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  1. I wonder if it’s this one again? Although I thought it was black. It seems to have spent a good deal of its life for sale at Lotus Silverstone. I remember sitting in it outside their old place when I was there in my GTE. It was still with them when I next visited at their new place.
  2. No, Lotus has ruled out any hybrid sports cars.
  3. He’s our resident Michelin Man. In fact he should change his username to Bibendum. We’re very lucky to have him.
  4. Welcome. Are you a fan of the Lotus 47 Snorkel car?
  5. Is that an auto translate from another language? The Lotus Cars text doesn’t seem like the Queen’s English.
  6. The recent story about the fossil find in the Cotswolds got me thinking about a similar thing that happened to me. As a kid, during the school holidays I used to work as a gardener for an old man, who lived in a lovely old former rectory. No matter how many hours I worked, he always seemed to pay me much the same each week. One week I was feeling particularly hard done by with my pay packet as I was weeding the kitchen garden with the garden fork. Suddenly a flash of light caught my eye as I turned the soil. I reached down and couldn’t believe my eyes: it looked like a fairly large fully-formed cut diamond. Astonished and with a certain sense of karma about my wretched salary, I popped it in my pocket and took it home without telling the home owner. I showed it to my parents and my dad agreed to take it to a jeweller in Hatton Garden to check it out, as he was working in London at the time. I was so excited when he got back that evening. How many thousands was it worth? Well none to be exact. The jeweller instantly dismissed any chance of it being a diamond. He did another more detailed check and informed that it was worth roughly the same as the amount of wages I felt had been underpaid! So if it wasn’t a real diamond, what was it doing buried in a 200 year old village rectory kitchen garden? Anyway I never did sell it and have since lost track of its whereabouts after several house moves. Maybe someone else has since found it and suffered the same disappointment! Or maybe it was a real diamond after all…
  7. That’s if they even know where the stewards’ room is located!
  8. I saw a family in a Polestar 2 today. That also had a full time rear light along the back, not just when braking. On another point, it’s surprising how many cars still have brake lights out nowadays. Don’t you get a dash warning?
  9. Yes, it’s amazing that we can’t stop these boats from entering UK waters.
  10. Not doing too well on keeping the cross channel asylum seekers out post Brexit. More have already arrived this year than in the whole of 2020. Not sure many voted for that. 😉
  11. Hey, no-one’s going to drive an Emira for the best part of 9 months, so we’ve got to keep the thread going somehow!
  12. My first company car was a Vauxhall Astra 1.7D “Merit”. No power steering, no turbo, no air con, no electric windows, in fact nothing of any merit whatsoever. It also needed an oil change every 3000 miles. What good is that if you’re driving 50,000+ miles p.a.? That’s 17 services per year! Here’s one of each at a local classic car show a few years ago.
  13. That’s a super rare LHD only R5 Turbo 1. That one’s been fully restored and is worth close to £100k today. I don’t think you could chip them up. No ECU. Bosch K Jetronic mechanical fuel injection and Garret T3 turbo. They came as 160bhp standard, 185bhp with denser intercooler and higher boost and finally 210bhp with some internal tweaks. Not bad for a 1.4 litre pushrod engine. I had the mechanically identical Turbo 2 successor for 14 years with 185bhp kit.
  14. Other way round. The Mondial T pre-dates the 348 by a few months, but yes, same engine. And yes engine out for 3 yearly cambelt service. Obviously not for oil and filter. This was mine being done last autumn.
  15. Just for clarification I think the Emira is a fantastic car and envy and respect all of you early adopters. The only reason I have not put my hat in the ring with a deposit is due to my personal circumstances. I have a double garage, so can have a maximum of two fun cars. My wife’s and my own daily drivers sit outside in front of the garage doors. At least one of these fun cars has to be able to transport a family of four. Since our teenage boys have now outgrown the back seat of an Evora, this duty now falls to our Ferrari Mondial T cabrio, which has considerably more room for rear seat passengers than an Evora. This means that my 2+2 Evora GTE is now effectively a 2+0, or maybe a 2+1 at a pinch. Anyway, this basically means I would have to sell the GTE to justify buying an Emira to the family. I just can’t bring myself to do that. I might reconsider whenever the super Emira is launched, but I guess there will be bun fight to get your name down on one of those.
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