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  1. Have you thought of mounting the motors the other way up? With the red manual winding knob pointing down you can drill a hole underneath to allow access to wind up the lamp pod if the motor fails. In the configuration you have them at the moment how would you get to the motor if it fails when down?
  2. The engine has to come out to get the gearbox out unfortunately. No telescopic propensity on these.
  3. Only with help. I've tidied up the engine bay today and put the engine bay body bolts in. In my rush to get the engine in years ago I realised that the bolt near the exhaust manifold was impossible to get in the hole from either direction so this was a job that needed doing with the engine out I now have some m8 threaded bar with nuts on either end. Just waiting for the Speedo drive now before the engine gets delivered and it all goes back in.
  4. A brief update on the oil leak. The guy who has dismantled the bottom end has found a loose bit of aluminium casting was caught in the sealant between the main bearing casting and the block, preventing the sealant from sealing. I just need the speedo drive back now.
  5. The alloy strip will need prizing off by getting a wide plastic spatula under it at the leading edge of the door. Don't force it too much but the clips are likely to be rusty and may need replacing. These are available from sj sports cars. The window channel rubbers and the weather strip is available from Woolies trim. Again the clips can be found from sj sportscars.
  6. It looks as though those have seen better days!
  7. Great buy Simon. I love the colour. With the wheels restored the car will look much better but probably not the top of the list of things to do. There are a few of us locally if you need any help.
  8. The engine and gearbox is out again! It is always a bit of a worry when the engine struggles to come out but with the help of @Tony D it popped out in the end. It seems there was a bit more going on than just the obvious oil leak. There was oil in the bell housing which is not coming from the gearbox. Whilst the clutch was clean the flywheel has oil on it On the opposite side of the engine there is also some oil splatter. Perhaps this is coming from the bell housing area? I suspect the route cause is the same with not enough gasket sealant used at the rear of the la
  9. The 912 needs a getrag box which is more robust than the lotus unit
  10. vinegar is really cheap in tescos for rust removal
  11. An update on the oil leak... I managed to get a video of the area as the engine was warming up and indeed the leak is coming from the main bearing panel when the oil is warm. So last weekend I drained the oil from the gearbox and engine, drained the coolant, removed all the pipes and exhaust, removed the cables and wiring ready for the engine removal. I'm getting quite good at it.
  12. Nice car. Personally I would have preferred the original colour but it is a nice colour.
  13. Thats really useful and will make it easy to make up a new one if needed.
  14. Opps. Sorry for the thread hijack!
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