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  1. Rear will fit. The front can be a close call. Based on you info, the front will extend 0.5 inch/2 + 4.3mm (can you do the math, had some wine ;-). You can always try and if there's a clearance issue have to front center drops milled a few millimeters. I would go for it.
  2. Rears will be no issue. Whats the difference with the OEM fronts extension wise?
  3. Kristof Thys

    V6 Airbox restrictor?

    It also acts as an air straightener decreasing turbulent air over the MAF. On a car with a real time afr gauge you can clearly see the afr's jumping around at idle without such air straightener.
  4. Kristof Thys

    380 sport cam covers

    Are those cast parts polished?
  5. Got the same kind of camera judging by the pics, which is a generic eBay 18.5mm one. Has been on my car for over 2 years now without any issues with heat. Does fog up a bit after washing the car, but nothing major. Image wise... well, it does produce an image which tells more than the reverse sensors...
  6. Kristof Thys

    Naya Wheels Help!

    Well, those are some funky wheels... especially the part of the rim sticking out on the tyre... Joking aside, as Imran stated, BC Forged do some variants. I discussed with them a year ago or so. RS42 has a nice concave look. Thing is it doesn't look good with the front rim that NEEDS a centre drop for the caliper to clear. For sure that Naya wheel at the front has a low ET. See post:
  7. Kristof Thys

    Evora Turbo

    Now tell us more...
  8. Kristof Thys

    Evora 400 belt condition

    Hi Steve, can't help with the Evora, but on the Exige (with another supercharger), the new belt was introduced fairly short after production started, at least that's my guess judging on the TSB number (december 2013). From the technical manual: The serpentine belt originally fitted at start of production was upgraded as a running change to a modified belt incorporating grooves running at acute angles to its ribs providing greater grip between the internal and external surfaces of the pulleys. Also refer to Technical Service Bulletin TSB 2013/12 for additional information.
  9. Kristof Thys

    Evora 400 belt condition

    Interesting to see that on the Evora 400 the belt is not the Goodyear Gatorback type with horizontal grooves as per the upgraded version introduced on the Exige V6. Something to do with the new supercharger? I would get that belt replaced in the near future. Maybe you should ask if the gatorback variant is available, not only for reduced belt slip but to avoid such cracks in the first place.
  10. From the service manual, 2 scenario's: 1. A thermostat, using a sensor inserted into the outlet side of the evaporator finning, monitors the temperature of the refrigerated air and signals the compressor to cycle on and off in order to maintain outlet air temperature just above freezing 2. The clutch will also be disengaged by the ECU if a loss of refrigerant is detected by the trinary switch
  11. Jup, I had the same "issue". Had the panel resprayed in gloss black. Idem for the side intakes.
  12. P0134 O2 Sensor 1 Circuit No Activity Detected (Bank 1)... so I'm with Dave, probably lambda sensor on bank 1 defective or something wrong in the cabling. Shouldn't be a big issue. Dirty test would be to switch the connector or sensor from the other bank; you should get a P0154: O2 Sensor 1 Circuit No Activity Detected (Bank 2) HOWEVER, you need to have a POST catalyst O2 similator (x2) for the lambda sensors or you'll trip P0430. As to the reason why it ran fine for several months: more restricted intake air flow? Hotter climate, air filter element getting dirty, airbox flap stuck? I would stick in 2 O2 simulators post cat and replace the lambda on bank 1 pre-cat.
  13. Kristof Thys

    She's here: Military Grey

    Couldn't resist to get some pics in the open... sure was good to hear her again! I really like the front access panel and side intakes if I say so myself!