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    Galvanised chassis, Poly suspension bushes, getrag gearbox, everything renewed
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  1. mikeeech

    Gearbox replacement

    Gosh that is a lot. A few year ago now I got a getrag box for £1200 which seems like a good deal now! To be fair though voights quoted me £1400 to refurb an S1 5 speed box and these were always marginal with the power. If they are refurbing by taking the best of the bits they have then life would be limited i guess.
  2. mikeeech

    Drain pipe

    Mine are the same. Around 8mm, clear, mastic fixing it to the body in the gutter.
  3. mikeeech

    Dreaming of a Monaco White Christmas

    White is the way to go... Or gold!
  4. I had to remove my power steering pump to clear the front of the body which I discovered mid lift. I took the gerabox out with the engine and put it back in with the engine. Get more height by choosing a stone day and getting the car outside.
  5. mikeeech


    There should also be a supplementary seal glued to the rear hatch at the top.
  6. Personally I would put some vinegar inside the coolant tank to see how bad the rot is. I would definitely buy a new radiator.
  7. mikeeech

    Dutch yellow Eclat project

    Cool. I've never seen that before.
  8. mikeeech

    mystery and disappointment

    Its difficult to say with the bolts missing! I suspect one would lead to the other.
  9. There will be other times in your days of lotus ownership where you might think this. It doesn't necessarily mean your right!
  10. mikeeech

    Vinyl roof

    I thought the first photo was a picture of a chrome strip down the waist line not daylight! Gosh that is in a bad way. Had a previous owner sanded off the join? Can you stand on a step ladder for a photo please!
  11. mikeeech

    elite to auction

    It's sold yet u til the auction hammer finishes. Check back I. Early December. Does look like a good one at cheap money. My guess is that it goes for closer to £12k
  12. mikeeech

    Speedo angle drive removal advice

    And my new male to male coupler. Two, since one is wrong!
  13. mikeeech

    Vinyl roof

    Post a picture once you have done it. Mi e left the factory without one but left the dealer with one. The roof had peeled off by the time I came across it!
  14. mikeeech

    Gold '78 Elite 503

    It's nice to see you back Bob!
  15. I believe the factory used underseal to protect the body against cracks caused by flying stones so the wheel arch colour would have been Matt black.