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  1. if it is left bank, could be the usual water running on the plug, causing misfires, then unburned petrol going in the exhaust...
  2. Hello, nice comfiguration of colors for an Esprit imho. Just OZ futura and would be perfect Good luck for the repair
  3. What do you think is the right price for an essex ? Because I've seen an advert in France for a RHD Essex (actually being restaured, no recent photo...) at 45.000€ ! I know the essex are probably the most collectible ones, but seems completely crazy to me
  4. ah sure that's not normal behaviour for a V8 lol. What about the physics, lotus feeling of the front end, quite smooth ride... ?
  5. engine sound and physics seems not so accurate yet, but hey a nerd decided to mod a lotus esprit for Assetto Corsa it's already a good surprise. I'll give it a try in the next days and give you my feedback
  6. one great year with the car, no major issue with, was very reliable after the big service. just had to sell for financial reason, needed cash. At least I had the chance to get and enjoy my teenage dream, even if it was only one year (and 10.000km )
  7. I sold the Esprit a month ago... saaaad But I got some new pictures from some months ago :
  8. I sold the Esprit a month ago... saaaad But I got some new pictures from some months ago :
  9. I think I have the same device, bought on amazon for 6eur ! It works perfectly on my 96 V8 (and my new beetle but here we don't care lol) I tested with 2 different android smartphones (note 2 and lg g3), with free version of Torque app. When the device is paired with the phone (only 1st time), it get connected to the car automatically in 10sec. Don't forget to turn on the car lol. Also I know the blutooth version doesn't work with apple phones & tablets, you need the wifi version to use with IOS.
  10. Yeah I like it too, it really shows how flat an Esprit is, which in not easy to render on photo
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