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  1. Hy, how much torque have the red race code chip ang give`s a clutch for it ? regards achim
  2. Hy, have anyone the partnumber for the secondary injectors from RC Engineering 270cc ? regards achim
  3. Hy, and I need the high from the front and rear spacer
  4. Hy, can someone tell me the outer diameter from the cup nut A082U6134F ? regard achim
  5. Hy, The servo and the bracket was used from V8,the abs unit and the master brake cylinder is new
  6. Hy, where can I found the lamp driver modulA082M4875F for ABS in my S4 ? Does someone have a picture so that i can find it better ? regards achim
  7. Hy, Nr:10 Spacer, top mounting A082J6170F ,is fit in mounting bracket from brake servo for what is this part,have anyone details for me? Do I need that?
  8. Yes,I changed from Delco to KH,thank for your answer
  9. Hy, I search a bigger brake cylinder with 25,4 mm diameter for my KH 415 ABS,hope anyone can help me,I want the hispec 6 pot calipers in the front.
  10. Hy, I fitted the pmn 6pot hispec caliper kit with 323 mm brake discs in my S4, the problem is the brake pads ( Ferodo 2500 and Mintex 1144) are very very squeaking,give's brake pads for road drive they do not squeak ? regards achim
  11. Hy, I search a wiring diagram from a V8 ABS controller ebc 415,my copy is bad. regards achim
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