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  1. LotusLeftLotusRight

    [PICS] 1986 Lotus Factory Tour

    That's a GT Turbo (Phase 1?), not the earlier Gordini Turbo. I bet there aren't many left like that nowadays. Pearlescent white? Edit: just re-read your post. So the GT Turbo replaced the Gordini Turbo?
  2. LotusLeftLotusRight

    Euro question - 23rd June

  3. LotusLeftLotusRight

    Euro question - 23rd June

    To be honest the whole situation would have made a good West End farce. Act 1: PM #1 decides to include EU referendum in General Election manifesto in attempt to finally silence mutinous Brexiteers. Act 2: PM #1 wins election with reasonable overall majority and campaigns for Remain in run-up to referendum. Act 3: PM #1 loses EU referendum by 48.1% to 51.9% and promptly resigns. Act 4: Party holds leadership election and leading candidate is figuratively stabbed in back by treacherous colleague Gove at last moment. Act 5: Party elects second choice PM #2 who promises to deliver best Brexit deal for Britain. PM #2 appoints Brexit Secretary #1. PM invokes Article 50. Negotiations with EU commence. Irish border solution is recognised as biggest potential hurdle. Act 6: PM #2 calls snap General Election in an attempt to significantly increase overal majority and strengthen UK's hand in Brexit negotiations. Result backfires dramatically: overall majority wiped out. Coalition has to be formed with DUP to reach a working majority: the very Party that has a vested interest in the Irish border issue and demands same status as rest of UK in any agreement. Act 7: Negotiations progress glacially. Deadlines come and go. PM #2 decides to bang her Cabinet's heads together with weekend pizza party at her place and comes up with Chequers deal. Act 8: Once their heads have cleared, Cabinet ministers start to distance themselves from Chequers deal. Brexit Secretary #1 resigns. Act 9: Draft Brexit deal is suddenly announced on very last day possible. Brexiteers don't like it, Remainers don't like it and, critically the DUP really don't like it. Labour announces that they will vote against the deal when it comes to Parliament, so with their MPs, many Conservatives and the provincial Parties all expected to vote against, the deal appears to be strangled at birth. Brexit Secretary #2 resigns. PM #2 ploughs on regardless and asks arch villain Gove to be Brexit Secretary #3. He refuses. PM #2 appoints recently resigned ex Home Secretary fourth choice Brexit Secretary #3. Act 10: To Be Continued.
  4. LotusLeftLotusRight

    DVLA earning from parking companies

    Thank goodness for that. £2.50 per request is well worth the £100 Penalty Charge Notice the parking companies levy on offenders. I am sick to death of people thinking they are entitled to park wherever they want.
  5. LotusLeftLotusRight

    Evora Picture & Video Thread

    They’re not gullwing doors though, are they?
  6. LotusLeftLotusRight

    Evora Picture & Video Thread

    Think it was mine for a while too. I put E9ORA on it.
  7. Yes it's mega confusing. I had to check the tyre fitter's computer before he placed the order with his supplier to make sure we got the right ones. The marque specific ones have additional coding after the tyre size such as MO for Mercedes. The ones to get are XL TL like these 20" ones: In comparison the same size Mercedes specific MO ones are these: I haven't checked out the 18" and 19" sizes. As for the technical stuff, you'll have to contact Baptiste (rallyesax)
  8. The OEM Pirelli P-Zero Corsa Assimetrico 275mm rear tyres on my GTE were shot after 5000 miles, due to severe inner wear caused by the negative camber. The fronts were still OK. The only place I could get two replacement rears in this exact tyre was Lotus Silverstone (ex Lotus factory stock), but they would be 940 quid fitted, which is a lot of money for two tyres with such a short lifespan. They also offered a pair of longer-lasting rear Evora 400 specific Michelin Pilot Super Sports, but they would be in the wider than OEM 285mm size and cost 920 quid fitted. Following kind advice on here from our resident "Michelin Man" Baptiste, I plumped for a full set of four Michelin Pilot Sport 4S in the correct OEM sizes all round (235/35/19 front & 275/30/20 rear). These should be an excellent compromise of high performance and longevity. I do not do track days. Having shopped around, I found that my local independent tyre fitter could source and fit all four corners next day for 870 quid, so that's what I've done. Still a big outlay in the run-up to Christmas, but at least I have all four tyres fitted for significantly less money than the two rears only quoted above. By the way, if you are also looking at MPS4S, please ensure you do not buy any of the available marque specific versions (eg. BMW, Mercedes, Audi etc.). Those variants have been developed for front-engined cars, so would not be suitable for an Evora.
  9. LotusLeftLotusRight

    Future of Lotus

    Haha. Do you remember that story about the Phoenix Consortium who briefly owned failing Rover? They wanted to be saved by Shanghai Automotive, who invited them to China. They all had dinner together and the booze started flowing. The canny Chinese pretended to be drunk and let the stupid Brits get bladdered. Only then did they start negotiations.
  10. Yes, I don't think it's a good thing that you see so many Union flags outside protestant NI homes. You don't get that in the rest of the UK. But it seems like Americans are trying too hard to prove their patriotism. I think this phenomenon basically started after 9/11 and now no-one's brave enough to reverse it, without facing a community backlash. Odd.
  11. What is it with Americans and their flags? Can you think of any other nation on earth that has its national flag hanging outside so many homes? Do you get lynched as an unpatriotic traitor, if you don't have one?
  12. LotusLeftLotusRight

    Pop up ads obscuring posts

    That will be fine. Like the good old days: a few posts on each page followed by an ad, followed by a few posts etc. So long as the ads don't obscure any posts.
  13. LotusLeftLotusRight

    Classic Tours

    You can see that from my brother's house. He's got some nice classics too...
  14. LotusLeftLotusRight

    BHP. Evora 400 v Evora 410...

    That's not what that page says to me. It numerous places it states 410hp and 420 Nm such as "the car boasts 410 hp at 7000 rpm and 420 Nm of torque at 3500 rpm."
  15. LotusLeftLotusRight

    "Exciting New Car" - EVO I've just spent a small fortune on a set of Pilot Sport 4S.