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  1. No I don’t think so. The upper paragraph is referring to the Emira 4 pot turbo which will only come with DCT, probably from AMG. The lower paragraph is an aftermarket DCT gearbox for existing Lotus cars. Two different things.
  2. I chose E9 ORA because it’s a 2009 Evora. I much prefer private plates that refer to the car, rather than the owner. It also appeals to future owners, as you have found. That’s why I also bought X4 GTE for my #4 GTE. Neither plate cost much money, but they certainly enhance the cars IMO. Anyway my beef today is about greenfield development. This morning I had to drive to an appointment. The direct route proved to be impossible due to a road closure, so I ended up going on a 50 mile round trip through East Northamptonshire, out one way and back another. Due to the pandemic I hadn’t been on
  3. My brother had a big valve sprint engined Elan. It was great fun to drive. Surprisingly modern in fact, compared to the MG and Triumph offerings of the time. He actually used it quite a lot in central London for many years, where it’s diminutive size and traffic light Grand Prix acceleration were a real bonus. He then moved out to West Wales where it was also ideal roof down on the country lanes. The one downer was the moment it threw a con-rod through the block accelerating hard along the slip road onto the A14, but he invested in a rebuilt engine from one of the UK twink experts and it ran b
  4. Apparently it’s Bristol’s turn today...
  5. I hope your comment is in jest. It’s obviously a poorly rendered Evija. Be interesting to see how many dealers will have £2m Evijas in their showrooms. Maybe that’s the only way they’ll get them out of Hethel. Otherwise they might end up filling the factory car-parks like my Evora GTE.
  6. Sorry, they lost me after “360-degree omni-channel approach”....
  7. Uh, OK. This one’s the real deal though, isn’t it?
  8. I wonder what name from the graveyard of UK automotive history they’ll dig up next? Reliant?
  9. Why bother rendering a car under a cover? My guess is that both cars were delivered from Hethel in that truck and parked up there. One was covered up for the photo and one wasn’t.
  10. That really is magnificent lurking. Nigh on 12 years to first post. Possibly a TLF record?
  11. My current model Passat ate through a whole set of disks and pads after only 8500 miles due to this. I’d get that weird pulsing feeling through the brake pedal. I actually think that I accelerated the problem by regularly hosing the crud out from under the wheel arches. Some of it probably ended up embedded in the brakes. I try to remember to deactivate the electric handbrake and leave in gear, if left for an extended period of time. I always do this in the Evora. The alternative would be to give the break disks a liberal coating of grease...🙂
  12. I think when the world gets to see the Emira a lot of these statistical comparisons will go out of the window. When you look at a Cayman, it really is a bland design for a mid-engined sports car and it’s been around for donkeys years, so surely it’s time for something special to take some sales off it.
  13. I am sure the Aquamarine one belongs/belonged to someone on here. I recognise the main photo.
  14. Why would Lotus fit the 400bhp AMG four pot for 60k - 65k, when the Toyota V6 will start at 85k for just a few bhp more. The four cylinder auto only car will be 300 bhp. I don’t think some people on here realise how good these prices are. Even an Evora GT410 is £90k.
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