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  1. So after further correspondence with the Amazon vendor about the missing music stand tripod, the postman arrived today. The good news is that the long-awaited second tripod has finally arrived! Yippee! The bad news is that they sent yet another of the wretched rest parts! So we now have 5 rests to go with the 2 tripods. Oh and the vendor also promised to include a pre-paid and self-addressed bag to send the excess rests back to him in. He sent the bag, but didn’t remember the pre-paid label or delivery address...
  2. Keep up at the back. That was posted in the GTE thread on 21.11.19. It’s gone to Komo-Tec, Germany and presumably on to a new owner from there.
  3. We’ve got a good recent story about a delivery. Prior to Christmas my wife ordered two music stands from an Amazon seller. Each stand consists of two components: the large flat rectangular rest that the music rests on and the telescopic tripod stand. Anyway, as is usually the case, the delivery arrived (by Royal Mail), just as we had both popped out for half an hour. The postman left a note saying that the consignment could be collected from the sorting office in the next town from the next day onwards. Duly noted we headed off down there the next day and collected the package. When we eventually opened it up, it became clear that the packaging had been damaged and one of the two tripods had somehow fallen out in transit. So we had two music rests, but only one tripod stand. Bugger. Knowing from previous experience how difficult it can be to process returns / complaints etc with Amazon, I drove back to the sorting office and checked with them to see if they had found it, but they hadn’t. So my wife contacted the Amazon seller and he politely apologised and promised to send a replacement tripod. Sure enough a few days later, the postman arrives with a parcel to sign for. Lo-and-behold it’s another rest and again no tripod! So we now have 3 rests and 1 tripod. Frustrated, my wife sends the Amazon seller another message and makes it crystal clear in words that even a small child can understand that it is the tripod and only the tripod that we are missing. Again the seller apologises profusely and promises to send us the missing tripod. A short time ago, the postman arrived with a parcel to sign for. Hooray it must be the long-awaited tripod! Nope it’s yet another rest. So, as it stands we have now received 4 rests but still only 1 tripod stand. 4th time lucky perhaps?
  4. An old family friend of ours was mates with David Clarke, the founder of Graypaul Ferrari in Loughborough, UK. Our friend used to store his Testa Rossa replica there. Clarke was the long time owner of Ferrari P4 #0856, which had finished first at Daytona, first at Monza, third at Le Mans and fifth at Brands Hatch which all helped Ferrari win the World Sportscar Championship in 1967. It was the only one of three P4s not to be rebuilt later for Can-Am racing, so was considered the most valuable of all Ferraris ever built. This excessive value troubled Clarke, who couldn’t reconcile it with his social conscience. Eventually he sold it and donated all the proceeds to a local kids’ charity (maybe a hospice if memory serves). I believe this car is currently owned in Canada by Lawrence Stroll, now of F1 fame. Oh and nice legs.
  5. Is that Jake Humphrey the Norwich City fan auto-cueing with the Luxuriant One?
  6. Is that a special body model? If you zoom in, I think you can see a front lip.
  7. Thanks Ratman. When I look closely, the rear clam weave pattern becomes noticeable where the bodywork stretches down from the swage line. On the more horizontal upper surfaces (eg. where the fuel filler cap is located), you can't see it at all. However, as the bodywork curves down vertically to the wheel-arch it is quite apparent. Could this be to do with the painting process, eg. the upper section has thicker paintwork than the lower areas? Here's another photo, taken of the rear right hand side of the car looking back and down. The effect is exaggerated by the building reflection, but you can see how this distorted reflection improves as your eyes move up from the vertical wheel arch area and up onto the more horizontal upper surface on the right side of the image. Have any other GTE owners had a close look at that rear haunches of their car?
  8. I drove a manual LHD 360 as part of a Thruxton track day back in summer 2000. I actually thought it was excellent, but that was probably not surprising after the MG-F and decidedly lame Boxster that I got to drive first. I haven’t driven any other Porsche since that day. I would be wary of the wisdom of keeping a 20 year old Ferrari outside though.
  9. Sorry to dig this up again, but I've just been out in the GTE and again noticed the weave pattern underneath the paintwork on the rear clam. It's very hard to photograph but I gave it a go. Take a look at the diffused tree refelection area in particular on the right hand side of the image. If you zoom in, it's even more noticeable. I don't notice this effect anywhere else on the bodywork.
  10. There is a UK RHD GT430 Sport owner on here. He and his wife bought it new from Central Lotus. I think it’s yellow. We also have one or two LHD owners in Germany or Austria.
  11. Thanks Gavin. I did your check and there’s no evidence of carbon weave on the underside of the rear clam. I must have just been seeing things.
  12. Does regular fibreglass bodywork have a light weave pattern? I ask this because in a certain light I can see this under the paintwork on the rear clam of my GTE (#4). I have always assumed that all the painted bodywork was fibreglass, so never examined it too closely.
  13. Interesting post. When did the Lotus factory burn to the ground and what is the museum of England?
  14. Looks like they've finally taken my advice to get these publicised a bit better. It doesn't say how long they've already been looking for a buyer though!
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