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  1. Hi Lex, Thanks for your comments, and Emmm, actually, it is permanent, as it's the panel that required the lip cutting out from the bodywork. That's why it took me so long to finally go for it, as there would be no going back. Regards Rob
  2. I was thinking i had never put a picture of the car up, since owning it. It's not long back from paint, and while there is still a bit of fettling to do. I'm so pleased with the way she looks just now. I know not everyone is a fan of the rear light conversion. And i had the kit for 4 years, before deciding to go ahead. I love this look, but understand some people prefer originality. One thing the paint guys did say, was that with the spoiler off for painting, they thought it looked much sleeker without it. I agreed when i saw it, and may take it off at a later date.
  3. So Pleased and Excited that you got the car back Mike, and very much looking forward to seeing the next chapter unfold. Good Luck , Robbie.
  4. You're so in luck. I have a pair after just having the round light conversion done. The drivers side has a small union jack stuck on it. I haven't tried to remove it as i liked it, and it also matched the one i had on the nose cone.Let me know if you are interested, and i'll take some pictures. I feel your pain regarding the engine work. I have been without mine for 4 years, while i slowly done the fuel tank painting,timing belt, and turbo overhaul. Best Regards Robbie
  5. I know everybody seems to send their turbo's to a well known Northampton based re manufacturer. Well i have just got mine back from a company who have done a wonderful job. Reco Turbo based in Thorne near Doncaster, have a brilliant set up, and the owner , Mr Omar, was only too happy, to take me through the whole factory, showing me the equipment they use for overhaul, and set up. They have an amazing set up, and i have never seen so many turbo's in one place before. I have now picked them up, and am well impressed with the standard of finish, and attention to detail. I have taken
  6. I wouldn't mind a set Barry, i have my engine out at the moment, and like you, have to have my turbo's reworked, as well as renew the piping assembly. Unlike you however, i am carrying out the work at a much slower pace. A week in the garage removing the engine, was traded off against redecorating the sitting room. I'm sure you know what i'd rather be doing!!!!!!! Car's only done 15 k, and never been out in the rain in mine, or previous owners custody, yet turbo's quite badly corroded, thankfully, though, all bolts came out relatively easy during removal, and it's had stainless manifold studs
  7. I'm sure i read somewhere, that children under ten years of age in America. Have been responsible for more deaths by shooting in the last ten years , than terrorists!!!!!!! Apparently , things like Mom's so cute pink pistol, has been found by inquisitive little fingers, and thought to be a toy. It has then been used to shoot a sibling, parent or friend.
  8. Seen a nice Azure Blue Esprit, possibly a V8 , with LOT in reg number. Near Leconfield in East Yorkshire.
  9. Nice One Alan, That's another very useful piece of info that your endeavors have turned up. Thanks for sharing this with us all. Robbie
  10. Nice Car Graham, I remember picking mine up and having to drive it home up the M1 in the rain. I hadn't driven one before. And having read a post by a guy who crashed his, on the way home from buying it. I was terrified of doing the same, so there i was ,sat in the slow lane of the M1 at 40 mph grinning from ear to ear. !!!!!!!
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