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  1. Yes, a few posts up the page.
  2. $85,000 is a great price. You’re getting a fantastic deal. If that was an American manufacturer selling a $85,000 car in the UK they would ask at least £85,000 for it.
  3. Just dug out the receipts for my Evora GTE new car detailing from 2015. New car protection detail + Carbon Collective Protective Coating Upgrade - platinum paint, Oracle, platinum wheels, platinum glass. Template, trim and apply PPF to front bumper, front half bonnet and front wings, lower rear flanks, sills, leading edge of rear wing and wing mirror caps. Total price £1049 inc VAT. I haven’t touched it with anything but a bucket of car wash, alloy wheel cleaner, sponge, water and chamois leather ever since. I know it’s tempting to wrap the entire car in PPF, but you do lose that nice feel and look of the shiny paintwork. This was collection day.
  4. Surely Lewis and the team must have discussed the best tyre strategy in the 25 minute break prior to the restart? Doing one lap on inters and coming in was not a great idea. As for the risk of being blocked in the pit lane, the team just had to have confidence in their pit crew, like all the others. He ended up last by a long way anyway, so it couldn’t really have been any worse.
  5. No help to the OP, but back in the late 1980s I bought a pair of Strombergs on the water-jacketed manifold from an autojumble to replace the crappy single Solex carb on my Hillman Imp. My first journey down the road was like riding a wildly bucking bronco. The idle continually went up and down. Anyway I took it to a local garage, he opened up the dash pots and immediately noticed that the long helical springs were missing from the inside. He just happened to have some suitable spare springs in his workshop (didn’t they always back then?) popped them in, balanced the carbs and they functioned perfectly. I never did understand why someone would bother to take out those springs and reassemble the carbs.
  6. That’s a funny little article. I’m amazed that the lesser tuned M139 only produces 204 lb ft of torque. What about the two photos? Weird. You’ve heard about Friday afternoon cars, well that’s a Friday afternoon article…
  7. It was a ridiculous “strategy” to leave Hamilton out on intermediates for the restart. Who made that decision? It was clearly dry tyre conditions by then. Being the only car on the grid was really embarrassing for Mercedes. Hamilton said that the team was expecting imminent rain. Funny how the other 9 teams all disagreed, despite all having the same meteorology data. He would have won that race by a mile if they’d applied a bit of common sense.
  8. OK thanks for that. @Bravo73 hooray. I did it!
  9. Does anyone know what happened to #13? The RHD military grey IPS? JeffK on here had it and it was spotted in London commuter traffic soon after he bought it new. I’m too stupid to work out how to tag him in. Just curious why we never hear about it.
  10. Yes I think that rebuilding an airworthy Napier Sabre engine might be a bridge too far. I know they weren’t the easiest planes to fly and had a bit of a reputation for killing their pilots. Nevertheless my mum’s old boss used to fly them in the final days of WW2 and was a big fan. Having said that, he did win the DFC for flying unarmed Photo reconnaissance Spitfires over the Normandy beaches prior to D-Day.
  11. Yes aftermarket Lotus bonnet badges were added by some owners. Not cool and not necessary.
  12. Detail and value here.
  13. Pedant time. No Carlton/Omega ever left Hethel with a Lotus badge on the bonnet. Boot lid and front wings yes, but the bonnet badges were either Vauxhall or Opel.
  14. I was pondering the press reaction to the Emira when they eventually get their hands on them. I really hope that they have both engines available for them to test simultaneously, even if the AMG engine will only be delivered to customers much later. My concern is that if they only get given the V6 to try, then there will be lots of praise for design, interior, handling, steering, performance and even build quality and value for money, but half a star will be lost due to the venerable engine and gearbox options, in anticipation of the new unit to follow. However if they also get to test the state of the art DCT AMG I4 from the outset, then the journos will get to savour the best of both worlds. In which case, I can’t see how the car can be awarded anything but 5 stars and put the Lotus Emira genuinely ahead of Porsche as the recommended car to buy in that segment.
  15. Still keeping an eye out for news on this race programme. Obviously when the original announcement of a GT4 race car being developed by Ray Mallock Racing was made in April, the Emira was 3 months from being launched. Now we know what the regular road car will look like, I can’t wait to see the first photos of the racer. I wonder if it will be revealed at the Autosport International NEC exhibition in January, in advance of a full debut season in 2022?
  16. I wonder if this WDC will be decided in the kitty litter a la Prost & Senna? I guess there’s a long way to go yet and Verstappen will probably have it all sewn up before the final race or two. But if the opportunity arises for something like Silverstone to happen again with the title at stake, I reckon Verstappen would take the hit and both retire.
  17. Doesn’t matter how many colours AM offer on the configurator, their customers still only order the boring ones. I mean how many DB9s were silver, grey or black? 80%?
  18. Engine cover struts on back order?
  19. Looks suspiciously like the launch/Goodwood car to me.
  20. Not gonna happen. They’re too scared to come out of their homes.
  21. There’s a Prime film available called Jolt. Not really worth watching but there’s a car chase scene, where the lead character steals a McLaren and complains that it’s a “stick shift” aka manual gearbox and shows a 3 pedal footwell. I can take a lot of Hollywood BS, but I switched it off after that! This is the car concerned.
  22. Compoculture gone mad! I guess now that miss-selling mortgages is off the list, the no win no fee lawyers are ready for another gravy train. Time to go back through the F1 crash archives… let’s start with Max Verstappen. Really, much less well-off teams have had to take plenty of crashes on the chin this year. They never claimed off the other Party. What’s different now? Pathetic.
  23. The tent was originally bought to protect my mint Lotus Omega (LHD Carlton). Since the GTE that replaced it is also LHD, I just use the same side. To be honest, neither of my current pair really need the tent. The Ferrari has a regular car cover. Having said that there are occasions in the winter when the weather changes which causes condensation on metal parts. For preventing this, the fan ventilated tent is excellent.
  24. I have a unique solution to any garaging issues. Since I have a double garage, there is more room in the middle to open car doors and get in and out. Therefore I always have an LHD car in the right garage and an RHD car in the left side. No need for any awkward reversing into the garage for me!
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