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  1. 9 minutes ago, Eagle7 said:

    Well as of today, my journey as the alternate configurator has come to an end.  This new configurator is excellent.  

    It looks like this was done by a gaming company, (which I had suggested) but they've done a great job of it.

    Lotus made a big deal about the Evija configurator, which made the original Emira one all the more disappointing. Maybe they got the Evija guys to use their technology on the new Emira one? The Evija configurator still says “Designed especially for Lotus, using an ultra powerful graphics processor and advanced gaming software…”

  2. @Mrandres6935 You think the dealer network for the Emira is poor in the USA? There is only ONE dealer (West London) and ONE service centre (Manchester) in the entire UK for the Corvette C8. That’s just not a viable proposition for the vast majority of their potential customer base here. Emira all the way for them!

  3. That’s what I thought. Post delivery you’ll probably have nothing to do with these new places and still have to liaise one of the existing dealers for servicing, warranty claims etc. Not saying that’s a bad thing, since it spreads the gospel to a whole new congregation. The existing dealers will still be picking up all the increased after sales business. I guess it’s an interim solution until the increase in EV sales dictates a much bigger UK dealer network.

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  4. Just one final word on Djokovic. He’d already spent a couple of days going back and forth to the tennis courts, before he finally got the elbow, so must have mingled with plenty of Australian citizens during that time. Also just imagine how pissed off you’d be if he came and sat down next to you on the flight back to Dubai! They probably had other First Class customers asking to be down-graded to another cabin!

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  5. All this hiding behind Sue Gray’s investigation: the shear number of parties (14 to date) means this could go on for ages. No. 10 is probably hoping it will eventually blow over. Can’t imagine any of this happening if Teresa May was still at the helm.

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  6. That post Barnard Castle press conference by Cummings was just two days after Boris’ big garden party. There were probably champagne corks still lying around. Very hypocritical of Boris to force Cummings to face the music for what he’d done, having knowingly broken the rules so flagrantly himself just 48 hours earlier. You can see why Cummings is gunning for him now and will keep drip feeding the media with bait.

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