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  1. Kristof Thys

    Is this OK?

    Me likey a lot!
  2. Brave man! For what it is worth, for prolonged drives I use a noise cancelling headset...
  3. Mmmm, contemplating going to Marbella too next week! They look super!! Will done Greg!! And nice pics as always GF!
  4. Kristof Thys

    Power cut when shifting up

    Or clean the MAF with MAF cleaning fluid.
  5. Kristof Thys

    Hangar 111/KT EX370

    There is no way the car would run lean with the stock map and an aftermarket air intake... It runs SUPER rich 'out of the box'. I see 1:10 at WOT... What interests me is to see what AFRs this EX370 map is showing. @JCERB - I will donate one EUR (or one GBP) for you to install an aftermarket air/fuel gauge ;-)
  6. Kristof Thys

    Type 49 Got an LSD?

    Link to the video please?
  7. Shouldn't be any issue at all if there's no damage to the bodywork. Don't worry.
  8. Rear will fit. The front can be a close call. Based on you info, the front will extend 0.5 inch/2 + 4.3mm (can you do the math, had some wine ;-). You can always try and if there's a clearance issue have to front center drops milled a few millimeters. I would go for it.
  9. Rears will be no issue. Whats the difference with the OEM fronts extension wise?
  10. Kristof Thys

    V6 Airbox restrictor?

    It also acts as an air straightener decreasing turbulent air over the MAF. On a car with a real time afr gauge you can clearly see the afr's jumping around at idle without such air straightener.
  11. Kristof Thys

    380 sport cam covers

    Are those cast parts polished?
  12. Got the same kind of camera judging by the pics, which is a generic eBay 18.5mm one. Has been on my car for over 2 years now without any issues with heat. Does fog up a bit after washing the car, but nothing major. Image wise... well, it does produce an image which tells more than the reverse sensors...
  13. Kristof Thys

    Naya Wheels Help!

    Well, those are some funky wheels... especially the part of the rim sticking out on the tyre... Joking aside, as Imran stated, BC Forged do some variants. I discussed with them a year ago or so. RS42 has a nice concave look. Thing is it doesn't look good with the front rim that NEEDS a centre drop for the caliper to clear. For sure that Naya wheel at the front has a low ET. See post: