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    Ryan McNeill
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    Elise S1 111s. 1970 Morris 1100. 1979 Mini 1100 Special.
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    Full stainless Janspeed. ITG filter. Bilstein S2 suspension
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    Larne. Northern Ireland

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  2. Hi all , just joined the forum. Looks like a good place to be, lots of info and like minded people on here! I've a '99 Azure blue 111s with a few minor mods. Had it ten years now and was considering getting a newer model but can't bring myself to part with it. So looks like it's a permanent family member now. I'm based in Larne on the East Antrim coast . There are 100's of miles of Lotus roads in Northern Ireland and plenty of them on my doorstep so I've never tired of driving the Elise. The longest speed hillclimb in the UK/Ireland (Cairncastle) is only a couple of miles from my house and is a great drive even under open road conditions ( staying within the 60mph limit naturally) . Keep up the good work and talk soon. Ryan. Ps there's a great YouTube clip of a young lad , Roger Guage , setting a new class record on that hill in a Maguire Mini this year . Check it out.
  3. Hi guys , just wondering if anyone has come across this. My S1 111S cut out suddenly and now won't start. I removed the airbox pipe going into the airflow meter and sprayed in a small amount of easy start and it fired and ran for a few seconds thus pointing to a fuel issue rather than ignition. There seems to be a problem around the inertia switch ? The feed is showing 12v but when loaded the circuit just dies . Corroded wiring ? Any help appreciated. Thanks.
  4. This is very reassuring ! I was getting depressed because mine has turned 85k. It's only run in! Let the good times roll !!
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