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  1. C'mon Paul we want to know more about the possible purchase! Colour? BTW my second Evora (the white one that matched your earlier one) was missing the premium pack and so cloth back seats. I thought I'd miss them (my original had oyster premium interior) but in the end I didn't miss them at all; the cloth back seats worked fine. So let's hear about the colour, wheels, etc? Photo?
  2. The silver 400 at B-and-C is not mine. My silver 400 had a one-off colour and a few other things. It sold via Silverstone but then sold again via Hoffmans, with the new owners putting on a black pack, so now likely looks like most others. Paul is right: I found the 400 steering and ride compromised, and ended up preferring the S1. I had two earlier NAs, and ended up back to Paul's S1 S IPS. Non-S S1 is easily the best drive, but newer S1s are all S. IPS gear ratios are the best match with the car. Sadly my ex-Beady S1 is now back up for sale at Silverstone . . . finally my elder daughter grew too big (she's now 13) to fit in the back seats (the 400 is better for that) and so I can no longer use an Evora as a daily driver. Plus I've let go of both my S1 Elises . . . my garage is out of use soon! So Beady . . . once the Evora is gone I will really need a 111R in a nice shade of blue . . . surely you are bored of yours by now???
  3. Hi. AU60AYH used to be my car, but it has been through at least two owners since then. My first Evora! Love the car. It had quite a bit of niggle repair work via Silverstone when I had it, to deal with early Evora leaks. Got sorted completely. But then I moved from it to an S1 IPS, probably in around 2014. Silverstone sold my car, and ruined the wheels by turning them black! I have a file of pictures from my ownership. Since then I've been through a 400 (discussed on here a couple times; Mercedes silver one) and currently my S IPS in nightfall blue is up for sale at Silverstone; and indeed both my Elises are for sale with them too. (I want to keep one of them, though.). Any questions about any of my cars feel free to drop me a line. Cheers, D.
  4. Ah! I see that Paul has prompted me to say hello! Indeed, Paul's old car is now here; my fourth Evora. And Paul is completely nuts to have sold it, because it's so clearly the perfect Evora. Indeed, I missed out on exactly the same car back in November 2013 when it was up for sale briefly at Paul Matty's, and so I ended up with my white NA IPS. I've been looking out for it since! I went Evora Manual -> Evora IPS -> Evora 400 Auto -> Evora S IPS. But as noted on another thread, the 400 just wasn't for me. And I much prefer the IPS/Auto ratios and lack of gearbox chatter. I agree that the new Auto is a step up from the IPS. But given a choice between my 400 and the S IPS, even at the same price point, I'd take the S IPS. As mentioned elsewhere, the 400 has lost the fluidity of the S1. In fact, Paul's car wasn't quite as fluid as my old IPS when I first drove it. But now I have it on my 18/19 (winter) wheels and tyres rather the 19/20, and it's now near perfect. The exhaust sound is less brash, the interior feels so much bespoke, the Recaro seats so much more comfortable than the squeaky Sparcos. I'll miss the 400's extra rear seat space for my kids, and I recognize that for the vast majority people the 400 manual > S1 IPS. But Aimee was exactly right in saying that we got the shoe that fits now. Good luck to the new owner (Richard, I think) of my (not very old) 400! Also I think Aimee's found someone for my NA IPS and so it looks like I'm back to just one Evora! (But still 2 x Elises . . . ) Cheers, David
  5. For anyone who is interested, I dropped my silver 400 off with Aimee at Silverstone this morning so (in a totally self interested plug) do go see her! In the interest of fairness, I should say that Matt and Aimee do seem to have gone from limited Evora stock to a nice selection so now is probably a really good time to go see them for anyone exploring the Evora world. (Just make sure you choose the silver one ;-) ) Cheers, David
  6. Yup!! I really just want to buy a new version of my old car! But a manual only if they got rid of the transmission grinding noise . . . that's what sent me to IPS/Auto!
  7. Comparing to a NA Evora. I've had two NA Evoras: a manual with the close ratio box, and an IPS. Hey, I have odd preferences, I admit it . . . . .
  8. Yup, Silver Evora advertised at Silverstone is mine . . . and indeed up for sale so soon! I guess I'm unlike most, because I found that I prefer the S1 Evora to the 400. The 400 is sharper, but loses ride comfort and fluidity because of this, and so the S1 is a better daily driver. I think I'm almost the only person who prefers the sound of the S1 to the 400. So . . . it's a planned move back to an S1 for me. I'd keep it if it were a weekend car, but I have a couple of Elises in the garage for that. (It seems I have 2 x Evoras and 2 x Elises at the moment, do I get a special TLF prize???) A shame because the colour scheme of my 400 is really close to perfection . . . Essex blue + red alcantara is the ultimate, but that Merc silver is definitely nicer than signature silver. Works brilliantly. Any questions, give me a shout, or talk to Aimee. Cheers, David PS Plate is now L400EVR which is vaguely indicative of Lotus 400 Evora, so if any 400 pilot is interested in the plate then drop me a line!
  9. Very nice Ewan . . . . . . it would have looked good parked next to my Elise!
  10. Apologies for being a forum lurker and first time poster; although I know a few of the people who post here so "hello" to them. This is just a heads up that my old Evora will be coming up for sale with Aimee at Silverstone, and I'm very happy to answer any questions about it. It's my second Evora. 2012 (MY11) IPS with sport + tech in Aspen White with 35k miles, sports exhaust, diamond-cut-style forged wheels. (Silver cast wheels available if preferred . . . they currently are holding my winter tyres.) It replaced a 2010 Canyon Red three years ago, but is now making space for the Silver 400 Auto from earlier in the thread. (Really, I should have bought Neal's Green 400 Auto to match my LRG S1 Elise . . . . oh well!) I thought I'd let the forum know since it highlighted the silver B+C car for me!! Cheers, David
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