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  1. Not all straight outta uni Pete. agree with the rest of your statement
  2. Woke tosser.... cant stand the bell end.
  3. RIP Mr Connery. You will be shorely mished.
  4. I think he believes he’s not old enough yet Dave... boy racer!!!
  5. Thanks for the comments fellas. Gonna jetwash through the fins to try and clean any debris. Not flushed. Original stat. Gauge doesn’t switch the fans so as they run at about 98 on the gauge assume it’s reasonably accurate. It’s more that they run continuously in traffic that has me. Need to pull the temp down quicker.
  6. Just seen this after our chat today. i assumed you were in the lotus. looks totalled to me. i will be calling tomorrow for sure. Michelle sends love x
  7. Looks like an excellent meeting. As usual Dave and Megan have excelled. Sorry we missed you all. Clutch slave cylinder. get well soon @pete wayne and Michelle
  8. Steve Margary made me a lovely set of interior carpets. Fitted one side and discoverd I don’t like the colour match. going to have another set made. Does anyone want a set of 84 TE carpets for an incredibly reasonable price. im pretty sure I can get the few I fitted out without damaging. wayne
  9. Fantastic car Nigel. Looking forward to seeing you chaps next time
  10. I didn’t think to get any pictures of the mustang. Shame on me as I asked the lads to join us after I met them last week at Southend-on-Sea. I agree @ChrisJ outstanding to see so may G cars. Thought @Dave Eds Was coming. Has he bailed on us?
  11. Agreed. Could be debris or some clogging but no indication of clogging inside. do you know the dimensions of the original rads Gaz. Do you know what one they fitted Christian size and core number.
  12. When moving at 50 mph just about on between the digits on the 90 when in traffic up on the hundred with the fans running continuously. Had to reset the otter switch twice as it popped and had fan fail tell tail. not been an issue before.
  13. Changed the pulleys to HTD and fitted a blue belt. Little more reliable tooth profile. Manual tensioner from Kemp. 45 degree twist method. When it warmed up was a Little noisy so backed off a bit. Gary Kemp informed me these belts are 100k no problem. You would have to tension it with a scaffold pole to break it.
  14. Has anyone fitted an aluminium 3core rad into an 84 MY turbo Esprit. I have a water cooled turbo and since I fitted it I seem to be running a little hotter. the water return pipe is tapped into the Header tank and is circulating fine but I think it’s struggling to bring down the temp with the standard rad and fans. Need to know it fits before I go stripping out. I don’t want to hack the rad tray about to make it fit. Any thoughts ? wayne
  15. May have a lad with a Mach 1 mustang turning up and maybe John Deighton can’t count oneither to be fair but maybes W
  16. 8.30 for a burger van... only because it’s you @ChrisJ Schumacher and me.
  17. Hey Chris, double booked this. Out on Saturday night around my daughters for drinkies. Not a chance we will make 7.30 next time champions... W&M
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