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  1. The brake pipe can be fashioned to produce a barb on the end and this is then inserted into the ethanol ready fuel pipe. The rigidity of the brake pipe enables you to thread it through the holes in the chassis bulkheads and the proper fuel line follows.
  2. It would appear I have a character flaw that makes me see the best in every forlorn hope, from cars to houses. "It a house Jim but not as we know it" On the plus side it has space for a 5 bay carridge house but needs connecting to the drains first as the septic tank has failed, then there is the matter of the roof, boiler etc. The question is does the kitchen come before the garage block!
  3. Not much progress lately as the elite will have a new home in the new year, or at least a new location. The new home needs building! Well it seemed like a good idea at the time!
  4. I kept the original fuel lock valve but have put another one between the tank and fuel pump which must be a better place for it. I can't remember now where I got the fuel line from but it was specifically for E10 fuel from a reputable supplier.
  5. I was heading for something like the facel Vega with levers for the heater control The vents will fit onto a new heater/AC unit but I'm along way from that
  6. It's been a while but nearly done. The aircraft throttle style heater control are now the only outstanding part but I need to get the engine back in to see how much space is available when the car is in gear. I need a rivnut tool so I can take the switch panels out without access from behind and the switch labels need to be engraved on the lower panel. The wing mirrors need modification to take a modern motor as my solonoids are knackered then the switches will work!
  7. Yep it was an absolute pain in the neck. I'd changed the fuel line with the body off but decided to change it again with the announcement of E10 fuel so had to get a compatible pipe and redo it with the body on! Better to have peace of mind though and nothing compared to fixing a burnt out car.
  8. I used copper brake pipe which fits inside the fuel line. A barb can be fashioned in the copper so with one person pulling and another pushing the original location can be maintained. I worked from the back to the front since access to the chassis was easier
  9. I'd replace the pipe entirely. The consequences of failure are too high and if it's the original pipe the likelihood of failure is also high.
  10. Isn't that upsidedown? I'm not sure it would suit my car
  11. The chassis is divided into sections by bulkheads that the prop shaft passes through. These bulk heads have a hole in the corner for the fuel pipe to pass through that keeps it clear of the prop shaft.
  12. Have you thought of mounting the motors the other way up? With the red manual winding knob pointing down you can drill a hole underneath to allow access to wind up the lamp pod if the motor fails. In the configuration you have them at the moment how would you get to the motor if it fails when down?
  13. The engine has to come out to get the gearbox out unfortunately. No telescopic propensity on these.
  14. Only with help. I've tidied up the engine bay today and put the engine bay body bolts in. In my rush to get the engine in years ago I realised that the bolt near the exhaust manifold was impossible to get in the hole from either direction so this was a job that needed doing with the engine out I now have some m8 threaded bar with nuts on either end. Just waiting for the Speedo drive now before the engine gets delivered and it all goes back in.
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