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  1. Hy, and I need the high from the front and rear spacer
  2. Hy, can someone tell me the outer diameter from the cup nut A082U6134F ? regard achim
  3. Hy, The servo and the bracket was used from V8,the abs unit and the master brake cylinder is new
  4. Hy, I made the conversion to KH 415,the brake feel is very nice.
  5. Hy, where can I found the lamp driver modulA082M4875F for ABS in my S4 ? Does someone have a picture so that i can find it better ? regards achim
  6. Hy, Nr:10 Spacer, top mounting A082J6170F ,is fit in mounting bracket from brake servo for what is this part,have anyone details for me? Do I need that?
  7. Yes,I changed from Delco to KH,thank for your answer
  8. Hy, I search a bigger brake cylinder with 25,4 mm diameter for my KH 415 ABS,hope anyone can help me,I want the hispec 6 pot calipers in the front.
  9. Hy, I fitted the pmn 6pot hispec caliper kit with 323 mm brake discs in my S4, the problem is the brake pads ( Ferodo 2500 and Mintex 1144) are very very squeaking,give's brake pads for road drive they do not squeak ? regards achim
  10. Hy, I search a wiring diagram from a V8 ABS controller ebc 415,my copy is bad. regards achim
  11. Hy, can anyone say me the cross reference from the brake servo for the kelsey hayes brake system and from the brake reservoir,the master cylinder should be from a Peugeot 406. regards achim
  12. Hy I want to Change my front Brembo 4 pot caliper ,to porsche 6 pot caliper, many People makes a Upgrade to 6 pot caliper,what is with the Pedal Feel from the master cylinder, is this ok ( more Pedal way)?
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