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  1. We still turn up to dinners if you did you could ask her yourself. Where you been?
  2. Just put green stuff pads and slider pins as well as track rod ends mate. Passed Mot just fine.
  3. ARB bushes let me down so needed to get them sorted before Goodwood. No point in doing just them so big strip down of the front end and chassis and steering rack. Nearly there now
  4. Both cars giving me grief. I did message Pete but he ignored me.. funny that.. something I said?
  5. Hey Chris, I wasn’t looking for more assistance just continued assistance. As in the earlier posts the assistance disappears after the first push on the peddle and takes ages to recover with engine pulled vacuum. The pump replenishes the servo immediately therefore cures the issue for me. You could turn the pump up above the normal vacuum level that the car engine produces but the feel is gone completely. I have a gauge that measures the engine vacuum and have set the pump just below that level. That way the engine does all the work and the pump tops up when required. Works a treat. I have plans to install a PNM kit at some point and this should make those even better also. I have the light weight aluminium rears which isn’t an upgrade but the hand brake actually holds the car and doesn’t stick. I know you like your car OE so that’s probably not one for you and the girlings are ok as long as maintained regularly. As I’m sure you are aware.
  6. Hopefully. What do you think. You just want to rip the piss outta me don’t ya..
  7. eBay seller. Supplies all glue and gloves glass paper and instructions. Just one thing. They are not single letters they are on a strip.
  8. They stick on. They are from the states and are like the old inner tube patch on the reverse with the strong contact adhesive we all remember from our push bike days.
  9. Good meeting tonight. Nice turnout of members and cars. Lovely JPS Esprit.
  10. Dominic Raab seems like a good bet to me. Although I don’t have a vote.
  11. All looking for cabinet posts. Only a few real contenders.
  12. Me too Chris. I arranged to view one ages ago before the Red TE. It had the yellow paint and a red interior. Really striking. However white is right...
  13. Yep the usual. Suppose we have to see Pete’s new wheels...
  14. Would you recommend poly bushes on the front end all round Andy? It’s a job that needs doing but wondered if you had an opinion on rubber or poly? Got poly on the rear and to be honest can’t really tell the difference.
  15. I was speaking about the Tories. Corbyn is a threat to this country is every aspect.
  16. Within our system we vote for our local MP that represents a party. Everyone get that? We do not vote for a PM, we vote for a party... that party gets to pick the leader. Then if that “ Party “ wins there’s your PM. If that party leader “ PM “ makes such a balls of it, the party has the mechanism to oust them or force them to resign. We couldn’t get any worse that the last bafoon
  17. Few years back I was listening to five live and Nicky Campbell was reporting from the “ cunt kentryside” he obviously meant “ Kent Countryside “ The first one reflects his professionalism best IMO.
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