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  1. 70th Anniversary Evoras? What chance this includes the long-awaited Roadster? Thought not... Also looks like the track cars will be heading the "other" way round the track according to the arrow, so anti-clockwise.
  2. LotusLeftLotusRight

    Euro question - 23rd June

    Maybe the hard border between NI and Ireland will have to return now? RIP Good Friday agreement. It only affects a relatively small part of our population after all.
  3. LotusLeftLotusRight

    Euro question - 23rd June

    Look like Theresa has given up with the EU with today's speech. What a mess.
  4. LotusLeftLotusRight

    Evora market watch, for discussion and to help those searching!

    I wonder if any independent has ever advertised an Evora correctly? By the way my brother bought an awesome Maserati Quattroporte GTS from Auto100 last year. They were great to deal with and the car has been faultless (just back from a 3500 mile Euro tour with his family on board). The proprietor isn't the biggest Lotus fanboy though...
  5. LotusLeftLotusRight

    Not Lotus but

    As I said above it's a Volvo PV544 like this one: They are popular with historic rallyists. My guess is that they are all heading off to or back from an Historic Rally, so not been sold.
  6. LotusLeftLotusRight

    Future of Lotus

    I used to have a pop-up sat nav display identical to that in an old year 2000 Jap import Subaru Impreza WRX. Unfortunately it only had the Japanese maps installed, so that wasn't much use in Northamptonshire.
  7. LotusLeftLotusRight

    Future of Lotus

    That's perfect. Where do I sign? 😉
  8. I'll be there in my GTE as a normal on-site visitor (not on TLF stand). I think Lotus has pretty much swept the model under the carpet though.
  9. LotusLeftLotusRight

    effect of lighweight wheels on straight line performance

    Surely that calculation is only valid if you are accelerating all the time. A circuit contains a mixture of acceleration and braking and probably also zones of constant speed, where wheel weight will have no impact. I still think you're right though and that a proper back-to-back track test with a professional racing driver would prove the real benefit of lightweight wheels.
  10. LotusLeftLotusRight

    Not Lotus but

    Volvo PV544
  11. Got my ticket today, thank you. My wife is quite relieved that I'm not allowed to bring more than one passenger. This will now be my eldest son and she can spend the day shopping elsewhere. It's also good to see the timetable listed. I notice the "One of every Lotus car ever made" parade. It will be interesting to see if they pull that off. The beards will be watching for any absentees.
  12. LotusLeftLotusRight

    Future of Lotus

    I'm going to say that any new Lotus 2+2 coupé needs to be front-engined and rear wheel drive like an Excel. And this is coming from someone who has both an Evora 2+2 and a Ferrari Mondial 2+2 in the garage. I love mid-engined sports cars and have a wife and two kids, whom I need to bring along. However, history puts me in very much a miniscule new car sales demographic. My eldest child is already topping out in the back seat of the Evora. The Mondial is relatively spacious, primarily because it is a cabriolet, but I imagine the coupé version is also pretty much a no-no for adults, with the associated headroom and ingress difficulties. The Evora engine is already unfashionably located transversely and almost over the rear axle, so I don't see how a mid-engined 2+2 coupé that is spacious enough for 4 adults and yet still posess the dynamic qualities of a premium mid-engined sports car could be designed. On a side note, that original design sketch of the Evora showing 4 adults sitting comfortably in the car still makes me laugh!
  13. Since Gashead1105 isn't coming now, would it be OK for me to arrive with two passengers? 😉
  14. LotusLeftLotusRight

    JMG gone!

    Jean Marc Gales is the Alastair Campbell of the automotive world: he always spins everything out to be a good deal better than it really is. It's hardly business as normal for JD Classics now, is it?