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  1. Sorry, my bad...this is the thread I was related to your last project... The thing I note that is missing is the model Tim is referring to. How sure are you that it was the S1? Maybe Jon can confirm?
  2. I presume you’ve seen Tim Engel’s take on setup Fabian? He actually recommends a little toe-out and less than the 4mm max rear toe. Can’t find it atm, but Travis @Vulcan Grey also uses front toe out and I believe he has a modicum of experience 😉
  3. Whats the problem with the door? Afaik, there’s no adjustment on the door latch to door beam fixing, it’s all via the body mounted plate. are your hinges worn slightly? (Can you lift the door up at the back? Only takes a couple of mill and you can see the shut lines going narrowing at the door/cill gap)
  4. Welcome to the wonderful world of Esprit maintenance 🤣
  5. Silly Q, but have you also unplugged the relays from the loom before trying to take it out? as per @Gis, it does come out, but it’s definitely not a “drop in” fit
  6. Be interesting to know what the hot tension is Geert, just for reference. I wonder if the newer tech, lighter belts are less susceptible to temperature/tension variation? ....for when/if I get my hands on another Esprit in the future 😉
  7. I assume “cooking dinner” means taking her to Claridge’s?
  8. No, originally a NatWest directors car, changed reg 2-3 times with private plates.
  9. @Alfa2Evora may be able to help. The name gives his bias away though 🤣
  10. Safely installed in her new Lancashire home, having done the trip from Bude with style and panache, not missing a beat! not sure what to go for next.....
  11. Finding out, having hit over 80 on twisting back roads during the driving demo, that my Esprit’s new owner is a traffic cop 🤔😳🤣 ...but he managed to do the same on the way back, so all good. they’re currently on their way to Lancashire, and apparently the plate 007 HEM belongs to the family and may well get transferred, so look out for it up there. Lovely guy who wants to spoil his kids without taking them out on a bike, and hopefully he’ll be joining TLF soon. All the best if you’re looking in Andy, and drive her like I always wanted to 😀👍🏻
  12. So results of my experience : Esprit S3 NA 912 engine gates 5146 belt 1” wide, original tensioner springs, but unit cleaned and polished. 115 Hz, slight flutter between aux and inlet at 2000 even when warm. 118.5 Hz, (low end of @gvy’s Calculations of 116-128), all flutter gone at all temps. Frequency when hot (90degrees indicated and fans kicking in) 148.5hz, so less than @Clive59’s readings oh, and 8 threads worth of adjustment left on the tensioner Will advise new owner to check after the rcommended 500 miles, but hope this helps someone in the future.
  13. Guess she was just trying to prove she’s a proper Lefty
  14. Maybe just a theme following on from the VW Toerag?
  15. Understand and agree, Andy, just pointing out the way the balance is tipped. imo, prop rep would be the very worst model we could have.
  16. Cons and Labour on 365(~44%) and 203 (~32%) is at least approximately in line. But the system definitely needs some adjustment.... SnP have 48 seats, represent 4% of the vote, and dont want anything to do with England. LibDems have only 11 seats from nearly 12% of the vote, but at least they want a United Kingdom How the feck does THAT make sense?
  17. Highly recommend @gvy’s post above, detailing the calculations and Equivalent Frequencies for belts of different mass. It will enable you to make your own decision on ultimate tension for the belt you are running. (Having made sure the tensioner springs are good) I hadn’t realised there was so much difference between OEM and the Gates 5146 equivalent currently available Thanks Geert! as an observation....I also noticed that as I increased tension from 104 to 115Hz, the belt started running more centrally on the cam pulleys. At 104, it was pretty much at the front edge, whereas at 115, it sits a good 1mm in. oh, and what oil should I be using? 😉
  18. He’s probably shagged her...😂
  19. Thats why stickies are so good...or did I miss it? I do use the search facility before posting, but things always get a little fuzzy after wine o’clock....
  20. Thanks @Clive59. downloaded it this morning. Last time I checked, they didn’t do an ios version, so I used a guitar tuner app. all set now at 115Hz, checked several times, and good results (was down at 104.9 according to Gates app, so would have been lower in higher temps?) Maybe a slight flutter on the overrun, still at 2k ish, but nothing on the way up, so far, far better
  21. Many on here now use tuner apps of various types and tension by frequency, with no reported issues. I’ll Probably go gis’ route initially, but if the frequency then appears way out, I’ll run her down to Swlc or SJ. will download another tuner app first though. thanks both, thats todays job sorted👍🏻😀
  22. Thx Eric, So no initial stretch to be expected? maybe my iphone frequency checks need confirming? @Gis, i know you went thro this with a gates belt. Any suggestions? Ambient here about 12degreesC..
  23. Hi all, what’s ppls experience here please? I fitted a new belt, overhauled the tensioner, and reset to 110hz, but now have a little flutter between dizzy and intake cam at around 1900-2000rpm. As you will know, she is up for sale, but I’ve been enjoying a few shakedown miles, now about 80 since initial belt setting. Genuine, standard belt from Lotusbits, current tension 108hz. Is this normal, and how often should I be making the adjustments? Thanks, Dave
  24. If anyone’s stuck for a Xmas gift for the OH, or fancies trying their hand at watercolour painting, my wife Karen has just launched a tutorials website with a structured learning program and fortnightly lesson releases (many already in the can). monthly or annual subs are available... For a special TLF offer use MAIL25 for a 25% discount for a limited time Tony @kimbers, iirc you’re doing the Surrey show? See you there 😎
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