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  1. Where can I buy a Raid steering wheel here in the USA? I can't find any web sites in english. Thanks!! Matt
  2. I was changing my oil today when this piece came apart. I assume I need to buy a new one? Can I put the plug in and drive the car without hooking the electricals back up to the plug? Thanks!!
  3. Thanks for the information!!! I called the closest Lotus dealership today and they said that I should ship my car into to them and they should be able to get Lotus to do my cam belt for free. They said that Lotus has to approve it, but they have never had them refuse to do it. Has anyone here dealt with the service department at Midwestern Auto Group? Thanks, Matt
  4. I bought a 2001 Esprit about 10 months ago. When I bought the car it had 9,200 miles on it, today it has 11,400. Prior to my purchase all of the required service had been done at the dealership and from the service records it looks like the "A" services were done in a timely manner. I of course have changed the oil and I have had a local mechanic fix a few little things that have gone wrong with the car. If I keep the car another 2 years and put maybe 8,000 miles on the car during that time what service, in addition to another "A" service, would the experts here recommend? It does not appear from the records I have that the cam belt has been changed. I asked my local mechanic about this and he did a visual inspection and said it looked OK, but he also admitted that he is not a Lotus specialist. The closest Lotus dealership is about 3 1/2 hours away. Thanks!!! Matt
  5. This is the first car I have ever "jumped" so when you say "earth point" do you have any suggestions? On the Esprit I can't find anything that looks like it would be good to use. Thanks again!!!!
  6. When you are getting a jump where do you ground the negative cable on the V8 Esprit? When the positive terminal is connected, I can not reach anything in the engine bay with the negative cable. Thanks!!!
  7. The mechanic did replace the seals. He thinks one of them might have been defective. Yes the ride is very bouncy, it was fine until the car went in to have the seals replaced?
  8. OK I took the car to a local shop that has a great reputation. He replaced the seal but now the other side seems to be leaking? Just picked the car up yesterday and I noticed that the rear end is really "bouncy" now? Any idea of what he could have done wrong? I am going to call him tomorrow! Thanks!
  9. How many miles do you have on the engine? Matt
  10. Ok guys lots of great information thanks!!! We do not have Renualt here in the US and my closest Lotus dealer is 3 1/2 hours away. Should I take it to a local mechanic and see what he says? No oil leaked over night, I guess it is only happening when I drive it, would this narrow the possibilites? Thanks again!!!!
  11. My 2001 Esprit has developed a slow oil leak of some sort. I just put the car up on my car lift and took these pictures. I am a novice so don't make fun of me, but I do not know what is leaking. The first picture is where the oil seems to be coming from. The other picture is of course the bottum side of the engine. Any help would be great!!
  12. Thanks to everyone that helped. Finally got the window fixed. Ended up being two sets of bad relays. One of the first things I did was replace the relays. When that did not work we tried the switches, they were fine. We were convinced it was a short but could not find it. Right before we put the door back together to send it to an expert my buddy suggested we try the relays again. Put new ones again and it works just fine now.
  13. Does anyone know of a typical place that the short might be? I know it is somewhere between the fuse box and the relays for the window, but we can't seem to find it.
  14. Thanks for the info but I think it has to be a short. The fuse did blow and when a new was installed it blew too.
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