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  1. Well it seems the Esprit is ever popular.. 100 watchers, and over a thousand views in just 24 hours. But how many of those watchers are owners trying to gauge the market? C’mon, ‘fess up 😂 many times did you say you’d been married?🤔
  2. Have you tried SWLC? they have remanufactured the LC one, but not sure about HC status Phil strongly advised against welding due to concentration of impurities in a cracked/holed manifold preventing a good repair.
  3. Top call Steve @910Esprit! OS top shock bolt about 3mm play...bush must have not been quite seated correctly when I first torqued up ....still, gave me a chance to double check all the other bolts and tighten the ARB ends to the distance tube rather than torque setting.
  4. Thanks @Barrykearley! As you know, it’s taken a while, but I’ve had some fun it but it now needs to go to someone else to completely finish it off. I no longer have the facilities, time, or marital sanction to keep it (and a new spine costs way too much) 😉
  5. ^^ SJ supplied MC - 5/8 bore (15mm), my supposed landy replacement measures at 19.2mm , nearer 3/4”. STC 500100, not 100500.... Hope you get it sorted.
  6. I believe so Eric, but someone more knowledgeable will surely confirm. it sounds like 84 was the changeover year. Is yours early or late? I think the vin gives month of manufacture?
  7. Hi Steve, back in 2016 (i found the thread looking for clutch help), you mentioned you are using a landy MC for your clutch. did you check the bore size? I ask cos Ive just replaced my brand new bearmach (STC100500 - quite possibly using that recommendation) with a Lotus one from SJ, and I noticed the bore size is larger on the bearmach. This would explain why you were getting 27mm throw at the slave, which could have been responsible for excessive force at the clutch plates? doesnt help with the mismatched diameters I dont think, but may be worth a check. I’ll measure my bearmach later for you.
  8. Unfortunately, today’s shakedown run on rough roads identified some front end issues. I can hear and metallic knocking through the pedals on sharp bumps. Can’t say whether its one side or both Front end suspension re-bushed, purple poly arb ends, and new trunnions and bush kits suspects are going to be interrogated tomorrow, with the list as follows : trunnion bolt torques. wheel bearings arb clamp torques steering rack bushes and clamps ball joints brake discs/calipers anything else I should be looking at, or has anyone had similar problems after refurbing? thx all
  9. Note for setting top-mounted clutch slave and fork for clearance - the gospel according to Steve of SJ - not quite as per the manual..... Set the pedal per the manual for the slave, Do NOT remove the return spring before adjusting (the weight of the fluid just ends up forcing the pushrod out to take up any free space between it and the adjusting screw, my observation prompting a call to Steve) bleed system fully , then wind the adjusting screw in towards the pushrod until, when you pull the top of the release fork back, there is no clearance. now back it off until you have 1-2 mm clearance from the pushrod to the release fork when pulling the fork back to test it. You have a couple of seconds before the pushrod starts to activate. job done.
  10. So, having got the MoT, I ended up away from home for the next two weeks....😡🤔 Got back and the clutch wasn’t playing ball (i suspect the new aftermarket master wasnt sealing correctly as I was getting erratic load on the pedal. One press would give some resistance, the next wouldnt.) so off to SJ to collect a new one and some setup advice from Steve and all is again well in the clutch world, with 19mm throw at the clutch and smooth, easy gearchanges👍🏻 See here for details...
  11. would depend for me on two things Eric.. 1 originality reqt, 2 whether you want to contain stuff you put in the boot... good luck either way, and enjoy 😉
  12. I think Eric was trying to say Lotus never supplied boot bags, but that they were added by the dealership? Personally I believe they were supplied with the cars from factory. in terms of detail, mine has three pop studs each side, and a thin metal rail screwed into the rear lip, hidden by a fold of the bag itself. the curly cutout around the boot springs says to me these bags were supplied to the same spec.
  13. I presume it is, Eric....has an original Bell and Colville pull tag on, and has ‘patina’😉
  14. As Steve said, For my ‘82....undertray, rad pack, and front spoiler need to come off, then they can be pulled straight out from the front. worth checking the heater pipes while you have the front end bits off too. have fun
  15. I got the same advice from Gary Kemp. Fortunately, I didn’t need to rip the head off my Esprit, but iirc, total cost was about £150 for new studs at the time. good luck!
  16. Thanks @jonwat ...another one that should have been credited above, along with the many Andys and Steves who helped me along the way.
  17. It’s been the regular updates from the like of you and Fabian that got me there, Roland! Keep up the good work, and I’ll set about detailing the process in the next week or so..
  18. Everything has a price Fabian lol...even has the original B&C keyfob style tag attached 😎 ...but I suspect @Steve V8 might be able to make you one?
  19. Many thanks to all on here for the advice and encouragement over the last six years, especially @slewthy, @johnpwalsh, @molemot , @Buddsy, @Lotusfab, @Paul Coleman, @Matt-watts, @cbclotus and so many others (Not least @Bibs for establishing this awesome resource!) It’s taken 5 years longer than planned due to family deaths, illnesses, relocation and other issues, but finally, just a few cosmetics left to do. It was Soooo good to drive it up to the MoT station, and then have to “go and warm it up properly 😉”, before the emissions test just a couple of taster pics before I retrospectively blog the process a la @Fridge
  20. ^^what he said They seem to fit ok, but only done 10 miles shakedown so far
  21. Watching.. glove box was the final item to fit in my case, and the front lip seems happiest sitting over the dashboard moulding. Not sure if its riveted or screwed in place, but it looks a bit untidy, so needs something to hold it down
  22. Not me chap. at 5’10”, i always found it supremely comfortable even on distances over 150 miles... mind you that was over 20 years ago when I was still in my twenties 😂
  23. I had a look under there because I was tidying the loom in that area. All I can say is good luck 😳 I couldnt see a way to get to the nozzle from inside...was able to trace the pipe to about the LH edge of the centre console, but no further. No dice going in thro the radio aperture either I’m afraid, so dont bother trying to take that out I was lucky that mine was just blocked nozzles, must use a fair flow of water as I got through a pint or so, hence the panic. in the end I took the pipe off the bottle and sucked all the water and crap back out. That, along with a lot of wiggling with a pin in the nozzles and a bit of 16 gauge G string did the trick
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