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  1. No that photo would have been about 2007. The Integrale was a 16v. Although it was nigh on perfect and very low mileage, I bought it for the wrong reasons. I convinced myself that it would be an ideal family car. Room for a family of four and kids’ buggies in the back. But whenever my wife drove it to the supermarket, I practically came out in a cold sweat. I would try and talk her out of using it in the wet. Fortunately it came to no harm, so it became just another of my trinkets. I paid £5800 for it and sold it 2 years later for £7000. Lovely car though. 0 - 60mph in 5.7 seconds for a 4 door hatchback is still not to be sniffed at 31 years later.
  2. I thought you were getting itchy feet a few weeks back?
  3. The obvious reason I sold it was kids. When the first one came along my annual mileage dropped to 1000 and when the second one came along it dropped to 500. I also wanted to try something else with a bit more room (Subaru Impreza 22B), so needed to raise some funds. I sold just at the wrong time for about GBP 12,000 (although it only cost me GBP 6,000 in 1994). This was its stablemate for a couple of years. Group A on the left , Group B on the right.
  4. When I did my factory tour a few years ago, the Motorsport guys were fettling a V6 Cup. They were installing the silver cap thingies on the opposite side of the car to the fuel filler. What are they? Also what exactly is a Clio R27? Another former Renault hot hatch fan here. 14 years owner of an R5 Turbo 2 until 2008. Another owner I knew back in the day bought new what I think was the first of 18 liquid yellow Clio V6 phase 2s in the UK. Welcome.
  5. Haha. Have you ever wondered what the real reason for the toilet roll panic buying was? I think it was caused by the parents of teenage boys, worrying about the long months ahead...
  6. The daily death toll in the UK is staggering. It equates to 3 fully loaded Boeing 737s crashing every day! We are sure to see a reduction in population this year.
  7. No it hasn’t. That Express report is a f*cking fake news disgrace! It’s just the ramblings of a former Brexit Party candidate in an interview on Russia Today! Where is the quoted Italian PM? How more fake could it be? It’s outrageous!
  8. I hope the media still take part. Maybe not about a cure for Coronavirus, but something like the spaghetti harvest would be welcome. We need a laugh.
  9. You can have races around Mars with Elon Musk in his old Tesla roadster.
  10. Apparently BMW has made an announcement today regarding a hybrid power unit with hydrogen fuel cells.
  11. I’m also a bit wary of this cheap air travel explanation for the spread. People have been jetting all over the world for my whole life and yet we’ve never had anything on this scale before. I guess the difference this time is the shear number of Chinese people taking to the skies. 30 odd years ago either a) they weren’t allowed to travel to the West or b) they couldn’t afford to. Maybe there should be restrictions on flights into and out of that country until they have been proven to have cleaned up their act? Pre-flight medical checks for all passengers perhaps? Essential travel only, so no holidaymakers?
  12. The last time I spent the night in my car was 1992. I was living in Germany at the time and had a 1970 BMW 2002. My brother flew over to visit and we decided to drive 250km to the now late lamented Rosso Bianco car museum in Aschaffenburg. After the museum, we decided to seek out a hotel for the night, but there was no room at the inn anywhere. So we parked up in the railway station car park and wandered off into town for food and enough drink to knock us out for the night. The sound of early commuters arriving the next morning for their trains woke us up. The car was freezing cold and all steamed up with what must have been 40% alcohol. We both felt horrendous and then had the 250km drive home to enjoy. Never again.
  13. Is that the Jason Leitch fellow? He’s great. I’ve seen him on telly down here a couple of times and he really comes across very well. Better than some of the other boffins. Informative and interesting.
  14. SORN’d mine today. I hadn’t intended to and have never SORN’d a car before, but the £555 road tax is due on Wednesday and since the car won’t be going anywhere for quite some time, it just seems like a waste of money. I’ve still got the old Ferrari on the road if things improve.
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