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  1. Me and Schumacher should be good. It will be nice to see you all. wayne
  2. Sorry we missed you folks. Still getting over the accident. choked I missed Trevor’s car I still haven’t seen it @Trevsked hope to see you all soon Top Gun and Schumacher x
  3. I have sat and looked at the “ Moore “ for weeks now unable to drive and thinking I might need a change. I’m just going to roll with this for now as see if I get a solid offer. Will not budge on the price. I not desperate to sell. wayne
  4. Hey everyone. Thanks for the kind thoughts. been sitting here for weeks now. Off work with a broken shoulder/sternum and foot. Michelle was bashed up but has also been in better shape the last few weeks. So recovery is slow but steady. The Esprit sale is an option I’m looking at. Will have to be the right price otherwise it won’t happen. there is some early interest so I will let it play out. We still have the M100 and I’m thinking about 2+ 2 Elan or Sunbeam. Let’s see. wayne x
  5. I echo what Pete said. Absolutely outstanding hospitality with wonderful friends. Thanks Dave and Megan
  6. Me and Shuey……. Me and Michelle were in wooky hole last week. Check out Wells cathedral and town centre. Hot Fuzz the film was made there . 😁
  7. Not too far, not too early ... I can't think of a reason not to go... i couldn’t think of a reason…. I can now. 😂 See you there me and Schumacher
  8. Some outstanding examples of the TE on display. Great to see everyone Shelly Schumacher and me had a really great day.
  9. Reserve not met..... or right buyer not found?
  10. Just wanted to thank the legend @Dave Freeman and the wonderful Megan. The effort you make to bring us all together is amazing. Sharing your beautiful home with us for a couple of days and showing such hospitality. You also managed to make Michelle’s birthday one to remember. Thank you both. Xxx
  11. Checking out my power steering column. I was impressed such a chunky guy could get in there. Had to grease you up to get you out though. 🤣✌️👍
  12. That Green S300 is the car I read about some time back I think. The guys wife was driving it when the accident happened. Apparently it saved her life. supposedly rebuilt at Hethel. Assuming it’s the same car that is
  13. Hey Jim. Not sure if they fit an S1 but they have gone to a fella with an S3. thanks for the interest wayne
  14. Lost touch with this thread I’m afraid. Have to pick it up again Did some upgrades on the cooling system
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