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  1. LotusLeftLotusRight

    New Lotus Owner (Hopefully)

    You “have” a private runway? Any chance of a TLF test day?
  2. LotusLeftLotusRight

    Future of Lotus

    Good point about the SUVs: they are obviously a close fit to what Volvo already offers and presumably their staff’s product and market knowledge would be compatible. Not so convinced about the sports cars though. Are we even 100% certain that the SUV will be available in the West since presumably they won’t be making them here, or is it Chinese production for the Asian market only?
  3. LotusLeftLotusRight

    Future of Lotus

    Not sure I’d want to buy a Lotus from a Volvo dealer in the UK yet. Maybe that would be OK for regions where Lotus dealers are much thinner on the ground.
  4. LotusLeftLotusRight

    Euro question - 23rd June

    ^^^^ 100% agree with your pre-referendum thinking (plus end to free movement of people). That's why I voted Remain.
  5. LotusLeftLotusRight

    Euro question - 23rd June

    That's only half the story. Even if the PM does cobble together enough votes from a rainbow alliance to pass a revised deal, it's then got to be agreed by the other 27 states of the EU.
  6. LotusLeftLotusRight

    Future of Lotus

    Just one business question. Geely apparently owns 51% of Lotus. They are pumping in all the money and hard work, but does that mean they would only get 51% of any profits? What's the situation with the other 49%?
  7. LotusLeftLotusRight

    Third Party Warranty

    I had one on my 2009 LE (NA) from 2013 - 2014, because the independent dealer I bought it from gave me a reasonable deal. To be honest I was new to the world of Evora and was overly cautious. Nothing went wrong during that time, so it wasn't money well spent. Over on Pistonheads there are numerous threads about 3rd Party companies refusing to pay out on other marque vehicles. I just wouldn't feel comfortable if I took one out now. You'll probably find the most obvious things that may go wrong aren't covered.
  8. LotusLeftLotusRight

    Future of Lotus

    The curious thing about Porsche's racing heritage is the lack of F1 success. One solitary GP win (France 1962, when Ferrari were absent and all their faster rivals broke down). I know they have developed engines for other teams, but no-one remembers that. Clearly they have a long and illustrious record in endurance sports car racing, but how many of today's Porsche customers really follow that? Image outguns heritage nowadays.
  9. LotusLeftLotusRight

    Driving in beds ,herts, of cambs

    Good to know that they have plenty of resources available. They must have locked up all the drug dealers, burglars and other scumbags in their counties then. I was in NW Wales between Xmas and New Year. We spent a day on Anglesey. There was a speed camera in a marked van on a small B road. There was no way you could have exceeded the speed limit there unless you were a driving god in a WRC car. What a waste of taxes.
  10. LotusLeftLotusRight

    Evora market watch, for discussion and to help those searching!

    Front seats look pre-2012 don't they?
  11. LotusLeftLotusRight

    Tyre paint

    It would be good for prestige tyre manufacturers if this fashion returned. It might make the OEM car manufacturers think twice about fitting the likes of Hankook to their new models just to save a few quid. 😉 By the way: what happened to that proposal for different colour rubber that was being banded about a few tears ago?
  12. LotusLeftLotusRight

    Future of Lotus

    What are the 17 "others" in Germany? 3-11s? Interesting to see the percentage of those two markets: UK = 17% of worldwide sales Germany = 12% of worldwide sales Also the UK figure of 274 units across 19 UK dealers averages out at 14 cars per dealer, so <1.2 cars per month. Clearly some dealers do a whole lot more than that, but others correspondingly less.
  13. LotusLeftLotusRight

    Corroded engine pulleys

    I haven't checked mine, but I would be very surprised if there is any corrosion at the pulley surface in the groove where it actually makes contact with the belt. You could always just clean them up yourself, if they don't look nice.
  14. LotusLeftLotusRight

    Future of Lotus

    Still only 54% of the 3000 sports car units JMG was expecting by now. It probably was the right time to let him go.
  15. LotusLeftLotusRight

    Bittersweet Days

    God bless you and your family. Your wife gave you the amazing gift of two loving daughters to remember her by forever. You will never be alone.