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  1. Damn, yet another Exige with RZ05's j/k looking ace @Arun_D; like what you did with the centre drop. I was in doubt on mine, but I really really like how it works on your car! Looking great! PS: if you ever need Lotus emblems that fit over the BC ones, drop me a line (got mine on ebay, but took a few attempts to get right) @Arun_D looking at your pics: did you replace the valve stem cap with a black one? Or do BC now offer to have a black valve stem? (mine are RVS and want black)?
  2. Really like how the alu colour looks on the car! Love them!
  3. I would guess the reliability on the DCT box to be very good, as it is a standard VAG item. Assume that item goes into the a LOT heavier Golfs, Audi etc which are not rare to be tuned close to / into the 500 bhp range? The sequentials on the other hand are a racing car item, hence unsuitable for everyday use (also from a maintenance perspective)
  4. Let's try that again.... So I made a new knob, I polished that knob very well... Don't know anything about woodworking and I don't have a lathe, but I do have a 3d printer . So solid printed the insert, including the M12x1.75 thread as a solid part; to engage reverse is just like OEM. What's not like OEM: bigger diameter, sits higher up, warmer, ... and to top it all off: when I'm making "brum brum" noises I now think I am in a Carrera GT! (need to make the noises as the car is hibernating). Got bored; so here goes my attempt. Pretty chav about it (and taste is a personal t
  5. Made a new knob. EDIT: need to get the picture not showing fixed. Please stand by...
  6. Get two 30GBP O2 simulators to screw in at the POST cat O2 bungs (so between exhaust and both post cat O2 sensors). If the error code stays away, than indeed the cats are faulty. They blow through, so you can call it a day then and run with these simulators in place (provided you don't need to pass emissions). With an aftermarket exhaust and sport cat, you MIGHT need them too: the aftermarket sportcat sits a bit far down the exhaust path and might warm up a tad slow, triggering the P017x codes (cat below efficiency threshold), especially on the <200 cpi cats. In that case you could als
  7. @Exx so same crap as in Belgium. FYI, I have PS4's to replace the Corsa's on my Exige.... MUUUUUUCH better!!
  8. Hi Exx, we have the same "rules" here in Belgium. You need to check if the 215-width is mentioned on your Certificate of Comformity, typically under paragraph 50. If there only the 205/xx is mentioned, you need to keep to that one. (There is a slight tolerance of 3% allowed here, not sure in France)
  9. Chosing between a non-charge cooled TVS1320 or a non-charge cooled TVS1900 is easy if money is no objection. That TVS1900 will spin a lot slower but still shifts a bigger volume of air, hence keeping it a lot cooler. What do you mean "SSC without TVS1900"; just a remap and a bigger crank pulley (just like the komotec offering)? In such case, I would go for neither.
  10. @nordschleife666 that body line mysteriously disappeared between November 12th and November 13th
  11. if the starter motor wasn't even turning over, then to me that most def sounds like a battery problem. Like I said, the engine MUST fire without the MAF.
  12. Override the valve to keep it open to stay in quiet mode. You need one 12V+ cable and a switch to the solenoid. Job done.
  13. @PJ - the car should start without the MAF connected; but will run rough. From experience I know that running the engine just a few seconds without the MAF (it is quickly clear something is not right) doesn't even throw a code. All should be OK after you plug in the MAF. If there is a persistent code, you can read it and clear. You can also try 5 key on/key off's without starting the engine to see if it clears any non-persistent code. The dash issue shouldn't be related at all. Albeit very strange that it now occurs after your mishap on the MAF. Didn't you have the V1
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