it really ends up being. I don't think all is lost for the "true" Lotus fans. The Elise came after the Elan M100 after all. For me, it will all depend on how well the Emira sells and how strong will Hethel be within the new "global" Lotus.
  7. Thanks, @Bibs Not sure how to read your post. Are you referring to Emira or Elise production? (funny that FE stands both for First Edition and Final Edition...) If I got it right, the Elise production site will not host Emira production, so what is the harm in leaving that production facility running for a couple more months (assuming they have available chassis, parts, etc.). Is that "factory/building" going through refurbishment so quickly? For the Elise the problem seemed to be the opposite. They seem to be reluctant to extend production beyond their preset deadline and would be limiting some choice on some minor things (which I can also understand to a certain extent as their priority is elsewhere now). Anyway, I guess if I want one hard enough I should be able to find one.
  8. I did hear similar, actually. Also in terms of specifying too many individualities. It sounded more like a "take it or leave it" approach for things like stitching, etc. There was no guarantee they could accommodate some requests.
  9. Thanks @Slow Yank Well, time for a decision then. I really see myself in one. Just need the stars to allign. 🙂
  10. Thanks for the replies. Yes, in that case I guess my only chance is to get one of the slots reserved by dealers. I don’t see a lot of Elise owners changing teams, but who knows.
  11. Not sure this is the right thread, but seems to be the most active about the Elise FEs... ...and dealers do not seem to have much information. Given the current delays in production, would it be possible that production continues a bit into next year or is nov/dec 2021 set in stone as the end of production? I know I am swimming against the tide, but I would rather have them stopping next spring to give me some "time" to organise my next car purchase and partner's approval. 😁 Otherwise, I guess I will have to wait until first Emira deliveries and hunt a hardly used one traded for an Emira... what are the odds, right?
  12. Apparently it is still type 111 (according to William Taylor's book "Lotus the marque") but, to make it a bit more confusing (for me at least), some of the Evora racing variants get different type numbers.
  13. Indeed. Funny to see that someone had to then clarify that HE was the source. 😂😂
  14. Matt Windle himself claimed Goodwood”s statement is incorrect in one of the Facebook groups.
  15. It is hard to judge from the configurator alone, but I would assume that it will not be very far off from Racing Green metallic (C155)
  16. I understand @jep's doubts. I tend to doubt about those endorsements, too. Nothing wrong with getting paid, but I just look at such endorsements differently. For me the difference here is that, as posted above, it seems to be part of a wider "engagement" with the brand. A bit like venture capitalist's carried interest. Opportunistic or not, who am I to judge, it is all good as long as it is mutually beneficial. He may well be a very good actor, as well as a fantastic driver, but he does come accross as a more real personality than some of the others. It is good to see the good old Lotus getting some love and care, too. 🙂
  17. OMG. Lotus should hire you. or pay you for the idea. It looks amazing.
  18. Pretty impressive. I got an email from a French dealer. Apparently it starts at 72,000 euros in France.
  19. What is the red thing on the bottom right? A fire extinguisher? GLP reservoir? Nitrous oxide?
  20. @Slow Yank That is a great, if very personal, post. I guess not everyone agrees on what excels at what, but I think your mountain skiing approach Is a very good description of where the Elise excels. Just as getting your carving right can be very satisfying even if you are faster going straight. I know I will be looking at Elises again now...
  21. Yup. Pretty envious of those of you who get to see the car this week. Enjoy! (and share pictures)
  22. I had fun, too. More so once I overcame the initial frustration of not being able to hear most of the speeches and sound because of some of the "other" superfans. 🙂 It all eased when I realised that I can watch the whole thing at some point and that I was just enjoying it differently as it was happenning Have to admit I felt a bit cold at first realising that we were going to act as marketing stunts, but I have just realised I was on screen (and on Harry's Garage video, nonetheless) just behind Matt Windle when he was doing his opening speech and have to confess that I smiled. All in all I think it was a good idea and happy to be part of it. Thanks to Bibs and those at Lotus who came up with the idea for this. 👍
  23. Received mine, too. Many thanks for all the effort behind the scene, Bibs. Looking forward to the show and seeing what they prepared for us. Excited and very curious, now.
  24. I am in a similar position to yours, as I am planning taking the car to the Black Forest, but I will have the car serviced beforehand. I do not want to be concerned every morning about whether the lights will be on or not... I just hope the dealer will spot the issue beforehand. For some perspective, I had a similar situation a few years ago when going to the Bavarian alps with the car, my then wife and the two kids... on the first long trip with the car... All sorts of lights popped up 100 kms. after we started the trip. I went back to the dealer but they couldn't do anything but have the codes removed... I decided to take my chances and drive to Bayern anyway, after 200 kms of detour and a few hours... (maybe that explains the divorce...) The car worked fine from there on but I agree it is anything but reassuring. Whenever my car has played similar trickery, it was never too serious, but it is true that the last thing you want is to be permanently looking at the dashboard or by the side of the road instead of enjoying nice views from your planned hotel. Obviously, please take my comments with a pinch of salt, as they just represent my vety limited experience and only you can decide what is best.
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