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  1. @Mark.A what exact Joying did you get? Contemplating installing one too.
  2. @tactical lizard FWIW, my car came with locking bolts... literally the first thing I removed. Can't see why anyone would want those bastards on his/hers car, IMO nothing but trouble.
  3. @karluk29 you are in the Exige section.... not the Evora section πŸ˜… Edit... Now Bibs makes me look stupid by moving the topic to the Evora section πŸ€”πŸ˜πŸ˜
  4. @snowrx keep us posted of your findings! πŸ‘
  5. @Arun_D valve stem cover on those terrific looking BC Forged's too πŸ˜‰
  6. @NANO just to chime in. Have been running the 'solid' black ones for over 4 years now with 3 different sets of wheels. Torque them with a torque wrench, slightly higher compared to the ones with the moving washer and you'll be fine. I do mine up a 115Nm.
  7. It is logged in the ECU and you can extract the info via TechCentre. It is "highest revs" for "x milliseconds". However, there is some pretty funky stuff in there, which leads me to believe not all is 100% accurate. (I have read somewhere that an "oil low event" gets triggered when simply draining and replacing the oil - not sure this is true at all; but there are some very strange examples of ECU readouts also on this forum, suggest a search).
  8. Bizar... Letting a car idle up to temp IMHO is a bad idea. Takes too long to warm the oil whilst idling so there is excessive wear.
  9. Put an amp meter (probes) in serie between the + terminal on the battery and the + lead. Then you can read the current draw in rest. Shouldn't be any higher than a few mA. (like 10 or so). When higher, parasitic power drain.
  10. ? If I switch on the 'city lights', in fact the DRL's dim to 50% and the rear lights come on. No dipped beam is on in that case.
  11. Damn, yet another Exige with RZ05's 😁😁 j/k looking ace @Arun_D; like what you did with the centre drop. I was in doubt on mine, but I really really like how it works on your car! Looking great! PS: if you ever need Lotus emblems that fit over the BC ones, drop me a line (got mine on ebay, but took a few attempts to get right) @Arun_D looking at your pics: did you replace the valve stem cap with a black one? Or do BC now offer to have a black valve stem? (mine are RVS and want black)?
  12. Really like how the alu colour looks on the car! Love them!
  13. I would guess the reliability on the DCT box to be very good, as it is a standard VAG item. Assume that item goes into the a LOT heavier Golfs, Audi etc which are not rare to be tuned close to / into the 500 bhp range? The sequentials on the other hand are a racing car item, hence unsuitable for everyday use (also from a maintenance perspective)
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