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  1. The handbrake cable is definitely easier to do with the body off. Replace the fuel line with the body off as it's far easier to route through the chassis from above. Remove the fuel lock valve and stick it in the boot.
  2. I've used silicon. Brake fluid and will go to waterless coolant at so e point to in order to avoid this. Oil and petrol only for me. Not that I have ever changed any in my lotus!
  3. OGot one on order... I won't be able to get it fitted for a couple of weeks either but will put photos up when it's on since I'm overdue for some updated pics... Spent all day working on the drivers side door to get the door reassembled. I spent far more time than was good for me farting around with the door locking mechanism thinking that something wasn't working right with the barrel since it would not do a whole half turn to lock the car only to figure out that it is a quarter turn then back to the top! My excuse is that I have never driven this thing let alone parked it before I took it apart... I did have the barrel in upside down though and whilst the door handle was off I repainted it. Whilst everything works fine I'm still not happy with the internal lock mechanism that doesn't go fully home against the door latch as it should but it a least locks and opens on all levers now. These things were not made for manufacturing assembly! Door modern cars now have electric locks... This would be so much easier to assemble. The electric window motor is in and the window goes up and down a a very spirited pace with the new felt in. I was a bit concerned by this since when I got the car the window would only go up by pulling it whilst operating the motor. This wiring will be easy too. The external door trim is not yet on either. Whilst I got the draft excluding felt with the right clips I was one trim clip short to hold this on to the body so I will need to order more of these from an sports cars. I'm having to cut them in half btw! The frame is still not bolted to the door correctly. I can't get all the bolt holes to line up both on the fibre glass and the door beam. Oh and all my pushing and shoving on the door plus the weight of the window and lift motor has led it to drop slighthly. I must check the passenger side for tightness before I get too far in fitting this side. On this note I also removed the rust from the passenger side frame with a wire brush. Whilst the drivers side was in good condition considering its age (both sides still have the quarter light held in with solbit), the passenger side has not faired so well with a number of holes at the leading edge which has now been cleaned up with wire brush on my angle grinder, some rust converter and chemical metal before sanding down... Now as good as new! I'll need another days on the drivers side door I think and these are precious. If I'm lucky this will be in 3 weeks!
  4. Did this go on the rear wing... If so that's fab!
  5. There was a monster truck elite conversion on eBay a few years ago as an unfinished project and the pictures appeared on this site if you want to search for it. I thought it was quite cool myself too and could have looked good as part of a set...
  6. Maybe it's just the light but it could have been galvanized at some point or was it painted silver?
  7. Unfortunately it does. This is perhaps the only reason why I'm on the hunt since a dab radio will need something different I think. I have an age appropriate radio which will become obsolete at some point although I would kill for an original with the dictaphone...
  8. It's been a while since I've updated this thread. It's fair to say I have had a few issues which has frustrated me a little. Over the long winter break I was able to source a new drivers side door handle so my door handles match although, as I discovered today, the barrel change with the door lock that came off needs a look at but more on that later. I also had a bit of a tidy out with a few things sold on ebay. So the first thing to get to was to just connect the Speedo drive. This needed a coupler made up so should have been a simple job but the end is fraying a little which is making the tight squeeze harder so the Speedo drive will now need to go off for repair and an engine hoist to move everything to one side by a few mm will get this sorted. But one failed job... My rewiring has stalled a little too since I need to find an electric aerial that fits. I'm not precious about it and it doesn't have to be electric but since I'm doing the loom in the boot then I might as well spend a little time searching and have so far come up with nothing. At least I have polished up my wheel centre caps and got these on, and my waistline trim and pinstripes are now done. My A post trims need polishing and fixing at the base of the screen properly so these will have to come off to be positioned and I'm not happy with the gap on the passengers side also! So with all that backing up on the "jobs i must finish one day" list I thought I would a least have some success with refitting the door window surrounds. Getting the frames from the dark corner of the garage where they have been lurking for nearly 5 years, removing the rust and crusty felt and repainting them was almost as satisfying as fitting the new felt into the, now pristine, channel. This came from Woolies trim btw with the 16mm base and was an excellent fit. Now, getting the window frames out originally was a bit of a head scratcher and I ended up cutting the doors, but over the intervening years Mike at lotusbits told me that getting the window out of the frame with the frame still in the door is the way to go so refitting must the the opposite of removal right... ...Getting the frame in the door without the door glass is easy now. Getting the glass past the door frame into the door is also easy. Getting the glass into the door frame with the door frame in the door is a different story entirely. To cut a long story short I fitted the glass to the frame at the quarter light side, had to remove the door latch assembly to enable the frame to be lifted as high as possible that then allows the mounting lug on the lower part of the door frame to exit the door at the latch hole giving a few extra mm to bend the frame out. This took a lot of grunt. Fitting the door seal, refitting the door latch mechanism and bolting the frame to the door beam just meant I needed to check the gap at the top so I could adjust with washers to get that perfect seal. When I first fitted the latch mechanism last year i was cautious to check that it worked before closing the door. Since I hadn't changed anything I closed the door, found the gap at the top of the door frame needed adjustment only to find that the door would not open! Grrrr. I hadn't checked that the barrel I changed in the door lock worked and the mechanism had locked the door. Working the mechanism from the inside with a window in the way is really hard let me tell you, made more difficult since I hadn't fitted the interior door release but all sorted eventually. So the door handle will come off but I will finish this job next weekend which will include the window motor and wiring of course. That reminds me that I need to refurb my wing mirrors which will include re chroming the bases...
  9. Got it... I usually try and solve problems with a dose of logic and reasoning rather than brute strength but I have to admit the brute strength method won through in the end in this case. I will now add a how to to my restoration thread!
  10. Those of you who have followed my restoration thread will now that to get my door glass out I had to cut the doors... Now I have new door sprayed and am reassembling the door frames but how to get the glass in? I did speak with mike a lotusbits on this topic and he said that to glass goes into the door then the frame will twist into the opening then you can fit the glass into the frame... Well I'm having a go at it today and just cannot get the glass in. The frame is in without the glass which meant I didn't need to cut the doors and the glass is even now in the door but I just can't move the frame enough now to get the glass into the runner? Does the quarter light need to come out?
  11. Of course that was the original intention... It was designed for a V8. A slant 4 looks a bit lost in the space.
  12. So my Speedo drive has started to unwrap itself if it's fiddly to begin with I guess a sharp point on the end won't help? So I get this fixed first I do have an S2 chassis to go with my S2 gearbox!
  13. Is this Speedy Cables (London), based in Swansea by any chance?
  14. How is there enough space between the gearbox and the chassis to get the angle drive on? Or could this be my problem... The wiring that makes up the square is coming in wrapped meaning it does slide in?
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