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  1. Kristof Thys

    Where do I get one of these?

    That is correct... Hot topic πŸ”₯πŸ”₯
  2. Hi Martin, I know I could just get my car up on the ramps and check myself, but did you manage to remove the front grilles by accessing the torx screws as Dave mentioned? Is on my to-do list for next week. Thanks!
  3. Kristof Thys

    Drag Race: Exige 350 failed against Alfa 4C

    hearsay is that the 4C was mapped (stage I) given +40bhp.
  4. Kristof Thys

    What’s this strange battery tube??

    Battery vent tube. Pretty common I thought? Shouldn't be an issue IMO if tje tube itself got disconnected.
  5. Kristof Thys

    Uprated Drivetrain Mounts

    Wondering if the mysterious "chirp" we all have at "spirited driving and shifting gears" is down to the engine mounts. For sure it's not the belt slipping IMO. Keep us posted Imran.
  6. Kristof Thys

    Exige V6 Catalyst Options

    A high flow 200cell cat will always flow better than the OEMs in each manifold for sure. Not sure on the specifics for the high flow cat wrt MOT (in Belgium at least you need to pass a threshold in CO emissions)
  7. Kristof Thys

    Exige V6 Catalyst Options

    This is my friend Dixie's car; Larini manifolds, OEM back box, no cat but with an ADDED small muffler (on the place where you would expect the sports cat; it was just too loud without this small muffler) Cat will reduce the noise, but not so much as the OEM, albeit very restrictive cats.
  8. Kristof Thys

    Exige V6 Catalyst Options

    Great man math!! 😜
  9. Kristof Thys

    Exige V6 Catalyst Options

    As each of both OEM manifolds has a built-in cat, would "your friend" then hypothetically speaking continue to run those OEM manifolds with the blown out cat(s)? If so, the only option IMO would be to remove the downpipe (the section between the manifolds and your hypothetical Lotus Sport backbox) and weld in between a 200 or 400 cell (regarding the noise remark) sport cat and weld in two post cat O2 dongs. Your friend then must relocate both post cat O2 sensors after the sport cat. A bit the same as this thing, but then retaining the OEM connections to the OEM manifolds and OEM back box/Lotus Sport back box. Or, hypothetically speaking, I would get the 2bular/KT/whatever manifolds and I would make your friend a good price for my OEM manifolds with built-in cats!! Now, what happened?
  10. Is that exhaust paint flaking? πŸ˜›
  11. Kristof Thys

    Exige 350 Sport

    Welcome! And very very nice looking car! (sorry, can't help with your questions, but someone knowledgeable will come along soon)
  12. Kristof Thys

    Lotus Exige Cup 430

    The ECU won't know. There is nothing to worry about.
  13. Mmm, mine's been like that for weeks without any issues...
  14. Fcuk indeed!! I feel your pain.
  15. To avoid a similar thing happening with your new filler surround, alu bonding to RVS, I might suggest a small dab of copper grease on the seat of the bolt. Maybe cutting a small slot and then a flat head screw driver does the trick, together with some penetrating oil a day in advance?