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  1. Hey Chris, double booked this. Out on Saturday night around my daughters for drinkies. Not a chance we will make 7.30 next time champions... W&M
  2. Chris i had a few guys in Essex mention about meeting up. They are on FB but not the forum. Are you on FB. I was considering starting an Essex and herts Lotus FB page. Thoughts? I did steer them to TLF but not sure if they registered. Bibs thoughts about a region link on the TLF FBook page? wayne
  3. Me and Schumacher will no doubt Grace this establishment with our presence once more.
  4. Happy to drop by old chap. Count on the Hornchurch exotics. wayne
  5. @ChrisJ that’s ok Chris, we normally only bring one car anyway, as you know. please advise when you have more info as Michelle would love the drive out in” Dave “
  6. @top-plumber Turbo Esprit shelly Schumacher Elan M100 se turbo
  7. Kind words Gary I was available before Christmas for about 6 weeks as I was between contracts. Been picked up for another 18 months work Building Flats in Fulham. Not as much fun as building 910s in my workshop. all the afore mentioned engineers would do a brilliant job. @Sparky is first on the list though.
  8. Me.... mine is the bollox... i thought it was a very straight forward Build to be fair. My second 910 Turbo engine from the crankshaft up. some make it sound like a Saturn 5 to build. It’s an internal combustion engine, that’s all. And to be fair the tolerances are not even that tight. the main thing is having the right kit and space. Fabian was dead unlucky IMO. Had a follower fail by the sound of it. nothing to do with blast media. My entire block, sump and head blasted. Clean as a whistle. No residue. Good as gold. stop over thinking it. @Lotusfab
  9. Unfortunately Michelle is really under the weather so we are going to cancel this month. Happy new year everyone. wayne and Michelle
  10. The Hornchurch massive will be in attendance. ( Both members... )
  11. Keep saying it doesn’t help.... does it Chris...
  12. Capping rail and trim in position. screen trims fitted well. please with the outcome. head lining and seats back in next. After the leather has been re colonised.
  13. I will get you one for Christmas @Barrykearley looks great in an S4s get rid of that hideous factory one
  14. That would be great. If you have one for £50.00 I’ll take it Richard.
  15. Steve Peacock @ supreme panel craft has done the business again. Any body work or paint he is hard to beat.
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