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  1. From March 2019 until they took the price off the adverts earlier this year they were up at £89000 for the Swizz Beats one and £84000 for the other four. I am sure they would entertain any reasonable offer. Don’t forget that these are now 9 year-old cars, which haven’t driven anywhere for nearly all that time.
  2. That’s not what I said. I said after Verstappen pitted. Hamilton could have come straight in to have a safe final lap.
  3. Didn’t Mercedes have enough time in the bag to bring Hamilton in for a precautionary tyre change, the moment Verstappen came in for his fastest lap tyre change? Who knows Hamilton might have got fastest lap also. Again my 14 year-old son out strategised the Mercedes strategists.
  4. It’ll be interesting to see what Lewis does after he has hung up his driving gloves. He’s clearly earned more money than he can possibly spend, but I can’t see him just putting his slippers on, or even being a Sky F1 pundit. I think his faux showbiz lifestyle with his new “friends” is now so far removed from normality, that he will just end up doing the rounds in Hollywood telling everyone who will listen how he grew up in a divided family on the mean streets of Stevenage. Eventually they will run out of interest in him and he’ll move on. I wonder if he is still in regular contact with any of his old friends back home? Unlikely I reckon.
  5. I think my recent action and another call to India may have paid off. The full refund is now in my bank account. Maybe just a coincidence, but relieved nonetheless.
  6. If I remember correctly, he took a fair bit of persuading on here to buy his first Evora, so he can be turned.
  7. It’s quite funny how the acquire or die attitude of the Automotive industry has reached the stage where they’re managing to kill off their own companies! There’s only so many company mergers you can do, before it starts becoming wholly counter-productive to your aims.
  8. One other con with TUI: if you bought your travel insurance through them, a) you have to contact their insurance partner directly (AXA). b) AXA will only refund you 65% of the money paid. c) AXA will only refund you that 65% AFTER TUI has refunded all of their own dues. So presumably if TUI can stretch out delaying the holiday refund payment, then AXA can say it’s too late to cancel the policy. Whilst on the subject of TUI, I saw the MD being interviewed on BBC Breakfast this morning. He was sunning himself at Lake Como, so I sent him a direct e-mail. Of course, it probably won’t even reach his inbox, but it was worth a try. The only message I have got from them so far arrived this afternoon and is effectively a repeat of their original 02.07.20 cancellation document, but now with today’s date! I wonder if they’re trying to defraud the system by unilaterally trying to change the start dates for their refund obligations? Frankly I haven’t got a clue because they don’t want to be contacted.
  9. TUI cancelled our family holiday 3 and a half weeks ago (not Spain). They agreed a full refund within the maximum 14 days allowed by the Law. They repaid the credit card deposit of £200 but have still not re-paid the Direct Debit balance of £5600 24 days later. E-mails to their various Customer Services accounts are being bounced back 36 hours later. This was all before the Spain announcement, so no excuses. They’ve had my money for months. It’s criminal. I have used them every year for ages for our family holidays and they are my single largest annual spend. They’ve now lost a loyal customer. Any suggestions on how to get my money back pronto?
  10. Nice car and welcome. Definitely take that wrap off the roof, wing and splitter. Doesn’t need it or suit it.
  11. I think it was autumn 2013 when I started thinking about a second hand 2+2 sports car. Even though I owned an old Lotus, I hadn’t even considered an Evora. In fact I barely recall even seeing one before. I thought they would be too exotic, so beyond my budget. Anyway a quick Friday afternoon trawl through the classifieds found an LE for sale at a car warehouse operation in Norfolk. I convinced the missus that this would be the ideal family weekend car and we all headed over there the next day. To be honest, after I had seen it with my own eyes, it would have had to be a pretty awful steer for me to have turned it down. But of course it was wonderful. Deal done for £30k inc. 4 new tyres and 12 months aftermarket warranty. 7 years later, it would still be worth about that now!
  12. Can’t believe it is taking 3 weeks in the High Court to sort out whether The Sun story was right or wrong to label him a wife beater. No matter what the outcome, Depp’s career must be finished after all this. This seems to Depp’s “Prince Andrew” moment! He’ll presumably be back in criminal court surroundings soon. Should have just kept quiet.
  13. I’m back home from Germany. Face coverings were compulsory within the hotel. All seemed very safe. People still out and about as normal. The flight home was slightly busier: maybe 40% full. On arrival at Stansted I was delighted to see no queues at Immigration but dismayed to learn that I should have completed an in-line Government form. I wasn’t the only one: plenty of people tapping furiously into their mobile phones. Make sure you do this before you start your journey! Got home and found a drug dealer nearby and some drunken geezers pissing on my garden wall. All at 5.45pm on a Wednesday afternoon. It makes you so proud to be British.
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