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  2. Afternoon guys, thanks for the comments.....I will endeavour to find the pics as clearly some people are actually interested! I'm still a bit stumped by the fact that it was different to the other Essex models (blue bumpers, rims etc.), would this have been an aftermarket job by a previous owner, can anyone shed any light on this? Cheers, Shaun.
  3. Hey all, first time I've viewed this site after thinking I could see some pics and comments and reminisce about my childhood...... My father used to own Essex number 100 (the Thatcher car) until he sold it privately when I was about 15 some 25 years ago, it was the stuff that boyhood dreams are made of and I was the envy of the school when he used to pick me up in it (on dry days only!). We lived in East Anglia at the time and the car was a regular visitor to various Lotus gatherings and the factory 'open days' on occasions, there used to be a monthly Sunday blast around the roads of N
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