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  1. Like this you mean? 🤣
  2. The rumours are true. I tried to talk him down but the determination to press the self destruct button is very high in older gentleman. I suppose all we can do is be there for him when the first total stranger throws the “ wanker “ sign out the window at him for no reason other than his car choice. sad day @Sparky very sad day ….. 🤣 I have to give it one last shot at redemption. I’m sure he’s not passed the point of salvation but it’s getting close. I’m going to show him more pictures of the Emira and see if the reversion therapy works @BibsWish me luck… 😇
  3. Dear Deirdre, I have a good friend that has over many years proved himself to be a person of good character. Always mind full of others and supportive. Recently though he’s changed, he has been distracted and hasn’t bought the teas at the meetings for months. when he pointed out that he thought EV’s were a good idea I knew it was only a matter of time… finally he snapped…. And purchased a 911. This is clearly a cry for help…this is surely a gateway car to a much more dangerous fuel replacement. I’m at my wits end. Please help with some sage advise…. your truly a concerned friend.. 😂😎✌️
  4. 10/60 Castrol edge. Factory filter. I don’t know how it can be judged what one oil is better than the next unless you are having oil analysis after every change or tearing down the engine on a regular basis. use a high quality oil that comes with factory recommendations or is an equivalent replacement. These 910 engines are high performance but pretty basic engineering.
  5. I’m going to meet Pete at Hilton and moss in the morning is that where you will be?
  6. Oh well that’s that then. I will read the posts better next time.
  7. I’m going early Chris as I’m committed in the afternoon. 9 ish?
  8. 3 x 11” pull fans on modified frame with 3rows of copper cores on original end tanks. Lower power consumption, quiet and light with a slightly higher water content that still fits in the frame without mods.
  9. I suppose in theory that would work. the most effective way if you get really worried is like @ChrisJsaid. Run the heater in the cockpit. You are correct of course the Fan switch is commonly know as “ otter” i differentiate because mine is a TE and has the otter switch under the bonnet.
  10. I meant everyone …….except you lot… 🤪
  11. My understanding is that the wiring for the fans on the esprit is not sufficient to run for long periods of time. Hence the “ thermal trip “ otter switch is to protect the wiring. It normally on the left hand inner wing on the Turbo Esprit. The fan switch is thermostatic and reads the water temperature directly as it’s normally in a coolant pipe. If you run the fans for too long you will get a “ trip “ of the otter switch which will need resetting. Normally the tell tail on the dash let’s you know “ fan fail” if the fans jam for some reason same result. Otter switch protects the wiring. let the fan switch do it’s job. If it’s overheating and the fans are running it’s not the stat. sitting in traffic with the fans running full tilt will cause issues else where. even the AC only runs 2 fans at half speed because the gauge of the wiring is on the small side. check the rad isn’t blocked. Not the cores, the fins. Road debris/ leafs etc can create problems. the crummy Ford fans have a habit of crud building and slowing them down making the motors work harder consequently heating up the wiring and allowing the coolant temp to rise.
  12. To all you lovely people that I have the privilege to call friends. it’s a bit of a cliché to say I feel blessed but it about sums it up. I have just read back through the sincere messages that were posted and all I can say is thank you from Michelle and me. We are “ blessed”
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