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  1. Only 3280 first and 3030 second vaccine doses administered on Friday. Pathetic.
  2. To be fair, the chances of him seeing an Emira in his rear view mirror will be pretty slim, whereas seeing another C8 in it will be a fairly regular occurrence.
  3. As has been reported in the car industry generally, nothing much is getting built nowadays anyway, so you’re probably not missing out by waiting for an I4 DCT.
  4. Who said it’s not an Evora in a frock? 😉
  5. It’s amazing really. For decades the automotive giants have been screwing the global supply chain with year-on-year price reductions and OTT penalty clauses for even slightly late deliveries. God help any supplier who ever brought a production line to a stop, no matter what the reason. Now the shoe really is on the other foot, as their once all-powerful Purchasing Departments scratch around for components seemingly at any price. Lotus certainly picked an ideal time to stop production in advance of tooling up for the Emira. Let’s hope things improve a little next year.
  6. Wow, three Covid jabs, blood system full of antibodies from your recent Covid illness and a flu jab on top. You should be good for a while now.
  7. They certainly took their foot off the Covid vaccine pedal in the summer. Could have got straight on with the kids without letting up and then on to third doses for the older age groups. Might have helped keep the new case numbers down a bit. The infrastructure was already in place so why not exploit it?
  8. Sounds incredible, but amazing how much nicer the F1 looks at the end!
  9. Just buy a pair of plastic sticks then.
  10. Never seen that before, but other than the driver getting in and out of the car, what benefit does it have? You still have to make sure that you’re perfectly centred on the ramps. It doesn’t make the car any narrower or the garage any wider.
  11. This climate change conference is coming up in Glasgow. I didn’t realise until today that it has been an annual event since 1995. I guess people only really acknowledge it, when it takes place in their own country. So even after 26 years of conferences, pledges, agreements etc, global temperatures are still rising. Possibly not helped by all the hot air and CO2 produced by the 25,000 attendees each year.
  12. Slightly off-topic, but probably not worthy of its own thread. Gas cookers: why don’t we hear about safety checks/servicing etc? It is pretty much expected by the industry that you should get your gas boiler checked annually, but I never hear about cookers. Our gas range (7 hob burners + 2 ovens) is 17 years old and had never been checked until this week. The only reason the engineer came round this week was because of a defective cooling fan switch. Fortunately he also gave the stove a clean bill of health, but you’d think that something safety critical might fail over a 17 year period, such as the rubber pipework, or the igniters.
  13. Even my garage entry routine is easier than climbing out the other side. I’m not complaining: just explaining how it might be for Emira owners with single door garages. I knew this before I bought my car.
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