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  1. Hi Richard I am interested dependant on price.Would require 5.
  2. Hi You can obtain 6A diodes from E bay which will do the job for you.Be careful those contacts don't become high resistance.
  3. As headlining is a job awaiting me in the near future where did you purchase the non foambacked material
  4. thanks .Will try.Lotus bits have stopped making and selling them due to problems they were having
  5. hi shortly during a long protracted restoration om my Elite I will need replacement door frames.Lotus bits inform me that they can no longer supply brand new items as they are having difficulty with the quality.Any ideas?
  6. Hi Paul.If you look up the characteristics of these fuses you might be horrified to find out that the cheaper fuses will not blow until a current nearly twice the rating flows through them.The better quality fuses will blow at the rating specified.For the blower motors 25A rating allows for the initial surge when first swiched on.
  7. As I'm about to do a wakeup call for my elite I suspect the fuel tank would be a pile of rust inside so an alternative might be nice.
  8. HI Mike. justas a matter of interest where did you get your new fuel lock valve from?
  9. Hi Dave.Whats the battery voltage with the engine the alternator charging the battery.It should be at least over 13.8v.If you rev. the engine the battery volts should increase.It's worth checking the alternator belt.If the alternator is doing its stuff then you have a faulty battery.
  10. Im afterpanels for the rear luggage compartment in my s1 elite
  11. Thanks for that.Will look into it.Lotus bits are quite horrendous for their prices,
  12. alan.phillips

    lotus elite

    Has anyone got a couple of rear drive shafts plus hubs for sale.
  13. trying to get hold of panels for the luggage compartment of aS1 Elite


  14. Hi steve I'm after interior parts for the luggage compartment for my elite.
  15. I'm after rear hubs and drive shafts.Are they still available and if so what condition are they in?
  16. looks an elegant solution to a problem that was not envisaged by Lotus in a hurry to sell models.Would be interested when you work out a price.
  17. I can confirm that figure.Handbook gives a figure of 90-95 ibs. of tension using a Burroughs gauge.
  18. Hi all I did post a pic to Ant of a simple tool for compressing the front road springs.The lower link has to be removed as the shock absorber has a cup to hold the bottom of the spring.Once removed the top wishbone assembly complete with hub has to be removed.Having done that the spring can be compressed to allow the top securing nut of the shock t.oe be undone.My tool or the Lotus meccano arrangement has to compress the spring against the top of thesuspension housing. ......a...
  19. Mike How difficult is it to take the sills off the vehicle.Mine is a '74 Elite which I intend to recommision shortly but I've never given the seatbelt anchorages much thought.Took them for granted.Good idea to run a separate earth to the main frame behind the facia panel.
  20. Hi Alec If your Eclat has similar pod recesses to the Elite then mounting the pod motors would involve some strenghening of the rear of the recess will be necessary as your vehicle had vacuum units mounted on the base.I have played about with these motors and they rely upon the diodes in the wheel box actuating relays.Unlike the Mazda headlamp motors I have fitted setting these up can be a little tricky.
  21. Does anyone who resides in North Wales/Chester area know of a competent windscreen fitter.I'm recommisioning my Elite after a long sleep in my garage.Prior to this the windscreen which had been solbitted in got lost out of the car in trnasit from paint shop.
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