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    2016 Evora 400, 1979 Esprit JPS #022, 2001 Evo VI Makinen, 2005 Clio Trophy #108, 1972 Elan+2S 130/4, 1999 Elise, 2014 Maserati Granturismo MC Stradale, 1998 Impreza 22b #28, 1998 Impreza Sti V3 V-Limited #436/555, 2004 Forester Sti, 1988 Peugeot 205 1.9 GTI, 2013 Discovery, 1989 R5 GTTurbo, 1979 Elite 501, 1993 Renault Clio Williams no. 133
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  1. Well sold my JPS last week and didn't even get to advertise her. Price started with a 4, so in my experience, they are on the up.
  2. As you can probably see, my background is rallying and being of an age when if I could have afforded the car, I could not have the Insurance, hot hatches are what I also love. Basically cars that have the ability to hustle a B/C road and where you get out at the end and loved every second, I actually bought Oxygene on a tape (yes they exist and my cars all have their original cassette decks) the other day and played it in the R5 GTT and imagined all the young French designers listening to this whilst they were dreaming up and drawing the R5. I think it more of the R5 compared to the 205 as the electronic music sits so well with the seemingly early CAD designed boxiness of the R5.. Sorry but that's a proper Friday thread drift!!!!!!
  3. I probably will. I need to phone Marianne back today on it. Mik, They are all current.... Well just sold the JPS No.22 last Saturday as was not using her at all to be honest. If I had a large living room (like the German architect in California with his 512BBI - I think - It's on Petrolicious), I would have kept her so I could stare at her every day from every angle... Like this: Just not sure what to replace her with as the money is burning a hole in both my pocket and my concentration!
  4. Michael, you are right, it's just welded on.... Is really a weak point why they did not make the shaft hollow so it would take a bolt from underneath is beyond me
  5. It's part 2 on Bibs one. Its now part 3 on the updated diagram
  6. Sheared off!!! The shaft is welded into the circular hole of the plate that is at 90 degrees to the shaft. It's one piece as I have the gearshift parts drawings from Lotus for the 400 on me and it"s part no.3. Apparently they do not have any made or in stock whaterever that means.... I just need to get it to Lotus so they can sort it out but pretty crazy it sheared. We thoughts about doing a temp TIG weld on it and then realised we would have to power down the car so errrr, no.... Luckily Hanger 111 is only 25 mins from Nayland so will try to get it to them next week sometime...
  7. See the pic below, Was putting the Evora into reverse and thought "it's not going in and feels loose" and then the grear stick proceeded to extract itself vertically with my hand into the car. Wonder like a 3-iron challenge, I can stick her in 1 gear and get her to the Lotus dealer. In all seriousness, not good for a 15 month old car! Stu
  8. Tried to post a photo. Only 3mb but tried 3 times and had an "upload error". No idea why.. Why am I selling? That's always an emotive one. I have a lot of cars in the barn (well it started off as a barn..) and can't get more than 9 in there so the newer ones (I'm up to 14) live outside (yes 1st world problem I know). I spent a lot of time getting the JPS to the best she can be without losing the patina of time. This included digitising every decal on the car, removing the old ones, properly sorting the bodywork and then putting on the new ones (and having a 2nd set for spare). Plus lots of other areas. But,,,,, it's the usual issue for me of lack of use. I only used her last year for the Silverstone Classic and she has not been out since. I have 2 kids (12 & 6) and with a busy job and homelife, when I do get a chance to take one of the "non dailys" out, it will have 4 seats (or 3 - I categorise the Evora 400 as a 3 seater!) So I find it hard to justify using her and to be honest, I have never wanted a garage queen. All the other cars get used. The Elise is 2 seats but was a wedding present to my wife so it's a keeper no matter what. I think she is stunning and if I could have her in my front room as a piece of Art (like the German dude on YouTube with the grey 512bbi in California), then I would do that in a flash. So it's with a heavy heart that she is going up for sale this week... Don't get me wrong, I have loved having her but with an edict from "upstairs" of a "one in, one out" policy now, her time has come. Boo hoo but hey, we never own these babies (despite what the V5C says) but as with all of us on here crazy enough to indulge in a non daily driver, we are but mere custodians......
  9. The JPS is so sad looking. What a shame. That will be expensive to put back to mint. I hope someone has the love and time to do it. 25k euros seems a lot for the condition considering the work to get it back to perfect and what it could then be sold for. Seems that the price I am going to put my mint JPS #022 up for this week is a little low ;-)
  10. Anyone know of a facelift interior Chrome Orange GT3??? I assume that is 98/99? Would love to hear. Just preparing the advert for the JPS Esprit so hopefully will have her sold in a month if all goes well. Stu
  11. If anyone knows of a low mileage chrome orange one in original condition, I am very interested to hear.... preferably 98/99 with the later interior,,,, would have to move on the JPS Esprit as the barn is choka block full of cars but I think it would be a worthwhile move..... Stu
  12. Sure. I am not on Facebook so matters to me not one jot.....
  13. Not an impossible question. The Elan. Period. Never been happier going slower! The poise, feeling and balance is just all there. The twin cam engine is lovely, but you do have to keep the revs up. Snickety gearbox and perfect heel & toe pedals. The smell is so evocative (over a certain age ;-) And the shape.... My favourite bit. As a kid, my 4 favourite cars were a Muira, Ghibli, M1 and the Elan+2. They seem perfect from every angle. Stu
  14. With the first nice day yesterday, managed to get the Lotuses out of their respective slumbers. Was quite surprised when looking at some photos I took at how big the Evora looks. Every time I get in the Evora, if feels dinky. if you compare the Evora to the Elan +2, I can't reconcile that I can get our family of 4 in the Elan but not in the Evora. Just goes to show how much safety and sound deadening has gone into making modern cars so much larger on the outside but not proportionately larger on the inside. Stu
  15. Hi all, The last thing I need to do on the JPS is really to replace the gold decals with new ones. I have been putting this off as I did not want to but the rest of the car has been brought to such a great state, that the original decals make the car look tatty now. Not bad for 37 years old but, hey, just need them done. So there is a link to a trench website via the JPS Lotus website but despite repeated attempts to contact to order them, no response. So I am looking for a source to get some already made ones or go to a good graphic shop who can reproduce them for me. Anyone got any ideas as want her ready for Silverstone on the 30th July? Responses and sources totally appreciated. Cheers, Stu
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