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  1. DixieV6 has fitted gas struts to his Eltech boot lid, but if my memory serves me well, they were not Lotus items. Alternatively, the OEM solution (pics courtesy of MrP... can't seem to quote a post?)
  2. No issue whatsoever. DixieV6 runs the forged ones (et32) with 12mm spacer so effectively et20, close but that doesn't even rub (265 tires) .
  3. I don't like the idea of forged wheels being powder coated. What are the views on that on here?
  4. Get a 5mm spacer and 5mm longer bolts, job done. The tyre wall makes a difference too: I switched from P Zero to PSS and because of the more "rounded" sidewall, the overall look is better.
  5. Have 2 quotes for Xpel Stealth (as I have matte carbon): 250 EUR for the pair and 370 EUR for the pair. Come summer time, this is on my to do list (still need to replace the sills)
  6. Please do take dome pictures as it's on my to-do list too. (also the usb socket hole...)
  7. I think it makes no difference at all. The 'pressure' will be neglectible, especially because of the SC sucking in air. It might even create a venturi effect but evermore so much more turbulence. As most commercial aftermarket solution available don't use an air straightener, the MAF will read data in a turbulent airstream for the short term fuel trims to behave erratic. What is true is that the intaketemps go up on the CAI design whilst idle vs the OEM design or closed air box design. However, I see they drop down immediately when you start driving. IMO off course...
  8. I promised myself that, if all goes well, this would be the last ICE car I've bought... so either we run out of fossil fuels or I get too fat to get in and out for me to sell the car Should probably post a pic of the new diffuser in this thread too...
  9. Shows that we need a commercially available LTS Techcenter for us to tinker
  10. Seen this on a number of Evora's and S2 Elises. Only good way to redo this is to sand them down and have them repainted with UV protective clear coat. Alternatively, wetsand them and recoat with ceramic coating, albeit I think having them professionally resprayed is the best way.
  11. I guess it is the same as this topic. I have heard it happen on an Evora in cold and damp weather the morning we started our cars in the car park after a Lotus drivers day. This was a few years ago, so a non-chargecooled supercharged one, but I wouldn't worry at all.
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