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  1. Look forward to your results. I have had the unit running and have found that I have way to much assist on the peddle. Need to run around 15hg on the gauge to keep some feel on the peddle. If you think about it the first press on the peddle on a standard set up is ok.. it’s subsequent presses that the problem. At least until the the vac has built up again. That’s what we are trying to get rid of I think.
  2. Please be aware everyone considering using an upgraded ignition system. The accuspark company selling online are unhelpful in the extreme. Sounds like a great product in the listings but avoid this company at all costs. That’s Accuspark... Not looking for comments here this is Purely for your information.
  3. Not quite Chris The Elan is running nice though... Finished the brake callipers refurbishment. New seals, pads and a repaint. Going to see how these callipers work with the vacuum pump installation before I consider the PNM upgrade. Going back on now. Happy Daze..
  4. Glad to see you are keeping my ring polished for me Ian... Pete did buy a few. Must be getting near the end now...unless he has had copies... wouldn’t be the first time someone coverted my ring hombre...
  5. Why note bring him instead of football... last time you brought him he said he much preferred the cars, he said he only did the footie for you and that he hated it...
  6. The cafe is onsite Chris and he got extra sausage in just for you...
  7. Just been speaking to Alex at the workshop and the Cafe on site doesn’t really kick off until about 10 am so I would suggest a later arrival time maybe 9.45- 10.00 am hope this hasn’t scuppered any plans for you all. See you then. Turnout sounds promising after all.
  8. So the “ Moore” lives again. Got the car running on Sunday and sounding very sweet. Can’t post any footage as the files are too big. However got the fine tuning to do. Thanks to Sparky for the back up with my electrical testing procedures. Nice one fella. The exhaust sounds great BTW
  9. Ok so thanks to Chris j for reminding me to up date on progress for the vac pump install. With Advise from Ian @Chillidoggy I have installed a Volvo vacuum pump and a bespoke manifold with pressure gauge and vacuum switch. All running through a relay switching from the ignition and a fused supply from the battery. The vacuum hoses have Non return valves at the pump and at the inlet manifold. This allows for the manifold to remain connected in the event of any possible pump malfunction. I have got the whole thing installed but can only run static as the car is still off the road. I will update again when I have more information. This is not the final position of the unit. I’m going to tidy things up a little when ready.
  10. That is exactly what I have done. Also kept the vacuum to the intake manifold serving the heating dampers and the servo I case the pump was to malfunction. Total solution I reckon. Let’s see when I’m up and running. Unless you do the job and can update me..
  11. Correct on all points there Andy. Ian lord supplied the manifold. And pump bracket. All nicely engineered I think. There might be a case for an accumulator at some point depending on performance. A lot of support from Ian and his excellent work with the S4s brake conversion which seems to have solved the brake pump and ABS issues. All his research is very useful.
  12. This is the vacuum pump and manifold setup that I’m using to improve the operation of the servo. Not in its final position but seems to run ok at first tests. Got a small leak on a pipe somewhere but that is an easy fix. Thanks to Ian Lord for the help with the manifold parts and installation input. The car isn’t running yet but will report back as and when. Put a dump valve on the elan if anyone is interested
  13. I contacted them and they assured me there is no problem. So at least I have some recourse if it leaks I suppose.
  14. It’s the accuspark. Direct replacement apparently. Hope you’re wrong on this occasion. Having a real mare trying to get the car sparking. Run all the checks from the manual but still no spark
  15. This will be a good meeting. I met Alex the owner at the Lonfon classic car show. He has a showroom full of cars ranging from AC replicas and GT40 replicas to E types and more. This is a meeting that has a little more than a full English at the destination. Try to support it.  Shelly Schumacher and me for starters.. 
  16. Made the new change over switch for the mirrors and converted the cigar lighter to a usb plug. The mirrors work perfectly with the toggle and switching all 4 lives through the new 4pole double throw switch is a total solution.
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