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  1. Noticed today that Lance Stroll’s Aston Martin F1 team are investing big time in new facilities. There’s a colossal new building going up which dwarfs their original Silverstone HQ next door (on the left, behind the stack of Portakabins). Budget cap? What budget cap?



  2. Apart from the initial decision not to start the race straight after the rain stopped, there were some odd race control decisions yesterday. Not saying that they had any outcome on the result, but a couple of safety car decisions. Car stops at dangerous point on circuit: yellow flags only for a while, then VSC and car gets cleared, then full safety car! Second one: car crashes and loses front wing, VSC and then green light whilst marshalls are still on the track extricating the wing from the barrier.

  3. 6 minutes ago, jep said:

    Andy Palmer did an amazing job of getting many fools to buy AM on floatation. Incredible salesmanship of glamour, prestige and hope over reality.

    What happened to the staff Lotus hired to push the brand way upmarket? Those guys with the Sunseeker yacht contacts to whom Lotus were going to sell the 130 Evijas?

  4. It’s basically a way of extending Russia’s borders and trying to cling on to what they’ve got. So whereas Ukraine has been pretty good in avoiding attacks on real Russian territory, Putin will now claim that further progress East and South by Ukrainian forces would be tantamount to an invasion of Russia itself, with all the sabre-rattling and threats which that entails. He will also include Western arms in his rhetoric: I.e. Western weapons are now being used to attack the Motherland, even though they actually fall on Ukrainian soil. 

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  5. To be fair, didn’t they actually film Moonraker before the Shuttle had ever taken off?

    edit: just checked and yes the first NASA launch was in April 1981 (I remember watching it on TV at school),  whereas the film came out in 1979. Impressive take-off special effects considering.

  6. Sounds like Putin has gone a bit more mental today. Spouting drivel on telly and calling up 300,000 reservists as a partial mobilisation. Proof, if needed, that he knows he is losing the war.

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