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  1. Yes I was there in June 2017. My son had a local Scout camp there and slept in a tent underneath the wing of a Lightning. They performed a fast taxi run in a Lightning just for the Scouts. There were more cars on the grass back then. Predominantly Citroen, Peugeot and Mercedes from memory. All a couple of years old, so presumably ex Finance agreement vehicles. Some had clearly been there a long time: the grass had reached up to the roofs on some. One C Class Merc had even been left with its bonnet fully open. Those ex RAF tanker Tristars in the background were supposed to be sold off and put back into the sky, but the deals keep falling through, so they won't be going anywhere. Here's a Sea Vixen, Victor and Super Guppy, which you could climb inside.
  2. I’m a Remainer, but, like everyone else, have had enough of the nonsense. Therefore I think Parliament should vote Boris’ Brexit deal through on Saturday so that we can all move on. Whether they will or not though...
  3. Yes I think the 197 room Hilton Hotel will be down near the new start/finish straight (opposite the Wing). Good luck in getting rooms in there on big race weekends! The Silverstone Experience is at the entrance to the track infield, just to the left of the sentry box. I imagine they will use the car-park on the left of the entrance access road. I guess some sort of daily attraction was needed to keep the cash flowing throughout the year. There always seems to be a few random tourists wandering around with nothing to do, so they need to promote this attraction properly to encourage more to visit. Donington used to have the F1 / latterly Nazi vehicle museum, which was well worth visiting.
  4. I was at the circuit 12 days ago and noticed this building being completed by the main entrance. All I could see were diggers, mud and Hi-viz jackets, but apparently it is opening to the public on 25 October. Anyway I have my GTE booked in at Lotus Silverstone for a service a week later, so have bought a couple of tickets for me and my eldest to have a look around. I have absolutely no idea what to expect, but it will keep us busy whilst we’re waiting for the car. I’ll report back in due course.
  5. You paid a fair bit less than half the list price? That would be less than the original Launch Edition Evora 10 years ago. Amazing deal!
  6. The current 2017 on Ford GT only has a 3.5 litre V6.
  7. Naughty boys! It's detention for you Master Johnson and a good old-fashioned Victorian caning for you Master Rees-Mogg.
  8. I read the other day that something like 75% of TC’s holidaymakers are from non UK countries. Who will pay to fly them home if the airline fleet is grounded tonight? That’s another reason why the UK tax payer shouldn’t be helping to bale them out. edit: just found the data on BBC news website. TC currently have 600,000 customers on holiday, of which 150,000 to 160,000 are from the UK. So that’s 440,000 to 450,000 potentially stranded from other countries. The numbers are mind boggling!
  9. Let’s hope they pick up a fair few deposits. I wonder how many firm orders have been booked so far?
  10. I think you should just use your local garage for an 8 year old car. Servicing at Franchise dealers seems to get exponentially more expensive every year in my experience. A regular oil change service is now nearly twice the price I pay VW for my Passat, which only needs servicing every two years. I am sure a Toyota service manager would fall off his chair if he knew what we were paying for regular services. I’m booked in for the 4 year big one this autumn, but will consider my options in 2020.
  11. Stolen stand-up gag: ”so, the Pilgrim Fathers set sail from Plymouth, crossed thousands of miles of inhospitable ocean and ended up in... Plymouth! What were the chances of that?”
  12. Not quite sure why he would want to pull on the door handle whilst he’s driving along. I’ve owned Evoras for 6 years and never once done that.
  13. Here's a few I've photographed in the past few months. And I don't really agree with this being the BUFF (Big Ugly Fat F*cker):
  14. Don’t panic: I might just have come up with the solution. As it stands a General Election will only be about Brexit. No other policies will matter. There will be all sorts of deals and underhand tactics from each side to improve their hand in getting an MP majority one way or the other. There’s talk for example of Parties not standing in certain constituencies to avoid splitting the Brexit vote. That can’t be right in a democracy with so many local, national and international issues to consider. So let’s separate the two things. Hold a General Election but with two votes: one for your chosen MP as normal and one for Brexit, namely choose to leave on 31.10.19 with or without a deal come what may as Boris says, or revoke Article 50 and stay in the EU for a minimum period of say 10 years, to avoid going through all this hassle again at least for some time. This way we get the correctly elected MP in each constituency and a binding decision on Brexit one way or the other. Simples.
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