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  1. Funnily enough, before the codes popped up, mine was sometimes struggling a bit to get pushing from low speed or out of a crossroad in second gear with some coughing, etc.. After the codes were cleared, it pulls much better now. They seem to have a character of their own, these things. I have had the brake pedal sensor greased, the MAF sensor cleaned and now this to fix similar issues, so they all seem to be "characterful" parts of the car and a likely source of annoyances. I am sorry I cannot be of more help.
  2. Throttle actuator / throttle body? I know it is different because yours does not throw a code, but mine threw a CEL light and traction control failure light recently after a very wet short drive. It drove well on the road but threw the light when I restarted it to put it in the garage. Idle would go crazy (up to 3000 rpms then down) with very limited throttle response (ie. It would not follow my input). I let it dry, restarted a few times a week later but the CEL continued (traction control light disappeared). Connected the OBD reader: it had two stored codes that read throttle actuator performance/range / forced Idle. Cleaned the codes and now works fine.
  3. When will we see a convertible/targa Lotus again? Is there still a business case/chance to keep the Elise alive? How many cars do you see in Lotus range in ten years time? More lifestlye cars than Sports cars (ie. what do you expect to be the split between SUVs/sedans and sports cars)?
  4. Indeed, but the consensus seems to be that the Michelin’s are the better tyre. I am very happy with them on my other car, so willing to try them in the Evora.
  5. I am actually considering swapping back to 19/20s and trying the PS4S (ashamed to confess I still run Pirellis now...) keeping the second set of wheels, though
  6. It is definitely GEO related. I went through the inner edge of my first set of Pirelli Corsa tyres in no time. Had the GEO checked and never had the issue again (admittedly I am now driving on 18/19 as opposed to the first set being 19/20). The S needn´t be much more expensive on tyres.
  7. You are my hero, Last time I read from you, you had just bought a Jaguar and planned to sell an Excel to "compensate". Instead, you buy a TVR. And you can work on them, too. Congratulations!
  8. Hi, Welcome to the fold. Sounds like a good plan. Good to have a Ferrari man on board. The former owner of that car is on here, too, so you will probably be glad to see some other pictures of your car. 🙂 Looking forward to reading about your impressions and experiences with the car. Enjoy in good health.
  9. Maybe they are simply trying to attract interest and it is not a done deal yet. I don’t read it that way at least. It will depend on who, how and where it would be relived (didn’t Zenon try to move production to South Africa to reduce costs?) but, for me, it could be a good thing, both for existing owners because it might help ensuring spare parts, etc and also for those willing to buy the icon later on. Maybe me included, when circumstances allow. I don’t think it would harm values of “real” Elises, either. Probably the opposite if the icon nature of the Elise comes reinforced through longevity. if done properly, it would not only be for a few schillings. It might help reinforcing the brand, too, but I agree the critical thing is to choose wisely the guys carrying the legend forward. It might all be wishful thinking from my part.
  10. Maybe some at first, but the products would probably be different enough and it would not be the first time that a former generation of cars is passed on to another manufacturer. Lotus is heading in a different direction anyway, isn´t it? Reading one of Windle's interviews it sounded like a big chunk of the problem for continuing the production of the Elise was the room need for the (now outdated) paint cabin. It was begging the answer: Just move it to someone else´s plant. He also has a background with small manufacturers, so there might be some simpathy for the project. I am sure it wouldn´t be him approving the whole idea, though. Well, there goes another speculative theory. (probablty in the wrong thread).
  11. I can always dream, but I would be a very happy man if they similarly agreed to allow Caterham's new japanese owners (and Lotus importers in Japan) to continue building the Elise. It would make a lot of sense too, right? 😉
  12. I doubt it, but might this be one of the reasons why we did not get a FE Evora? It would at least explain some of Jenson Button's latest praise of the Evora. Wish them well but it does all look a bit "lifestyle" for now. Going with the times, I guess.
  13. I thought I would share this video of a Rotary powered 7 (*inspired home built car) for the Lotus/Rotary lovers on here. Quite some roadster! The Rotary 7 Given that we might soon find ourselves without a new Lotus sof top offering in the new range, it may well end up being a tempring propositon for some. Quite some power, too.
  14. That is a great stable. I am very fond of Mazda’s rotary engined cars myself (I had a Mk1 Rx-7 for over 10 years) and always loved the Rx-8 (still hunting for one, so do let me know if you plan to sell 😉). Yours is a great story and I am very envious and admirative. I hope I will be able to be in a position to use my toys if/when I get to your age. (apologies for the thread drift)
  15. Mine (a MY12) had the leather gear-knob, not the polished aluminum ball, although a different design to the one shown in that document.
  16. With the front clam of the S1, please. 😀
  17. Looks great! Very nice shade of blue. Not jealous... Enjoy!
  18. Some would even say that ir is actually a plus, as it makes a small, low car more visible on the road.
  19. Congratulations. I think it is a great spec. Pure and simple is what I would go for, too. Without knowing you, I think you will really enjoy and have no regrets. Increasingly, I find more pleasure driving to nowhere in my 20 years old Mx-5 and my Evora than driving (or doing almost) anything else. The Elise would be like merging both, so if it is driving to nowhere and understanding what happens underneath that you are after, I think you will have a blast with the Elise. Plus that bond with your late father. It sounds like a good decision to me. Unfortunately, I will not be ordering (I am guessing they must be close to outsold now), but I am sure I will be regretting. Enjoy in good health.
  20. Oh. Very sad to learn that. Must be very hard, more so because of not being able to stay close to her. My deepest simpathy to you.
  21. I would probably go for some variation of type 131 if they do offer effectively an Elise replacement in the range. Two seater, pure, simple, convertible is what I would go for. An affordable sports car that I could thrash in my favourite B-roads. Lower construction costs, more machinery involved and 4 cilinders would be ok as a necessary compromise for affordability. The Elise's gear change experience has never been the best in the market for me, so I could even consider a ZF, DCT if this helps keeping costs down, though I would prefer a manual (BMW and Porsche seem to be succesfully marketing the survival of the manuals to some extent). It does not need to be as spartan inside as the Elise, but I would really like to preserve the rawness and connection. The Elise is leaving the market one year too early for me, unfortunately, so if they have a relatively affordable two-seater convertible by next summer I might well be tempted. So, I guess I am begging them to keep some sort of Elise in the range (maybe simply by selling the tooling to Caterham and let them do it?). Otherwise, I am afraid I might be one of the guys that would be left behind by type 131 and the new effort to place the brand higher into the supercar market. Obviously dependent on what the new car will offer, but I don't see myself replacing the Evora just for better access, newer technology because of TFT displays and better infotainment. Just as I don´t see myself investing over 90-100k in a sports car. I accept that the brand and marketplace need to evolve and I do not consider myself a "purist" or a brand loyalist (after all I am new to the brand having just bought one Evora, which was too big for a Lotus when it was released) but I think Lotus should continue doing what they are good at and build from there. I could also buy a sporty sedan, when their development funds allow, though. I know everyone has the money on Lotus going upmarket into super and hyper car territory because the current range (is it former now?) was not profitable, but there are also examples of struggling car companies being saved by smaller affordable cars (Peugeot with the 205 and Lotus itself with the Elise), while Maybach and others failed to find their niche in the upper end of the market. Maybe they are currently reassessing and pulling lessons from the Evija, though it is true these have been a crazy couple of years. What seems a constant is that there is a crisis whenever Lotus plans releasing a new car. It is never easy.
  22. Sounds reasonable. I just wondered whether you concluded they were not worth the extra money. You can also add the titanium exhaust later. 🙂
  23. @CocoPops Have you decided not to go for the two pieces discs on the Cup? I seem to recall that you had them on your current 220. Are they not worth the cost for you or do you have other “braking plans”?
  24. i fear we should all get our tattoos ready to align with the new branding profile. Feeling outdated now...
  25. With mine (Evora S) it is also the mud flaps just after the front wheels that have ocasionally made some contact on sharply inclined garage ramps taken with some degree of turning angle. (Says the guy who needs to put two wood logs each time he wants to take the care out of the garage, much to his neighbours' amusement)
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