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  1. Thank you. The car came quite a long way after that video was released as well. Sadly I had to sell it to fund my Europa race program. Regarding the seal, I used the stock rubber boot and just rolled the top part down so it didn't interfere with the gate. s
  2. Hi all, I'm the guy in the video. George from Soup was kind enough to alert me to the discussion. I made that gate in order to solve a problem I was having with excess shifter movement that a new bushing set didn't resolve. Though my ability to engage gears wasn't an issue, the shifter would return to the 3rd-4th plane no matter what gear the car was in. I used to track this car quite a bit and the fact that the shift knob would return to the neutral position screwed with my muscle memory, causing me to miss shifts. The gate wasn't really there to help me get it in gear but more to help the shifter stay in a position that matched the gear it was in. You may notice the gate openings are quite wide, so there was plenty of room for the linkage's native imprecision. Perhaps there are better solutions but I never regretted the decision to make the gate: it improved shifting, looked great (IMO) and had that satisfying metal click to boot. But I wouldn't suggest making your own simply for aesthetic purposes unless you're really committed to making it work correctly.
  3. Well for a bit of an update... I took delivery about 10 days ago and despite it looking like a pile of matte black crap, I LOVE IT! I changed the fluids and replaced the plugs & filters and it started right up. It's not strictly legal to drive yet but I did take it around the block and it's marvelous. Been running it every day since and it's just getting better. Has an uneven rev and bogs a bit, but things even out once it gets hot. Though it does still occasionally stall. Now to paint, change the timing belt and figure out why this thing is sitting so high!
  4. Thanks for the advice, David. Does it make a difference to the way you view the engine components based on the fact that Lotus only sent fuel injected versions to the USA?
  5. Sorry, last '9' was repeated. SCCFC20A7KHF62559 It's a stock US-spec Turbo (except for the wheels), so now everything makes sense. PO had bought some extra kit to add a charge cooler but hadn't done anything yet thankfully. I got a good enough deal to feel comfortable putting more money into it. Sounds like the first thing I need to do is change the timing belt. Once I start getting into it I'm sure I'll have many many more questions for you fellows. I'll post those in another area. Until then, thanks very much for assistance. Looks like I'm back in Purgatory!
  6. I'm confused about carbs. According to this Road&Track review of this car, it should be fuel injected, no?
  7. I'd thought he'd said he'd removed it in a phone conversation but I think now I misunderstood him and he was referring to the charcoal canister and not the charge cooler. Either way, I can't imagine that you can just "bolt on" a charge cooler to a Turbo like it's some kind of snap-tight model.
  8. Mystery solved. It's a Turbo and not an SE. A mixture of perhaps me decoding the VIN incorrectly and also the CarFax report listing it specifically as an SE. Vin is: SCCFC20A7KHF625599 - seems like the models they brought into the USA used a different code so I think that confused me.
  9. I may offer him so little money he'll be insulted and see if he takes me up on it. At the very least I do have a warehouse with plenty of space for it to sit around and be wondered over. Probably make a brilliant 80's themed waterbed! If you're curious, he's posted some more vids. At 1:25 he says he "has the intercooler from the SE version" that he bought ... If it already is an SE, why would he say version and why would he need to buy one? So bizarre. Forget buying the thing, now I just want to get to the bottom of this mystery.
  10. You fellows are great and I trust your instinct since these don't seem like cars that should be tinkered with. Thanks so much for taking the time out to look this over. I'll find another one at some point and present it for your review.
  11. He had told me he'd pulled it so he could tinker with something but why was a bit unclear. He's sending me a series of videos. This one wins the Katherine Hepburn award for most shaky camera... but it does start with a soundtrack!
  12. Hmm. I guess I can't tell the difference between the SE and non-SE, but I see now that it doesn't have the walnut dash. Even if it's running well now I can't imagine that a car would have all these nonsensical mods unless there was something seriously checkered about its past.
  13. Thank you, sirs. As I do more research I'm knowing more and more that an Esprit will be my next purchase, whether it's this project or an already finished example. Somehow being temperamental and demanding only adds to a car's charm for me and the struggles just deepen my emotional bond. I'm sure it's something many hours with a therapist could remedy and get me driving a Honda like everybody else. OK this should help. It's a picture of the same car when the owner was using it to "experiment with vinyl wraps." It looks like a standard SE to me.... or at least I can't detect any differences between this and pictures of SEs.
  14. Thanks very much for the advice. I'll look into the ride height issue and replace the timing belt. Still have to actually buy it... feels like that moment before you jump into a cold pool.
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