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  1. Kristof Thys

    Lotus Exige Cup 430

    The ECU won't know. There is nothing to worry about.
  2. Mmm, mine's been like that for weeks without any issues...
  3. Fcuk indeed!! I feel your pain.
  4. To avoid a similar thing happening with your new filler surround, alu bonding to RVS, I might suggest a small dab of copper grease on the seat of the bolt. Maybe cutting a small slot and then a flat head screw driver does the trick, together with some penetrating oil a day in advance?
  5. You do not need to remove the whole wheelarch liner (but you can if you want to, only takes 2 minutes) from the manual: The headlamp assemblies incorporate halogen main and dip beam lamps with replaceable bulbs, LED amber string direction indicators and an LED white string of DRLs (Daytime Running Lamps)/side lamps (which can only be renewed as part of the complete headlamp assembly). The lamp components are enclosed in a polypropylene housing and protected by a polycarbonate clear lens cover. When the engine is started, the front sidelamps will automatically be activated as daytime running lamps, with the front sidelamps operating with an increased intensity. When the ignition is turned off, the DRLs will switch off automatically unless manually selected. If the sidelamp switch is activated whilst the engine is running the front DRLs will revert to their sidelamp functionality and operate with a reduced intensity. Alignment: The alignment relationship between high and low beam lamps is fixed, but two adjusters are provided on the back of the headlamp housing by which the whole lamp unit may be adjusted. Adjustment: If adjustment to headlamp alignment is required, remove the access cover in the wheelarch liner, see Service Notes section BT.5 for further information. To adjust the beam laterally, turn the outboard hexagonal adjuster screw. Optimum setting is 0%. To adjust the beam vertically, turn the inboard adjuster screw. Optimum setting is -1.2%. Bulb replacement: Preparation: Remove the access cover in the wheelarch liner, see Service Notes section BT.5 for further information. Dip beam bulb: Remove the protective boot from the back of the inboard lamp, twist the bulb holder counterclockwise, and withdraw from the lamp. Prise open the retaining barbs to allow the harness plug to be disconnected. Replace the 12V 60W type HB3A bulb, and reassemble in reverse order to disassembly. Main beam bulb: Remove the protective boot from the back of the outboard lamp, withdrawing the bulb is similar to the above except that the harness connection uses separate spade terminals (may be connected either way round). The main beam bulb is 12V 65W type H9B.
  6. Turn wheel, remove small cover in wheel well, adjust light.
  7. Kristof Thys

    380 wheels on a 350

    😯🙄 Thanks for the info Dave, nice job!
  8. Kristof Thys

    380 wheels on a 350

    @vd9 Thanks for that. Also confirms it's not gonna be any issue to have the 18x10 ET32 wheels on a 350 (vs 18x9.5 ET 35). So S E L O C wiki is wrong.
  9. Kristof Thys

    380 wheels on a 350

    Oef, I figured something was off; can't see Lotus changing something dramatically at the rear axle 350 vs 380. But it does state ET 15 on the Playgrounds' wiki 😆 5-bolt fixing Front: 7.5J x 17" ET30 Rear: 10.0J x 18" ET15 Do you know what the offset is on the 10" wide wheel of the 380 Dave?
  10. Kristof Thys

    380 wheels on a 350

    The 350 rear wheel is 9.5" wide with 35mm offset. Provided *the playgrounds* 😉 wiki is correct in stating the 380 rear wheel is 10" wide with a 15mm offset, that same wheel will extent 26mm towards the outer position. I'm a fan of aggressive offsets, but that for sure is not going to fit. Wheels being forged, the solution might be in milling the center drop down 15mm.
  11. Remove mesh (torx top and bottom), remove wheel to remove wheel liner, remove 10mm bolt. Easy. So, as per above, thesr are the 'normal' width side scoops? Does the left one come with the scoop to connect to the snorkel/pipe from the oem air intake?
  12. Kristof Thys

    How Many Built

    Interested too, maybe @Bibs can help?
  13. S2 filler surround will work, done it on mine. Take it easy on the oem bolts, they're made of butter.
  14. Pipercross version is also the one Lir in France is doing. @Jack I always wonder how these "boxed" filters (so with the snorkel attached to the filter box on one end and on the OEM side pod on the other hand) handle the dirt ingress? I've heard about a Komotec airbox (basically same principle) full of gunk after 1500 road kms to the extend the engine was running real bad (the owner is on the forum here, maybe he can chime in)? I'm under the impression that an "open style" intake like Imran is running (nice to see your intake is still going strong Imran 😉) is less prone to get clogged up? On the other hand, I'm sure that at idle you see higher IAT compared to the "ram air" version. Any insights?
  15. Kristof Thys

    Help / Advice

    I can guarantee you that they all make this noise, just need more revs. Light flywheel, low revs and no sound insulation = this noise