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  1. Have painted my front springs and top and bottom wish bones with Hammerite. Looks great but as for long term only time will tell as I have only just finished.
  2. Oh yeh, discussed with Peter at PNM and he thought it could be the lamp driver module that is taped to the wiper motor harness. I tried to get at it but it is buried deep inside the bulkhead. Also spoke about the brake pump relay which is obsolete now. Good luck will keep updated.
  3. I have had exactly this same problem. I had the whole thing apart, changed the blower switch, fuses, five pin relays and checked all the earths. You have to watch that when the ABS light is on the brake pump doesn't work either. Mine was intermittent and has gone for now but I have my cams out at the moment so don't know what the situation is at the moment.
  4. Hey John, you know I have completely forgotten, I have looked on the invoice from SJSports cars and it does not state. I will have to get under the car. They are adjustable springs and dampers, but the name........................................................gone.
  5. Quick update. The car is off the road at the moment as im replacing the camshaft oil seals that were leaking, however before I took her out of service again I took her out for a couple of spirited runs and the fault has disappeared. I did change all the 5pin relays for new and that may have had an impact. we shall see when she is back up and running.
  6. Fantastic looking piece of engineering, particularly like the oil cooler fans. Think im right when I say that copper is a better conductor of heat though.
  7. The collective noun for a group of Esprits, should that be a 'blast' of Esprits? The Idea sounds good as well.
  8. Hey Zolder, totally switched on to what your saying, which bolts had you seen shear? The 8mm?
  9. Just finished doing the entire front end on my 93 S4. Was undersealed at some time in the past. I scrapped the underseal off completely and did an acid bath dip on all the parts. Used sprits of salts as it eats the rust in minutes, Pressed out all the bushes on a pals press in his workshop ARB bush was about .5mm to long for the circlip to relocate in its grove, just filed that off no problem. With the poly bushes I found that the top wishbone arms wouldn't keep their shape so I cut them in half like top hats and then pressed the insert through the two halves. Im hoping this will be ok but will keep my eye on them. With the stripped metal I used smooth hammerite. The finish is nice but only time will tell about durability of them. Good thing is I can touch up if required. I also changed the top swivels and wheel bearings. Lastly I replaced all the bolts, nuts and washers with Marine grade Stainless steel. I have considered the tensile strength and decided that the 5/16 unf bolts are big enough not to be of concern and the 8mm through the top swivel will be very closely monitored. In all im happy with the out come but as said earlier only time will tell.
  10. Thanks for the very warm welcome folks, in answer to the question where in Essex Chris, im in Rainham in Essex. Your right about TOWIE I believe Bibs although I cant ever imagine watching the drivel. Scott and Michael, yeh been busy. Bought the car last year as I have always loved the Esprit, had an old S2 Europa years back in the 80s and loved that too. But it wasn't an Esprit. Got Divorced last year and Boom!!!! Have a pit in my garage so working on the Esprit is a piece of. Just put the number 5 chip in, had the number 3 high torque but fancied a change. Any advise on resetting the waste gate actuator which is the upgraded aluminium one. its adjusted to the factory settings at the moment which I set myself with a DTI and pressure gauge. Does it need resetting for the new chip?
  11. Hey everyone, joined a couple of weeks back but have only just found this intro page so thought I would say hello. Have had my Black S4 Esprit for just over a year now and in that time have been very busy carrying out mods. The car was great when I got it but In my opinion as technology has moved on upgrades were appropriate. Im not hung up on originality although I wouldn't change the fundamentals of the vehicle. Any way looking forward to using the forum more often. Wayne
  12. Ok, have got a new development that I have only just discovered. The same intermittent fault as stated before but another symptom that I had not noticed. When the interior fan switched on, the ABS tell tail lights but the interior fan malfunctions. However the Brake pump does not run either. When I switch the interior fan switch back to the off position the ABS light stays on but the brake pump now runs again. I have chased this bloody fault all around under the dash and behind the radio and heater switches. Peter at PNM thinks it may be the lamp driver module faulty but I cant get at it as its taped to the wiper motor harness and that buried as far as I can see even with both seats out. Seems to me that the interior fan is interrupting the supply to the ABS system but where. Anyone? Wayne
  13. Thanks Andy, I will have to digest the information that you have given me and also figure out how to install a demountable pressure gauge. My understanding is that the first switch triggers the pump and the second switch triggers a brake pressure warning?
  14. Hey Andy, thanks for the advise, I did actually carryout extensive work on the rads and fans and front end. to remove the front end and oil coolers I had to remove the brake pump and at that point I soaked the pressure switch of about a week in brake cleaner as recommended. What should I be looking for on the meter? Pump is running every 4-5 peddle depressions and just changed the accumulator as well.
  15. Hey Fellas, thanks for the warm welcome Michael, will check out the into page. As for the Espritmon soft ware have since deleted it as I couldn't get it to work at all. Derek, did bypass the switch with a direct feed and no problem with the fan motor and no warning light, waiting on a new switch now. The fault has disappeared but im sure it will return, although I hope not. One thing I did notice was the faint flickering of the warning light and the sound of one of the solenoid relays clicking? Thanks again Wayne
  16. Hey Derek, didn't realise that the LHD cars only had that wiring, did disconnect the start drop out relay and fuses and then reconnect. could it be a relay? Andy, I will check the earth. do you think its back feeding? that would blow the fuse wouldn't it. Or does the component rely on the earth for its function? As you can probably tell, im more mechanical than electrical. Thanks Wayne Oh yeh sorry forgot, Derek, cant read ABS as I don't seem to be able to set up Espritmon. Don't have Tech 1 either. Only Freescan Wayne
  17. Im an Esprit owner of about 16months now and in that time have carried out many mods and upgrades as well as all my own maintenance, however this one has me stumped. The fault has come and gone a couple of times now but is beginning to irritate now. When I switch on the heater fan it does not respond but the ABS warning light comes on solid. If I turn the ignition off it resets until I switch the fan on again, then once again no fan but Solid warning light. Stripped out the heater switch and managed to destroy it when taking it apart, but this was not the fault. Studied the wiring diagram and concluded the only common link between the two circuits is the live feed Green/pink which is spliced under the dash some where. Any way, removed the approiate fuses and relays, proved the fan with a direct live from another fuse and proceeded to plug in fuses one at a time and re test each time to prove the circuit. Couldn't believe the fault had cleared. But im sure it will return at some point. Peter at PNM never heard of this one and Steve at SJSports cars said the same. Has anyone heard or experienced this fault. Many Thanks
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