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  1. There you have it. Keep us informed about the next one.
  2. Me like a lot. Are those the Wish tailpipes? (nothing wrong with that as they are super quality)
  3. There's only one who can decide and that's you. You asked for advice and we've given it. Not that fair to put Lotus down as they had some subsequent questions. I guess you already made up your mind?
  4. @LotusLeftLotusRight my feeling exactly. Even if all turns out to be OK (@Exx you do seem to be persistent, I guess your best bet is to kindly take up on Bibs offer, God bless the good man) it would a) always go round in my head and b) might pose the same problem come sale time.
  5. So if the sensors were added, then are they 'physically' connected to the dash? (sorry didn't read up on the specific topic re the AIM dash). In any case, engine oil temp this low after sufficient warm up is just not possible. Sry not being of anymore help.
  6. Not wanting to state the obvious, but so you have an oiltemp and gbox oil temp sensor? Engine oil should be ideally around 100-105C Gbox oil around 70C I would say.
  7. @Exx seeing your question on the reverse sensors... means you have bought the car? Chop chop, off to the introduction section WITH photo's!
  8. In Belgium at least they were an option. Got them on my car but utterly useless (the OEM ones are Ford Transit units... can't imagine them working the same way on the Transit...). Better to install a camera. So I did
  9. @C8RKH Nope, this one: Big discussion on FB. Seems like the completely destroyed front clam was replaced by another clam, car has been run without oil coolers (and so no oil?),... Don't know it all, but I applaud the poster on FB for warning potential buyers as the car was, by his own pictures, seriously destroyed.
  10. @Denthrax Got them from Mario at BC Forged Swiss:
  11. Use a tube in 2 sections identical to the INSIDE diameter of the orginal airbox. Put the air straightener IN BETWEEN these two sections. Then have a one piece tube fit OVER the whole. Drill 4 holes in the outside tube to expose the inside tube. Do so before and after the after straightener. Put a drop op epoxy in each of the holes. Put air filter over outside tube. Done, all 100% secure, no risk of anything getting sucked in. (courtesy of Dixie v2 CAI design, only he didn't remember anymore )
  12. Love what you did on the fast release for the front clam ! Now chop chop on to the rear clam!!
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