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  1. Will be a blast to drive! And many thanks for the views of SCS/24-7, appreciated.
  2. No critism whatsoever, just want to understand some things and more important for you to to have a super experience. As you are, together with some others on here, pioneering in pushing the 2gr-fe engine further. Just needs to be safe. Please share the SCS/24-7 views.
  3. Thanks for this info. Just don't understand why you would the AFRs to go up after 6.4k. "In the old days" running lambda 0.86 (providing I read your graph ok) on pump gas means an AFR of 12.64:1 at 7k rpm... for me that is close to piston melting territory on any boosted engine and too much out of the "comfort zone" (11.5-12:1 or abouts on a boosted application). Wouldn't say that is a conservative map re. AFR's. But what do I know I am sure your tuner knows what he's doing and that they checked the exhaust gas temps. Good to read this kind of stuff. Thanks!
  4. What is their take on lambda being upwards of 0.85 at redline and going up from 6.4k onwards? Doesn't that seem a bit lean for a roots type blower application? Just curious to know.
  5. @steveoexige The pipe is perforated so the sound does get absorbed somewhat.
  6. I saw that post on Facebook too.... There is NO packing material in the OEM box; nothing has been burned away
  7. Eltech one is also done in V-shaped carbon upon request. Just see DixieV6 post... Nice detail: the Eltech one is made from an OEM mould...supplied by Dixie to Matteo... Small world.
  8. @Exx so then get the OEM one... your dealer can deliver you one for 2335€, vat included, striker pins included, mesh included. As it's the OEM one, the carbon is diagonal (so no V-shape, but others might correct me as I am not 100% sure). If you take a membership here, there is a discount available. The Deroure one is OEM too. The Komotec one is OEM too as far as I know? That being said, DixieV6 has the Eltech one (=aftermarket), V-shaped carbon and that one looks very nice too. I have the WinAce GRP one (=aftermarket), which I had completely resanded, repainted. Afterma
  9. Wow, what makes me then; driving around with straight pipes . If you look for "noise levels", need to also replace the manifolds to real headers.
  10. @Doug Ashley the only extra step with a valved exhaust is you need to "pull the vacuum tube of your original exhaust and put it back on the aftermarket one". Takes at least an additional 15 seconds ...
  11. I have been thinking about this one. Could be worth checking out the supercharger pressure relief valve/actuator thingy too; just as a thought. It's near the throttle body. Suggest holding the rod to see if it makes any difference in noise (I was thinking in the direction of pressure builts up, gets relieved (too soon) and noise changes, repeat)
  12. @3eighty sorry, I am on BC Forged wheels now, no need for spacers anymore.
  13. @NANO, I think you have that backwards; pops & bangs galore in above setups. (on a side note, don't want to pollute GF's post, but my exhaust goes: long tube headers, decat, and depending on fully controlable valve position: straight pipes (so nothing there to muffle anything ) or absorption muffler. So pretty confident that's about as loud as you can go. Oh, and did I say pops & bangs galore AND flames??.) Back ontopic. (sry for that) @GFWilliams like the electric vacuum pump idea, but can't you use the vacuum canister that comes with the KT air intake and use it wi
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