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  1. That’s dreadful. How stupid must you be to go to all the effort of replicating the OEM part, but getting it so fundamentally wrong? No-one is going to be happy with that. It’s like Lotus not bothering to repeat the herringbone pattern of the other c/f panels when they sourced the rear spoiler for the Evora GT430.
  2. But why wouldn’t you close your curtains at night? That’s what they’re for, right? It’s like an expert coming on TV and telling you to switch a light on when it gets too dark to see!
  3. We have a log burner in the lounge too. It’s excellent and even helps to warm the rest of the house a little bit if we leave the other doors open. Historically we’ve only used it on Fridays and Saturdays, because the cleaning and re-laying work required is a bit much on a workday morning. However, with things as they are, I might just have to bite the bullet and get up a bit earlier so that we can use it everyday.
  4. The thermostat one makes me laugh. Apparently we should be happy with 18C. Mine’s always been set to 20C. Trouble is the house rarely warms up enough in winter to get anywhere near that figure before the timer switches the heating off again. I’ve just been into our bedroom and the alarm clock thermometer is showing 12.9C! 🥶
  5. Hearing some top tips from “experts” in the media regarding keeping heating costs down. I don’t know how we managed without them! 1. turn down your thermostat 2. switch off radiators in rooms you don’t use 3. close the doors to said unused rooms 4. reduce the time your heating is switched on and my favourite, heard yesterday from an independent financial expert: 5. close your curtains at night. He got time on the telly for that nugget of advice!
  6. Does anyone agree with this decision and fine by the governing body of world tennis? What planet are they on?
  7. “Over the moon with the Cavalier”. I read something on a PH thread about an Austin Maestro the other day. It reminded me of an old fly-on-the-wall documentary about company car drivers. I tracked it down to a BBC2 series called “A to B: tales of modern motoring”, which aired in 1993. I found a scruffy copy of it on YouTube and watched it through yesterday. It’s well worth a watch, even the full 48 minutes, so thought it worth sharing on here. I am sure many of you will have encountered blokes like this back in the day. The Maestro bit from 34:31 minutes is pure comedy gold.
  8. I very much doubt that Lotus will provide free retrofitted upgrades to improve performance. I think you will have to go aftermarket for that, which will probably have implications on your 3 year warranty.
  9. Regarding the Japan winner, yes from my sofa 3000+ miles away, the first impression was the ball being out of play. Indeed the German media is peddling a photo of the moment when there is clearly green grass between ball and white line. However, this image is from the most advantageous angle from their point of view. It’s a bit like those annoying corner kicks nowadays, where the player places the ball just outside the quadrant to get an extra half inch closer to the goal. The linesman has to step forward and look down on the ball from directly above to be sure that part of the ball is actually over the line. From directly above, I am now certain that not all of the ball had crossed the line from other angles I have seen. VAR agreed.
  10. Just spotted this on BBC Sport website. They had better check their spelling of the German coach’s surname, although the German public might agree with the Beeb. 😆 And yes Fick does mean what you think it does in German.
  11. I was going to post that and did a little online research and it appears that Brian Johnston never actually said that in any commentary. Urban myth. Funny though.
  12. Anyone know the German word for “Schadenfreude”? Because that’s what I’m feeling this morning. 🤣 😉
  13. I was watching some of the Pakistan v England cricket on TV yesterday. As the fielding team, Pakistan referred a “not out” decision to the 3rd umpire. As the Pakistan players all huddled together to watch the big screen, 9 of them were wearing sweaters which covered the player names on their shirts. The remaining two stood next to each other emblazoned with the player names “Muhammad” and “Ali” in the correct order on their backs. I think I was probably the only person on the planet who noticed!
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