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  1. 13 hours ago, Neal H said:

    So, you’re buying a new car for £66k and they’re buying your current car for £37.5k which means it’s costing you £28.5k to change.

    Lie, just lie...

    14 hours ago, pete said:

    Tried to buy a later car,mine plus 7000 but hesitated and car was sold. Later that day dealer rings with an offer on a new car. 

    £4500 cash back on my car, £4500 off a well specced car,3 years free servicing,free delivery and  0% interest and no payments for 2 years ,when the balance of £33000 will be owed. Certainly works on man maths ,I think, but need to translate it into wife maths.



  2. 8 hours ago, Loquacious Lew said:

    Sorry about that.  It sounded just like you and from here it's hard to see much difference.   Please forward my message to Barry if you'd be so kind as he said he won't be making any more contributions here.  I'll be just as pleased to be corrected about Mandela from him if he can find some evidence.    Now go back to your moaning chair, have a  seat by the fire and a nice hot cuppa.  With my ever so sincere apology  of course. 

    Ha ha ha ha....😂

    Bollocks to you too....

  3. 3 hours ago, Loquacious Lew said:

    That's true in that the Senate Majority Leader (Chuck Schumer) will be in charge of the procedures but unfortunately, the Senate requires a 2/3 vote to convict.  A simple majority won't do.  If that were the case (simple majority) there would be no question that he would be convicted.  Since the Senate is split 50/50,  the Republican party will be required to provide 17 votes to convict.  Are there 17 honest Republicans in the Senate who will openly consider the evidence and actions that lead up to the riots and sedition in Washington?  That's far from clear.   


    Hey plumber, ever find any proof of Mandela being a murderer?  I remain open to such if you have it.  If you don't, your last contribution to this thread is received  as good news and an indication that Mandela isn't the monster you have made him out to be.  

    Take another look. Wasn’t my post smart arse... 🖕

    apology accepted...

  4. 1 hour ago, C8RKH said:

    Not that it is worth even two cents, but here is my view.  :)

    Initially, when running the FIRST time around I was impressed with Trumps messaging though I have to admit I knew nothing much about other than he owned a couple of Tower buildings and a controversial golf club near Aberdeen.

    Specifically, what resonated with me were the messages around:

    1. Make America great

    2. Support American businesses and jobs

    3. Build American, buy American


    It chimed with what I think the UK needed - we needed to stop worrying about the rest of the worlds problems (not in a heartless way) but realise that we had issues at home that urgently needed to be addressed. The imbalances of a "rigged" global supply chain that meant it was cheaper to import food from the other side of the world than it was to grow it in our own country. The various issues around working conditions for people. The access in the UK to a fair jobs market (not focused on/loaded in favour of the South East of England). The EU continually driving to a federation of states and interfering in everything you did etc etc.

    I could see how many "normal" Americans could get swept up in the messaging and believe for once there might be a POTUS for them, as opposed to the wealthy connected few. A POTUS who was going to win back their jobs. Stop the rot in once great cities such as Detroit etc.  Think back then, how it was, and you can see and understand how people would have been pulled in and most importantly (and in a parallel with Brexit) how they could use their vote to PROTEST and make a difference.  Trump and Brexit were, in my opinion, really protests against the old status quo and the people generally were saying "we want change".  

    Roll forward 4 or 5 years and well, Brexit has happened and the world still spins and none of us have fallen off it yet. However, in the US, Trump has morphed into a reckless, self obsessed, frighteningly out of touch and deluded human being. Obviously this is in my very humble opinion as I do not know the guy personally.

    So long winded answer to a short question. Short answer - "do I think Trump was bad?" Yes. In the end I think history will not be kind to the man. However, based on his ticket First time round, I think if he had stayed on message and not got side-tracked into the circus his Presidency has become, he could have been a great President for the people.


    Only time will tell. 


  5. 5 minutes ago, Loquacious Lew said:

    You don't need to agree with me to be wrong.  I have no hope to convince anyone of anything.  This can only be discussed, it can't be resolved.  "You ain't gonna learn what you don't wanna know."   But I can tell you, Biden and Kamala won the electoral college and the popular vote, deny that as you will. 

    Not denying anything, lamenting. 
    You think Trump was bad. 

  6. 13 minutes ago, Loquacious Lew said:

    Do you mind if I speak my mind?  Yours is a very ill informed  post that reflects your wishes, not reality. Mr. Delusional just got kicked out of office and the results of his induced mass hysteria and exploitation of grievances are all over the media.   The only Brits I have met who favored Trump, also favored Brexit.  It seemed to go hand in hand.  Of course, there are always exceptions.  

    I would rather you spoke your mind and I’m glad to listen. However I suspect it depends entirely where you get “ your “ information from to be able to inform my ill judged comments. 
    Because we disagree that doesn’t make you right. Or should I just put my fingers in my ears and hum a tune until   You see things my way ( as the left does) 

    perhaps I was seeing things when the failed impeachment unfolded and the lies from the left collapsed. Or when the cities burned, or when Biden took the knee. If you don’t vote for me you ain’t black. 
    did I imagine all that?

  7. I’m more concerned when Creepy Joe is deemed unfit for office due to ill health that Harris will then be installed through the back door. She would never win in a head to head so let’s get her in by another means. 
    Her identity politics stinks and will sow deeper and deeper divisions in an already divided nation. BLM is not a movement, Antifa is just an idea, defund the police is just around the corner. These Marxists are dangerous and very motivated. 

  8. 7 minutes ago, pete said:

    and he is a republican too

    Trump is a populists. He listens to what people are saying and acts on it. And when I say people I mean “ real people” not politicians or media contributors or establishment figures with a vested interest. Blue collar guys that have seen their jobs farmed out by corporations to cheap sub standard economies that exploit their work force and children making trainers and footballs. Yeh great eh? 
    Arnold Is a failed politician. Not a good actor either so nothing to new from him. Republicans didn’t want Trump but the people “ 74 million last count do” 

    You telling me Creepy Joe got more votes than Obama... come off it... 

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  9. 16 minutes ago, pete said:

    @top-plumbersuppose you would vote for Buddsy to be president😱

    If he called it how it is, put China back in their box along with Iran and the UN and WHO and North Korea. Built a wall to protect the southern boarder ( Dover ) creates manufacturing jobs for our people. Ended wars not started them. And Exposed corruption at the highest levels of politics. Yep you got my vote  @buddsy 

    4 minutes ago, C8RKH said:

    Lol. That's Democracy for you. They only thing they don't teach you in school about Democracy is that being on the losing side, whatever the argument, can make you bitter, twisted etc....

    To be honest, I'm thoroughly bored of Brexit now. It is done. Why can't people just move on and focus on making a success of life and the country, rather than crying over the spilt milk? After all, depending on the paper you read you can see for yourself that all many in the EU wanted to really do was to punish the stupid Brits for wanting to leave what was such a great thing. I mean, the French. At it again. Now playing silly buggers over landing and exporting fish. Me. I'd just say [email protected]@k 'em, and sell the fish to British people in the UK, and any one else who wants it, at a great and fair price. Certainly healthier than eating pot noodles and you'd get away with washing your leggings less. Also so much better for the environment. We need to get back to eating good, wholesome, locally produced and sourced food in season, rather than expecting everything to be available, whatever the season. Would be better for our farmers and fishers. Our food processors. Our land. Our health. But no. Brexit deniers will continue to focus on and force us to forever look bad and argue.  That's why I am thoroughly bored of it. Time to move on make our new "normal" the best it can be. I bet we don't though...

    You think splitting from what is essentially a trading organisation that we were a part of for 50 years was bad. Just wait till you see what Scottish Independence does for hatred, families, business, trade etc. That's 350 years of inter-racial mixing and whatever and if ANYONE thinks that it will be easier, less bitter, less divisive, etc than Brexit then they must surely be related, painfully closely, to, The Donald.


    Here is something interesting for you Brexit apologists and deniers and Democracy - mainly Scottish content.

    In 2016 Scots had two chances to vote at a national level. (1) For and Against Brexit (2) Vote for a new devolved Government

    In the first vote, re Brexit, 1,018,322 Scots voted FOR Brexit (1,661,191 voted against it).  All we have heard from the SNP and Sturgeon for 4 years is how Scotland is being taken out of Brexit against her will.  Fair comment I guess. Hard to disagree with. I mean 1,018,322 is not a big enough number to justify such a momentous change for sure.

    On the second vote, re the devolved government.  Only  41,576 more people voted for the SNP OVER the number that voted for Brexit.  And yet, as a result, we are being told that it is the SNP's god given right to pull Scotland out of the union with rUK (after Scots had already said no reasonably emphatically - by referendum standards) and so can someone please explain to me how that can be right?  Democracy. Win or lose. It's a game of two halves and so many untruths.

    When you put those numbers in perspective, you can maybe, just maybe, see how the biggest challenge facing the UK right now is not Brexit, or Boris' deal, etc.  It is the threat by such an insignificant minority of UK citizens (1,059,898) tearing apart a nation of almost 67m citizens whilst demanding (Ian Blackford only today) massive financial reparations are paid to them for the damage done to their economy.  If this was a work of fiction it would be in the comedy section at least, more likely, right at the back of the shelf and covered in dust as irrelevant in the big scheme of things.  

    So, whilst we continue to bitch, moan, lament and groan about Brexit. Something that is done and now history. We do not focus on healing the country (quite literally with Covid). On truly understanding the opportunities that may exist for us. On embracing change and welcoming the world to trade on fair terms.  In short, everyone who continues to be in mourning over Brexit needs to bow their heads in shame. Give themselves a damn good shake and a slap across the face. And focus on what really is important now. The future. Our place in it. And securing the best we can for our future generations. Just my perspective. I know it will not be popular. But hey ho. That's life.... xx


    Totally agree and well said. 
    makes me think that some would love to see the UK fail outside the EU just to prove a point. 
    how on earth did we survive before the single market. 🙄🙄🤔

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  10. 45 minutes ago, andydclements said:

    Yes, we got the result that the majority of voters wanted, but we got a big divide in the population where many people now have a hatred of those who voted for the opposing choice.

    I don’t hate the losers, I feel relieved that despite their self destructive trajectory we winners managed to save them from the imminent demise of the European Union’s federal experiment. Our nations children will then thank us when The EU implodes. 

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  11. Does anyone commenting here put any merit in the stories of Creepy Joe and his family connections to the Ukraine and China? 
    Biden has been in politics for nearly 48 yrs. Has lied about his qualifications and achievements for all that time. Boasted about with holding arms from Ukraine until they sacked the lawyer investigating his sons dealings with Barisma. 
    Pelosi, Schumer, Schiff, Harris.... etc etc been in politics for decades. Amazing how rich they have all become on a congressional pay packet. 
    Trump in the job for 4 yrs and everything is his fault. 
    He has exposed the whole rotting pile of shit that is American politics and the bent establishment and press, and they hate him for it... that’s why they are so scared of him and that’s why they went for him for the entire 4 yrs and a failed impeachment.  They have been exposed and if you all continue to fall for the lies and bollocks you’re being fed on both sides of the Atlantic by career politicians you have my complete and total contempt. 

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  12. 21 hours ago, pete said:

    Where do we start on this. Said before no building inspectors who used to give advice and could spot problems a mile off. A lot of sites use agency workers and if you are lucky you get I who knows what he is doing and 2 or 3 tagging along and told by the agency to say they are qualified.  Since nail guns have been allowed on sites every one and his dog thinks he can do any job a carpenter used to do. The site agent used to know every job inside out ,now either straight out of uni and never come out of their hut away from their computer or they were the labourer on the previous job. Going to stop now before blood pressure goes through the roof,no pun intended

    Not all straight outta uni Pete. 
    agree with the rest of your statement ✌️

  13. 2 hours ago, pete said:

    Lewis has  certainly been the class act this year. Interesting that Coulthard said before the race that Schumacher had a car that was always reliable whilst most of the cars weren't when he won his championship. Be interesting to see if Alonso does anything next year,can't see it myself

    Woke tosser.... cant stand the bell end. 

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