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  1. It got deleted on the later cars, don't know when exactly, mine does have one - MY14. Put your hand in the interior and alarm goes. Would be interested to know how your old car did the beep on the OEM alarm.
  2. Thanks Matt, indeed a standalone ECU is the perfect way forward. However, I think the statement on 'pushing the boundaries' with just another intake and other headers is somewhat biased by the aftermarket Lotus 'ECU industry'... Not saying I'm the specialist, but all indicators are in the green (spark advance, afr, ltft, stft, etc.), and there is no reason they shouldn't be. It is the tunes of the aftermarket tuners that change the game by leaning out the mixture and change spark timing. On AFR for instance, we are still running 10.5:1 at WOT with 'these modifications' on the stock map. Did you ever see an aftermarket tune's AFRs? I promise you they run leaner than what the stock map is doing. Not starting a debate, just an observation... I know at least one Exige running headers, NO cats, full CAI on stock map that is being pushed *hard* for more than 2 years now without any issues (and it's not mine, I do still have a cat)
  3. I see this statement popping up several times... Strange as I did the exact same thing (even running 100 cell cat and not the 200-cell) without any issue, short term and long term fuel trims are top notch, AFR's are rich as ever... without any ECU change. DixieV6 is even running without cats, again on stock map, with headers & CAI.
  4. Pressing twice locks the doors, activates the alarm with the immobiliser but deactivates the interior sensor. And only then do you get the beep. If it beeps whilst arming the alarm (one press or two presses) then something isn't closed. No beep on "normal" lock/unlock IMO
  5. Thanks guys, appreciated. Requested prices to main dealer over here. Will keep you in the loop. Will be interesting to compare the GBP vs EUR pricing. @GFWilliams @Mattmahope George, Matt, if you could please just verify that the splitter is NOT sticking out more than any other rear bumper or diffuser surround part, that would be great. @Mattmahope I suppose your diffuser also came with the rubber edge protector (rubber strip) on it? @Matteo thanks, but race version is no go for Belgian MOT (sticks out too much)
  6. Makes a lot of sense, thanks for that George. Could you, or Matthew do me a huge favour: could you check if the diffuser itself doesn't stick out further than the diffuser surround? I mean: for Belgian MOT, if the diffuser would be the point sticking out the furthest, I think this is a no go due to the "sharp" edge (despite the rubber edge protector stuff). Then again, 430 Cup is being sold here in Belgian too, so should be ok. Just giving you guys an excuse to stroll over to the garage and have a quick peek
  7. That's very useful George, didn't notice that. So looking at Deroure the one without the strap hole is indeed B138U0272F (whereas the one with the hole is ....271F). You got the one with the hole, but no strap, correct?
  8. Winter blues coming and want to replace my rear diffuser on 2014 Exige V6. Love the Reverie one (@alias23) , but guess that will be a problem for Belgian MOT. @Matteo at Eltech promised to do one too, but that has been almost a year now. So looking at the 430 Cup one. Just want to get things clear: I guess I need part B138U0272F which is the grille thing (with holes, not sure it will do great with the other mesh on the car) and the actual diffuser, part B138U0212F. Some questions: - does the diffuser come with the "rubber edge protector", which is listed as a separate part A122A0029V, sold per meter and "3.22 meters required"? - Am I right that the 430 Cup diffuser "sticks further out" than the 380 Cup diffuser, which I really like too...? - I just order the stuff from my (Belgian) main dealer, correct (or any other pointers)? For reference, pic or 380 Cup and 430 Cup (430 Cup picture courtesy of George!) included. So basically, paging @GFWilliams and @Mattmahope who went this upgrade route Thanks!
  9. Are you sure it read P123C?? It's not a Ford is it? (b/c only used on Ford and indeed cold start protection)
  10. Hi Imran, long shot, but maybe worth to ask: are they/you ever planning doing a GRP version? If so, I would be very interested too.
  11. The one with the most kilometers (sorry... Miles) will sound better. The exhausts are front to back exactly the same.
  12. On the first graph there is the Lambda value, which at 6200 rpm is showing +-0.72; so that's 1:10.73 measured after cat. That is right on the money wrt the stock map (but is, like I said many times, very very very rich). However, peak power happens at higher rpm. I would be looking at belt slip from the supercharger as a first step. @op: do you have a gator belt (diagonal grooved belt) or the older style belt? On top of that, I assume all dyno pulls are done in the same gear (fifth gear; as you do 252 kph on the first pull)?
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