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  1. Good job! One thing to investigate is the real time afr (at idle) PRE cat. When the air passing over the MAF is too turbulent, you will find afr's jumping around like crazy. Can be managed by putting an air straightener diaphragm or just a metal tab in front of the MAF. Thing is you need to measure the afr's before the cats (or without cats) as the cats "smooth" out the instant afr reading. But by them swinging around, the ECU cuts some timing, preventing you to get full power. Another tell tale sign is the car needing to settle after start-up. The OEM Lotus Motorsport one does not do great neither we measured recently, just a little better than "other designs..." because the HKS cone/basket does somewhat channel the airflow, but could be a lot better. Not too sure about its filtering capabilities neither... If you measure afr's with a sniffer on an exhaust system with cats you won't see/detect this problem. Good also the see the before / after short term fuel trims. Resetting your long time fuel trim can only be done by overwriting a new ECU version (although I am NOT really sure on this, maybe somebody more knowledgeable can chime in); but is vital to do an analysis on efficiency of the CAI. For sure the ram intake style will bring a lot top end. Just curious on how to manage the dirt getting in Looking forward to the progress! Keep up the good work! Thanks Imran
  2. Just torque the non-rotating-collar bolts to 120Nm, whereas the oem ones do with 105Nm. I just painted (and baked) mine black, have been fine since 3 years.
  3. I know this has been posted as a question, but to remove the front grilles to be able to remove the grime stuck between the body and the oil coolers, simply remove 2 torx screws (not bolts...) accessible via the front undertray and remove the third screw on the grille itself. Had a nice clean in there (remember with P-cars, that the grime could affect the radiators ). Also got the engine plaque from Imran. Thanks for that!!
  4. At the front you'll always have the center drop.
  5. This is my startup procedure after winter as well. Gives me the peace of mind on the oil pressure. Indeed, throws a code, but that's easily remedied.
  6. Did you check the vacuum lines? A leak there might cause this behaviour.
  7. Yes it was due to belt slippage; confirmed to me by a Lotus Cup mechanic. From the note: The serpentine belt originally fitted at start of production was upgraded as a running change to a modified belt incorporating grooves running at acute angles to its ribs providing greater grip between the internal and external surfaces of the pulleys. Also refer to Technical Service Bulletin TSB 2013/12 for additional information.
  8. On the Exige, a service bulletin was issued at the end of 2013 already to only use these gator style belts. Strange the Evora is then still using them?
  9. What does the watertemp read when it's cutting power?
  10. If the rev lights come on @5k then this tells you that the car is in limp mode. It is at this moment that you need to read the error codes. They will be there IMO as it's due to these fault codes that the ECU is cutting power.
  11. @Seriouslylotus fair enough. Does come as a surprise.
  12. I would be very surprised if Race mode / Normal mode on the 2bular back box don't both do a absorption style path with the same tube diameter. So back pressure on both paths should be virtually exactly the same. (I too find it hard to believe a back box alone bringing any performance gain, under the condition you compare the OEM back box straight through path (valve open)). I know about the 7mm pipe diameter difference, but if the manifolds and downpipe are still OEM (reduced pipe diameter), I can't see a back box bringing any performance gain. Just my .02
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