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  1. Kimbers' one looks like a mega-bra. I would go for that one.
  2. I experienced something similar on my maiden trip in my Evora, when I picked it up in the UK with my elder son. On the way to the ferry in Dover I was moved out of the queue and instructed to get the car into a warehouse where a strict looking female officer was waiting for me. I was then invited to open the boot for the car to be inspected, my son gently popping up and smiling from the rear seat, much to the surprise of the efficient officer. I was allowed to leave, greeted with a smile, and a phrase that sounded like "that is a beautiful car, sir. Enjoy."
  3. Germany does not have pricing for the base model yet (ie beyond the FE), apparently.
  4. You cannot beat that Twingo, though.
  5. You never have enough fun in that part of the world. I have never been as scared driving as in Melbourne, with those special rules you use there for "turn right coming from the left, at the end of the traffic light cycle in just a few seconds before they all come against you from the other side". More so because I discovered this local speciality in my first drive into Melbourne, just after landing and picking up the car from the rental company. The fact that the car we used had reversed wiper and turning light controls did not help either... You think you are indicating your turn and suddenly the wiper starts going frantic... My girlfriend was almost in tears (still don't know if it was laughter or fear). Not to mention the wildlife jumping at you when you leave the towns or your habit of burning eucalyptus intentionally around your towns and using road signs to warn drivers. Love the continent-country, though.
  6. New benchmark. That is indeed the way to downsize and streamline a car collection. Congratulations!
  7. I am biased because my car is dark green, but I like it as it is... Otherwise I would probably go with copper, which I think would suit nicely the light interior. Nice problems you have. 😉
  8. Congratulations! I was following that auction/car, for the sake of curiosity. That was apparently a Luxembourg registered car until now. Enjoy!
  9. Haven’t posted here for a while. To my eyes it looks nice from below.
  10. Or add a windscreen and we got the template for the new Elise. Looks great but I guess it is difficult to convert into a car rolling from a production plant.
  11. Please do. And add plenty of pictures. I would be all over the moon if I had that anywhere near me. 🙂 Is it a keeper or does your contact plan to move it on?
  12. Arregueti

    Emira GT4

    Komotec seems to have ordered two and they currently run Evoras in the European Lotus cup, so maybe there is a hint there.
  13. What a couple of +2s in the first picture. 👍😍
  14. Mine is a MY12 Evora S built in December 2011. It was a Lotus owned press/management car used in Italy (for some filming as I discovered just the night before wiring the money) and then mine since April 2013. I crossed the channel with one of my kids to pick it up (without knowing how I would manage to put it in my house’s garage on the way back, as I could not clear the steep ramp). We have gone through a lot together, with some highs and lows. Travelled with my former wife and two kids to Switzerland, Italy, Germany plenty of times (including a few laps around the Nurburgring and Hockenheimring). Gone through a divorce and a broken gearbox (almost simultaneously!) and still together, so it is now looking good to stay together a bit longer., even if the kids hardly fit in the rear seats anymore. Still a special moment when I take it out, be it for a short stretching of legs or a weekend in Schwarzwald.
  15. Lotus Lorraine in Nancy (Groupe Theobald). They seem to be the largest in France now after Marcassus lost the dealership. They still have 9 Exige FEs for sale, according to their website. But almost all the Elises are gone.
  16. Yes. That dealer alone had 10 240 and 4 Cup FE!
  17. That seems very little. A french dealer alone had around 10! Is that RHD only?
  18. It did not work for Rover indeed, but you could say that they saved Land Rover by spinning it off and RR is not doing bad either. BMW Is still “family owned” somehow. Not exactly a romantic endeavor these days but is the closer you get in today’s automotive industry. They do provide engines to Morgan, too. I would rather have them owning a specialized sports car manufacturer as McLaren rather than Geely, tbh. Just daydreaming.
  19. I can’t help but think that BMW would be a better fit, more so if it is all about engines. There is already quite some background after all. Unfortunately, BMW seems to be heading elsewhere and are probably not interested in making sports cars anymore.
  20. Many thanks @elise 147 That is very useful, and the sort of feedback I was looking for.
  21. Thanks for your input, Lee @CocoPops. I think I can live without the newer bumper (although I do prefer it) and I am not sure if the wing adds or detracts from the purity of the Elise. The doubt arises on the gear mechanism and the reliability of the Komotec kit. It does not seem to be as popular on the Elise as it is on the V6s. Just wonder if the sole reason is cost and the nature of the Elise compared to the bigger Exige/Evora. The older car does have the additional driving lights and comes with a body colored hard top. I would have to pay 2000 Euros for a non-painted hard top for the Cup, in case I wanted to track it... It all adds up, I guess. The car will most likely see the light of day in weekends in small roads around here so it wouldn't be a show stopper either way but it is nice to have them. I need to check which tires does the older car wear in the front. Since when do Elises use 195 in the front? Does 195 in the front make such a difference? Can I upgrade to 195 in the standard wheels (not forged) for a 2013 car?
  22. I am (again and hopefully for the last time) considering a couple of Elises to finally add one Elise to the garage. This is being a very long search and some very nice cars escaped between my fingers, but hopefully I will finally end up owning an Elise before the summer... time will tell. I considered starting a new thread, but realized that this one has already covered some of my doubts, so I will take advantage and hopefully it will help others in the future by adding more info in one single thread. One of the cars considered is a pre-MY 17.5 S3 that has a Komotec 265 kit. Does anyone have any experience with these kits on the Toyota 2ZR engine? Any reliability issues? It also has komotec brakes and a komotec exhaust. Is it much more noisy than stock? The second one is a post MY 17.5 250 cup that has seen some track use. Does anyone have direct experience of running a Komotec 265 against a 250 cup? As I see it now, it would mostly be used as a road car, so I am not after the ultimate tenth of a second or grip/performance difference and would want something "livable" in terms of noise. I guess I would not realize any potential difference in performance and my favourite so far (price, equipment, proximity, etc.) would be the simple(r) pre-My 17.5 but would I miss not having the wing and updated gear change that much? Is the stock car a safer bet? Any experience, tips, advise will be strongly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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