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  1. I know that I am in a minority of one, but I just can’t get that excited about these cars. It’s almost like an and of career Rock ‘n Roller’s Greatest Hits album and tour. Blend together all the bits from your past glories and wait for the money to start rolling in from your now-rich groupies. I am sure they will be mega to drive, but, as you say, living history, rather than looking to the future.
  2. Check out this nugget from the BBC News website: So nearly 3 months after the Russian invasion, the former Head of State of Germany has finally stepped down from his role on Rosneft's Board of Directors. Well done you!
  3. I remember getting an early adopter electric handbrake Passat in 2005. Bored one day in a traffic jam crawling towards Goodwood FOS, I thought to myself, “what would happen if I pressed the electric hand brake button?” Big mistake: there was a loud bang and the car instantly stopped dead. I thought the back axle must have been ripped off somewhere behind me! 17 years and 5 Passats later, I have never attempted that again.
  4. It’s just one of those long straight extension leads, not one you wind up, so yes it’s fully extended. Fnarr.
  5. Interesting about the heat. I charged my Passat GTE PHEV yesterday on the 3 plug pin cable and when I came to unplug it from the domestic extension lead, the plug and socket were almost too hot to hold. I had never noticed it quite that bad before. By the way, I got 33 miles electric only out of the battery yesterday. That is significantly more than I have ever managed before. I bought the car last September, so am yet to enjoy the free bonus miles of the warm summer months! Nevertheless, I am still struggling to average much more than 45 mpg overall, thanks to my predominantly long journey driving routine. 3875 miles vs 85.8 gallons of petrol to date. I guess that will improve slightly over the summer.
  6. There used to be a Jaguar like that one located next to the Westbound carriageway of the M6 between Rugby and Coventry. There was an Alvis Stalwart amphibious vehicle parked next to it. They were used to advertise a paint ball place I think. However, the last time I drove past, both had gone.
  7. At 6.00pm yesterday, I was driving my son to cricket practice. We came up behind this 50-something Licra clad bloke on his racing bike. It looked like he was speeding home from work. I waited until the road widened at a right turn filter lane into a petrol station and overtook him, with plenty of room to spare. So far, so good. About 200 yards later, I slowed down to go straight on at a roundabout. All was clear, so I kept on going. Just as I was exiting the roundabout, the cyclist suddenly appeared from the left side just a yard or two directly in front of me and promptly started shaking his head! WTF! My son was as equally shocked as I was. The speeding cyclist had obviously not bothered to slow down for the roundabout, so had just undertaken me at the most dangerous of locations and nearly ended up killing himself. For what? Telling his disinterested wife over dinner how he’d shaved 0.5 seconds off his commute home from work? It was the worst bit of cycling I have witnessed in my 35 years of driving.
  8. He said Evora. The GT430 is supposed to be about 3.7/3.8 seconds to 60mph.
  9. What model is the McLaren pictured at the bottom?
  10. This story was reported on the Hagerty Insurance website on Wednesday. Also unconfirmed.
  11. The Evora GTEs had them first time round. It was one of the things they thankfully changed at Lotus Motorsport during the re-working.
  12. “Fly me to the moon” as Frank Sinatra used to sing.
  13. So, did you switch it for a fake and put the real one on your living room wall?
  14. So just another new Porsche then?
  15. Thanks for the information! The mention of the Diablo Roadster reminded me of a bright yellow one turning up at a local classic car meet. Everyone stopped and stared. The driver got out and was the spitting image of Peter Stringfellow in looks and fashion sense. If ever a car suited its owner, it was that one!
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