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  1. got a pic of the bit you mean Gis? mine (albeit n/a) are on the bench atm, carbs off intake, so I may be able to help? For info (Neil) #1&2 mixture screws were set at 5&1/4 and 4&3/4 full turns out respectively, fuel economy c 30mpg AV. iirc. Isnt it thought wise to have these engines running a little rich to help keep the combustion chamber cooler and avoid holing Pistons? Sure I've read that somewhere in here.
  2. I've had this for a similar small repair...yet to see how well it holds, but it's supposed to be good for about 270 deg C iirc...vs the 130 of devcon... Likewise, ally filled, but about a tenner for a 3" cylinder of it.
  3. Steve does a pipe with no silencer for the mid section, but no flexi either ( I've got one ready to fit)...just need the manifold section now :-(
  4. Have you thought about trying "time-sert"s instead? one of our Scandinavian (I think) friends used then and much preferred them to helicon ls. As they are solid, they may well be of a slightly larger OD than standard helicoils, but you'd have to check... ...this is the thread I remember, but @jslocum seems to be a fan too
  5. Probably been asked before, but... Is the service interval really still 4 years for a belt? Are current belts not made to current standards? I know the arguments for safe side etc, but do we have any factual info indicating that the service life of a belt produced 4 years ago is only 4 years? Modern stuff has a 10 yr/80,000 mile interval, as we all know. Why would out belts be made to old tech standards? I tried the cutting method on my scenic last year...end up doing it properly anyway. Loads of hassle, and relies on previous fitment being correct.
  6. Used to get 32-34 on Mways at constant 70-75 mph ( when able to restrain myself?) Never got less than 24 when playing on A & B roads...
  7. Hi Neil, for reference, what was your starting point? Just about to strip and rebuild mine...thx ( must remember to wind them in to find current setting before I strip them...)
  8. I was also highly intrigued @Barrykearley: lovely bit of history, Stuart!
  9. Killerton Classic (Nr Exeter) Sunday 14th May..not sure of Lotus content though.. But if anyone wants to show, it might not be too late...
  10. I wonder if he'll come again?
  11. Stick to your guns, George. Series so far is outstanding! Cant wait for the next update...
  12. ^^yup...5-6 years ago I could buy a PC from curry's for under £400, a client who worked for the NHS told me that, with all their purchasing power, the same unit cost them £930 go figure...
  13. Pray tell, Alan, is that pronounced "lad-eeze", or "Lay-deez"? Just to be sure, like...wouldn't want Swindon getting a bad rep.
  14. Agree with Steven, many places, including PNm and kHP (kemp) do refurbs using modern ceramic seals instead of the original carbon ones.. good luck.
  15. Couldn't be as @Steve V8 suggested above? Can't see from the vid whether the crank is moving as well as the pulleys....
  16. You could try posting the vin and engine #s here, then if anyone's looking in who knows their car's data, you might get a good approximation...I think the vins were generally sequential at the factory.
  17. Know nowt about Evoras, Wayne, but tyre types can make a massive difference. Also the particular bit of road surface. Just worth knowing you're comparing like with like before looking to geo changes... ATB
  18. Always hankered after a JPS... there was one for sale in Lincoln around '91, just before I was really in the market, and after much research ended up with my S3 n/a. oh, for the resources of the web back then, but at that time, all the comics advocated " definitely go for the later chassis setup on the TE or S3". Hey ho.
  19. Don't you just love a contradiction? Could it now be down to whether that has previously been considered/marked as a lay-by? If the 2 rules above pointed out by ChrisJ are current (and I assume they are), I doubt the council would want to risk going to court over it...but then, neither might you?? Good luck anyway!
  20. Orange Elise approaching Statton, Bude 3.30 pm 2 loti in 2 days...., in Cornwall!!
  21. Red Excel in Morrisons car park, Bude, Friday 6.30 pm
  22. Np...where did you get the rear shocks from, you jammy sod?? and any chance of a brief "how to" on the door handles? (Prep, paint etc? ) thanks
  23. SJ -SJ085S0005- for the n/a 4-1 stainless zorst, think lotusbits do one too, but more £££. not suitable for turbo, though, it seems: while they list a full stainless system, it looks like it starts after the manifold...
  24. For the N/A, yes, four into one system... not sure about the alunox kit, though I'm afraid..
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