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  1. My '79 elite had electric wing mirrors that had chrome base and stems and satin black body. There were a few different variances though I think
  2. I've used Castrol gtx 20/50 following advice on several forums.
  3. Spent a bit more time on the car today... The wing mirrors are now on... This meant the windows frames had to come off. I'll know better next time I do it. So my list of things to do is getting much shorter now and it looks something like, Finish the re-wiring Refurb the speedo drive assembly Fix power steering pump leak Source a new brake servo check valve Fix bonnet release catches Remake dash centre switch panel Fit interior Fit a fire extinguisher system Mot
  4. Getting the cable connected to the handbrake lever is also a pita with the body on. When you put the body back on you can remove the handbrake from the chassis and leave the cable connected whilst you drop the body that last couple of inches before deciding the mechanism to the chassis once it's down.
  5. Looking good. Just remember to get the handbrake on and adjusted next.
  6. Wow I had not thought to check mine.
  7. With the scarcity of second hand chassis now it does seem criminal. Aren't new chassis in the 2k region? To think I got mine for £100 5 years ago!
  8. If you are thinking of getting it scanned to produce a point cloud and then 3d printed I would be interested I getting a few...
  9. Check out page 12 of my restoration thread. It's really simple to do. I used mx5 motors with the manual winding knob facing down so it can be accessed from below in case they fail
  10. Curiously I was thinking the same thing but optimism over experience has lead me to ignore this.
  11. Great how to. I'm following the carb rebuild with interest since I have not done mine yet
  12. Both door frames and window motors are now in. Doors are hanging well and the locks and latches are now all set up. That's a pain staking job. I also dismantled the wing mirrors in preparation for sending off for chrome, but having got them to bits and polished them with autosol they have come up pretty well. One of the stems that fix to the plastic shell had not faired so well and had a very corroded nut which has also taken its toll on the aluminium alloy that makes up the thread. Luckily enough I have a spare. One of the shells had cracked and needed fibre glass on the inside so both are now painted and just need reassembly before fitting to the car. I have also lacquered over the pinstripes and the aluminium trim which will stay nice and shiney now. Once the wing mirrors are fitted the outside is done... With the mechanics done, that just leaves the electrics and the interior! Photo with the pinstripes and side repeaters... It did have a black vinyl roof fitted by the dealer but I thought I would leave this off the list. That's a bit too 70's For me. I should have closed the bonnet and moved the stuff off the roof...
  13. Very nice. Post regular updates of progress since it's always good to see an elite being improved and cared for. Welcome to the forums. I had two scimitars and they were great cars but they ruined the brand with the robin!
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