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  1. I always remember driving back down the M4 from a holiday in South Wales many years ago. Suddenly a Nissan Skyline R34 came blasting past at warp speed, tailgated by a Focus RS Mk1, which was clearly punching above its weight. Sure enough a couple of miles later we passed the Focus sat on the hard shoulder with the bonnet up and all sorts of expensive-looking steam and smoke pouring out of the engine bay.
  2. Amazing that Lotus is in a position to return deposits! I guess there has to be a final cut-off date for the existing production line, but not proceeding with the expected FE Evora was not, err, expected. Still I am pretty sure the Type 131 will be sensational.
  3. I can certainly understand the consternation from NHS workers’ side. The Government and Public have just spent the past 12 months singing their praises as national heroes. Then this 1% pay increase gets floated, having seen great swathes of the population being paid up to £2500 per month by the Government for doing f**k all for the best part of 18 months. I would be livid. Let’s hope the don’t go on a vaccination strike.
  4. Why are all the planets that we have found seemingly spherical?
  5. I know builders who have taken a month’s Government furlough pay to spend time redecorating their own homes. I doubt they paid retail prices for the materials either. Why should my taxes pay for their home improvements?
  6. Why do we need to extend furlough until the end of September if all restrictions end in June and all adults have been offered a first dose vaccine by July, as per the Government’s targets? Seems like more unnecessary spending to me. As for the Treasury granting up to £250k to help buy a pub? The pub trade is not known for its honest dealings. The current owner could just sell it to a group of his mates/acquaintances/customers for “£250k” and then all take a share of Rishi Sunak’s corresponding £250k hand-out.
  7. I think we have to congratulate Jaguar for bringing the V12 to the masses. Who else put them in road cars back then? Ferrari and Lamborghini? That was about it. Apart from the two Jag V12s my dad owned, I also remember persuading my builder boss to buy a 1978 S2 XJ12 in about 1992. This was at the very bottom of the value curve. I think he paid a grand or so, because no-one in their right mind would take one on. He used to get loads of stick from the other labourers for wafting around in it. It was a rusty old dog and was well down on power and up on thirst. I think he got sick of it and
  8. My dad bought a silver 1984 V12 HE coupe in the early 1990s. He also had a matching silver 1972 E-Type V12 coupe, which he had bought in 1988, as well as a blue 1964 S-Type saloon 3.8 manual. He was supposed to use the S-Type for our wedding car, but it wouldn’t start on the Big Day, so he pressed the XJ-S into service. The bride was not best pleased when she had to squeeze herself and her expensive wedding dress into the tiny +2 back seats for the journey to the Reception. It wasn’t the only problem encountered with the planning of our wedding day. Firstly the originally booked Rece
  9. It happens to us all. He wouldn’t have bothered if his was a standard car. At the end of the day, the other guy has probably spent thousands on modifying an everyday Seat hatchback. Money that he will never get back. I would rather save up a bit longer and get something better straight out of the tin.
  10. You’re going to love this one. Despite increasing business and income this year, my wife’s employer has just informed her and her colleagues that some of them will be going back on furlough for the first time since last summer. The reason cited is that they can’t pay the monthly bills. Coincidentally, we found out last week, that this couple has put their existing dual use premises on the market, with the view to moving into a much more expensive and currently residential property, which they will presumably also apply for dual use (it also has a sizeable self-contained flat). I
  11. My 30 year old Ferrari Mondial T cabrio’s ancient battery has given up the ghost this week. I fitted a new one today, but by jingo, it’s in a strange place. Under the driver’s side headlamp pod, right beneath the full width radiator vent. So it gets soaked every time it rains or gets washed and you can only access it from the inner wheel arch. It’s directly under this grille where the orange Ctek connector can be seen. Access is via this panel. Old battery out and new one in, then all back together and we’re good to go for a few more years.
  12. Just a bit more on some of what the renovation involved. Engine and Weber carbs rebuild. New metal under rear valance. New sills and leading edge of bonnet. Re-chrome bumpers and over-riders. Glass out. Interior out and cleaned. Re-spray in original shade of blue. Put it all back together. 2+ years in total.
  13. Cough, “Sun on Sunday”. A bit like airline “Swissair” ceasing trading in 2002 and “Swiss” coincidentally being launched the same day...
  14. Last time the RAF paid a visit, our company offices ended up looking like this.
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