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  1. Are you sure on your mA readings? They are extremely low. I suspect you mean 1mA - 5mA - 6mA? If so, that all looks good to me. Would expect the draw on the instrument cluster coming from the alarm indicator light?
  2. Why not go aftermarket then on the wheels? You can then have any width with any offset made, with lower weight and the design you prefer.
  3. Are you sure that front wheel is 8" wide? IIRC, only 7.5" is available OEM. Anyhow, like Arun said, they'll bolt on no issue (the question is: why would you?)
  4. Welcome @Krim. Yes, the 380 style panel fits the 350. There is a thread specifically on it here; have a search. I have a 380 style access panel on my V6S.
  5. + the 3kg for the cat is irrelevant as the Exige has its cats integrated in the manifolds.
  6. @keith84_hk excuse my ignorance, but those wheels aren't TE37's?
  7. Exactly why I said you need an adapter on the front to accommodate the 110 PCD. Thanks for confirming this @Sotirios
  8. @Sotirios depends how long your drives are... you say that the dealer was able to recharge the battery, that's good, but it's not that good for the longevity of the battery that it become deep discharged in the first place. Would say: bad battery to start with OR too short drives (cranking the engine uses a lot of power) OR power drain. The latter can be tested by putting a multimeter in series over the negative battery terminal and the ground/negative cable. Should not read more than 20mA or so.
  9. @keith84_hk AFAIK that set is still using an adapter, iirc on the front axle. But if not, even better. Those sets still available?
  10. Maybe a stone got between the splash/dust shield and the rotor, that's not too uncommon? Suggest to take the wheel off to inspect?
  11. and here is the video of the dyno run after Vone mapping. Wonder he's on here too (being UK registered!) WITH 2bular headers, 380 tit back box, no cat, OEM map: 456hp / 455Nm (no pull before the hardware modifs, but another bone stock 430 made 422hp / 453Nm) AFTER remap, same hardware of course: 504hp / 534Nm all courtesy of Lebalayeur and kudo's to him for understanding that most aftermarket CAI's out there don't care too much about turbulent air. He modified his Komotec air box. Just like Imran in the end added an air strengthener to his design... (wonder where that idea came from ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ‘)
  12. @cuprapw They are a known Lotus outfit in France. It is nothing more than "normal" to get more than 460hp out of the 4xx Exiges... if KT gets 460hp out of the charge cooled 1320 superchargers, no reason a charge cooled 1740 supercharged engine can't do better. The map is custom to the car (so dyno tuned - car needs to be physically onsite). Not sure they do generic maps... but I would stay away from those.
  13. Exige 410 - after remap 471hp, 514Nm Exige 430 - after remap 497hp, 484Nm A member on G111 forum has been to Vone (they are Lotus specialist for many years... yes, they exist next to KT. Seems like my comments are not too much appreciated here!!) with his 430 cup, Komotec air intake, 2bular manifolds, no cat.: 504hp, 534Nm. (you'll need to register: Let the flaming begin (again).
  14. Bizar KT doesn't extract more power out of the 410... ๐Ÿ˜‰ Even less then out of their ex460 kit... ๐Ÿค” Check out Vone Racing Valence as an example: Exige 410 after remap only: 471 bhp and 514 Nm - 899eur
  15. There was a post on Facebook from a Peter Ha with an Exige V6 had the same issue, but then on the engine side. Fixed by his garage by cutting the rotten piece off and use high pressure couplers. Again, not at the same spot. No foam issue there... but a apparently road salt issue. Pretty poor design IMHO. (it's on the Exige owners group, so maybe not visible without membership: He is on here if I am not mistaken, so pinging @ArthouseCompany
  16. @Mark.A what exact Joying did you get? Contemplating installing one too.
  17. @tactical lizard FWIW, my car came with locking bolts... literally the first thing I removed. Can't see why anyone would want those bastards on his/hers car, IMO nothing but trouble.
  18. @karluk29 you are in the Exige section.... not the Evora section ๐Ÿ˜… Edit... Now Bibs makes me look stupid by moving the topic to the Evora section ๐Ÿค”๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜
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