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  1. Hoi buur! Welcome aboard! The new instrument cluster is a nice touch.
  2. Have the MPS4 (not 4s) since a week now to replace the Corsa's. Car doesn't see track (as exhaust is a *bit* loud) so purely street driving. A lot more comfort (yes) compared to the Corsa's. Does like to oversteer a bit more at the rear, which might also be because the front gripping better than with the Corsa's thus carrying more speed in the corner. Car seems a bit more bouncy, but will be testing various tyre pressures. As Lotus has the MPS4 now as standard on the 350, they recommend 2.0 bar front - 2.2 bar rear. Corsa was 2.2 - 2.6. Got a cracking deal at 600 EURs (except a rim damaged when tyres were put on ) For street driving: very very good tyre. Does also sits "nicer" in the wheel wells.
  3. We should all be grateful to Dixie: if he didn't shelf out *a lot* of money to buy the OEM part and send it to Matteo for him to make the mould for it to produce the carbon pieces, we would all be stuck with the WinAce parts... Like I do . Which by the way doesn't need filing holes... (but doesn't fit as good as the Eltech part!!!)
  4. Shiney! Oh no, wait... Jk, looking good! What backbox do you have?
  5. Stance looks great!! See what I did to my exhaust
  6. Probably the fuel trims are reset when they did the service. 'out if the box' they do run rough when no longer on the OEM air box due to the lack of the 'smaller diameter' trajectory under 4000 rpm. Try this: start the car without touching the throttle pedal and let it idle for +10 mins. Then turn off. Might do the trick (same procedure applies when switching air boxes)
  7. Looking forward to the pics and the impression on the ride quality. Like your reasoning and if the handling stays up to par, you have a cracking deal.
  8. Reminds me when I was young... lowering a car with just the springs on OEM dampers (I often did go for Eibach... or H&R, not the worst out there) for looks and then finding the handling to be absolute sh!te. Like Imran says, for me coilovers only!
  9. Well within the tolerances I feel Lotus is using for engine output
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