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  1. That sounds like the ignition light problem!
  2. The ignition light has one wire coming from the alternator and one from the 12volt circuit behind the dash (should be green wire). When the ignition is on and the alternator not outputting, then the light is on. When the alternator voltage rises then the light goes out. If your not getting an ignition light then i suspect the 12volt circuit in the dash is not being fed.
  3. For a long time pop riveting was my favourite task... I now have another... Aluminium brazing. So easy! Just need to add the clock I. The middle now the vent tubes have strengthened the panel and then the heater controls!
  4. I brought this year's ago. I've brought a centre boss in the last month to take a mold and make a new one in closed cell foam.
  5. I have a triumph stay steering wheel that's fits ok. It could be spitfire, GT6, dolomite etc etc. It's the same size as the original and has aluminium spokes. The only thing I need to do is to mold a new boss with lotus on it.
  6. Mine is a late S1 (elite) and has electric mirrors
  7. Pnpn junction arrangement in the crystal to form a small scr. Although it wouldn't be silicon!
  8. I have led festoon bulbs that seems agnostic but they do sit on a small PCB. The LEDs themselves are tiny and the components to correct voltage are equally small and I'm sure that some clever spark has integrated them on the same chips now. I'm old enough to remember the days where we were amazed that semiconductor crystal could be grown with the right band gap to get blue light!
  9. Looks like my tablet autocorrect got the better of me... I was thinking more the black btw!
  10. Since I have my original holder I ordered these They should be here soon.
  11. Upholstery grade brushed velvet here... Maybe the closest thing I have found now.
  12. Great contrast between the yellow and the blue in the building. A great photo!
  13. It could even be solid metal shaped into a box!
  14. Mine looks like a thick sheet of rubber
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