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  1. The Switch I bought is for a solenoid mirror as we know. The operation was the thing that I didn’t understand. To make the mirror move you have to keep letting the toggle return after each click. Then push again letting it return each time. With the motor mirrors I have you can just push and hold and the motor just keeps the mirror moving. I have made a change over switch that is 4 pole double throw. Which is to say it switches all the lives from side to side therefor keeping the ability to motor the mirror in all directions on each side. Sounds a bit convoluted I know but works perfectly and the switch is nice and neat.
  2. Has anyone got or knows the whereabouts of an undertray for the front of an 84 Turbo Esprit. Thanks
  3. Yes that’s about the measure of it. Just make sure the lip of the seal is in the forward position rather than folder back on its self.
  4. Hey Fabian, not very scientific but I put the casting on a surface plate or something very flat and stable and then use a couple or blocks of wood to tap into place. Oil the mating surfaces of course. but with out a large fly press I couldn’t find another way. Other than that find a workshop that can help I suppose. Hope that helps a little.
  5. I will bid for the roof stereo and wheels when we get to that point. Seriously though what a shame its been lashed up like this. First glance was encouraging I expect. See you in a year or so sparky...
  6. We will be there, have Laura with us so in a small family car. See you then chaps and chapesses...
  7. The Calipers are handed L & R however that obviously depends where you look at them. Maybe I will try to swap them over. Good point chaps...
  8. So good progress today. S4 turbo bolted on and lined up. Water connections made and oil feed and drain connected. New rear brakes installed. So much easier than the awkward and heavy girlings. Straight on. Little bit of fettling on the legs. Didn’t take any pics of that. Hand brake cables should fit. Just need to open up the Ferrell hole a little. Gonna crack on before it gets too cold.
  9. The good old days, when I would only let her go skating after she had finished peeling the spuds.... its all gone Pete Tong.... IMO
  10. A136 from PNM. Used it maybe 4 times now, never a problem.
  11. The turbo is only sitting in place ATM. When bolted up it is pretty good.
  12. I use a light smear of instant gasket, only if I feel the faces may be pitted or scored. These faces were not perfect even though I dressed them with a fine draw file so just a light covering on the exhaust cam cover. This is the one most likely to be troublesome because of the incline. Very unusual for the inlet side to have issues.
  13. And Shelly Schumacher... Are you in Hornchurch Nik?
  14. Luckily enough I’m feeling a lot better so I shall be coming among you. You lucky people.
  15. I need to start feeling better really soon, I have a dreadful cold... may miss it on Sunday.
  16. Don’t forget the hood protector and cleaner... ( 5 ) schumacher und mwoar...
  17. So the S4 manifold and turbo fit well. The Engine is now back in the chassis and the gearbox had a quick once over inspection. Confidence is high.
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