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  1. Keep saying it doesn’t help.... does it Chris...
  2. Capping rail and trim in position. screen trims fitted well. please with the outcome. head lining and seats back in next. After the leather has been re colonised.
  3. I will get you one for Christmas @Barrykearley looks great in an S4s get rid of that hideous factory one
  4. That would be great. If you have one for £50.00 I’ll take it Richard.
  5. Steve Peacock @ supreme panel craft has done the business again. Any body work or paint he is hard to beat.
  6. My new roof, minus its rubbish aftermarket sunroof.
  7. It’s more of an adhesive but can be used as a Sealent
  8. Created a false roof inside with 2mm Perspex and CT1 adhesive. Laying up after feathering the edge all around the opening. Lapped glass over the edge in layers building a solid joint. Pleased so far. Going to get my body work guy Steve Peacock to finish when the glass is complete. got the new screen from Mike Taylor at Lotus bits yesterday. Lovely guy with a great workshop. Was very tempted with an offer of a sunbeam complete with a spare shell ( all dipped)
  9. See you on Sunday folks. Me and Schumacher in the Elan.. “ Dave”
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