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  1. Yes Simple to do and your 1989 will qualify. Just need a road worthy certificate and car club to inspect your car and complete VIicroads forms. Then attend VicRoads office and pay about $75 and you receive plates. You will receive a log book that must be complaeted before each drive as will have 45 or 90 days ( you can pay more for 90 days) a year to drive the car. All info on Vicroads. Best of all, np stamp duty on purchase, By the way, which Esprit did you buy? Rai
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    Tools for 85 Turbo

    Hi All Putting together the original tool kit with King Dick tools in the tool roll. Have all correct spanners but need King Dick pliers, screwdriver and the 2 sockets. Happy to pay reasonable price and shipping to Australia. Rai
  4. Hi Recently introduced myself. I have a 1985 Turbo Esprit in glacier blue in Melbourne. Rai
  5. Hi All I thought I shoud introduce myself having followed this forum for a while. I live in Melbourne, Australia and amongst my vehicles have an Elise and a recently acquired Esprit Turbo. The Elise is a 1998 build S 1 in azzure blue with black leather trim with about 51,000kms. Just fitted genuine Lotus 135 head to the vehicle. Also just acquired a 1985 Turbo Esprit in glacier blue and half silver leather interior with glass roof panel and air-con. The car has an original 37,000kms (about 23,000 miles) and is near on spotless,excepting the odd stone chip. As such, could not pa
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