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  1. Long old list of candidates. A veritable Eurovision list of talent to choose from. By the way is this Graham Brady chap the acting Prime Minister? He seems to be pulling all the Tory strings these days.
  2. Very nice. Looks in fine fettle indeed. Are those the correct wheels? The father of one of my friends bought one new in early 1990. It was mighty impressive. My mate had a mint Peugeot 205 GTi 1.9, which was supposed to be the go-kart of the day, but his Dad's Elan SE took it to another level: more grip, more speed, more everything!
  3. Not so. The Miura appeared as rolling chassis only in 1965 and not fully clothed until 1966. The Djet was introduced in 1962. The Vallelunga in 1964. The Europa in late 1966. Lotus really shouldn't be claiming the "World's First" award in this particular case.
  4. "Cough", ahem. The Europa was not the first mid-engined sports car. It was preceded by the likes of the De Tomaso Vallelunga and Matra Djet. Also spelling mistake in the Lotus 72 text: there's no "e" in constructors.
  5. That's a Renault 5 Alpine Turbo to be exact. They had to call it the Gordini Turbo in the UK, since Chrysler/Talbot had the rights to the Alpine name. I owned its big brother from 1994 - 2008: the amazing Renault 5 Turbo 2. I loved it: mid-mounted 185bhp turbo and intercooled fuel-injected longitudinal 4 pot driving the rear wheels via a 5 speed gearbox. It was the same colour as that FWD one: I did a couple of Euro tours in it (Northern Spain and South France/Corsica/Sardinia/North Italy) and it performed faultlessly. Terrific fun to drive and always got the thumbs up. Today it would be worth 6x what I sold it for in 2008.
  6. I think you'll find the NA parts are much cheaper on DeRoure, if you can get them. It's the S flywheel that makes the above total seem so high. You presumably wouldn't need a new flywheel for your NA. Nevertheless, the 4XX parts are probably the best value option, especially if they are available now.
  7. I expect it's just an old S1 GT4 chassis with new front and rear bodywork and an update underneath. That was the impression I got when I saw it at Lotus 70. There used to be one or two parked outside the Motorsport building. In which case, yes, it would have been developed by Lotus Motorsport.... several years ago!
  8. I remember going to the local dealership evening launch of the Mini Metro back in about 1980 when I was a kid. They had a Tony Pond livery works TR7 V8 in the showroom. There was plenty of what used to be called merchandise for sale. My parents bought my brother what could only be described as a bell-bottom jump suit in that red, white and blue design. I only got a BL rally team helmet sticker.
  9. Don't forget that not everyone will vote purely about Brexit, but I grant you it is the "biggie". Just as a rough idea, if you separate each Party into Brexit lines and add them together: Opinium quotes 49% ready to Leave EU now and 44% either Remain or retaining close ties to EU (i.e. inc. Labour's customs union and second referendum proposals). You Gov quotes 44% ready to Leave EU now and 47% either Remain or retaining close ties to EU (i.e. inc. Labour's customs union and second referendum proposals). So still pretty even-Steven.
  10. Don’t use the lighter socket. Only the socket in the boot (on S1 Evora).
  11. My green one had the preceding registration number.
  12. I went to a regular monthly car show last year. There were a number of newcomer cars there, which hadn’t turned up in previous years when MOTs were required. Several of these were patently not roadworthy. I fear their owners really had just driven them out of long-term storage straight to the show. It’s open season for banal 40+ year old cars to be liberated from grandparents’ garage and driven on the roads without any mechanical fettling. It’s cheap motoring, particularly for young drivers.
  13. MB do use a lot of low-rent plastic exterior trim where Lotus would put carbon fibre.
  14. Good to see they've dropped the controversial plan to have larger diameter front wheels than rears. That looked weird. Also short people need not apply: the fuel filler is about 6ft off the ground!
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