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  1. DVLA MOT and Tax checker website doesn’t list any car for that registration. Maybe still in the process of being re-allocated? Nevertheless it shouldn’t be on two different vehicles at the same time!
  2. Well from the point of view of reducing the number of new cases, the first lockdown did work. It was only after restrictions were raised that unsurprisingly the R rate started to rise again.
  3. There’s none flying at the moment....
  4. That story is a bit out of date. The Catalina was successfully hoisted out of the Loch by a crane a few days ago. They can effect the repairs on land.
  5. This is the OEM GTE rear wing. No bolts and herringbone weave, not even a brake light.
  6. Not sure what DeRoure are showing there. Regular Evora & Evora S don’t have a GTE wing. The GTE wing had no end plate bolts but did have herringbone c/f weave to match the rest of the car. A much nicer product.
  7. The one on the red car above doesn’t look right. It shouldn’t have bolts in the end plates and it looks like it hasn’t got the correct herringbone weave.
  8. Yes, I think you’re confusing the two posts. It’s a Countach 5000S in the workshop and a Diablo in the field.
  9. It’s probably more a case of saving the money Grosjean wastes by crashing his car every week than bringing in new money!
  10. It seems that you’re particularly interested in re-sale values, so even you must concede that the Lotus range has very strong residuals. That £50k S1 Evora from 11 years ago is still worth £25,000 - £27,000. For comparison there’s only one tidy equivalent 2009 Cayman on PH, up for sale at an independent dealer with a price tag of £18,750. So the Evora has significantly outperformed the Cayman in that respect.
  11. Lovely write up. Crying shame that the UK press rarely wax so lyrical, or if they do, they temper the positivity by saying that you should still buy a f**king, sorry, cooking Porsche.
  12. Surprise, surprise: it was cold and raining when the press came to visit! Apart from that, it looks like it’s going to be a really nice place to work. Very impressive.
  13. That would have been the Lamborghini Cheetah with a rear mounted Chrysler V8. A bit like an overgrown beach buggy and equally useless.
  14. I’ve never looked at this thread before, so thought it high time I told you what really makes me unhappy everyday. Leggings. Saggy, baggy, ugly leggings. Why do women still wear them?
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