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  1. Some pics of the dismantling so far. Better records will be kept from here on in... It all felt very furry in the cockpit, until you sat down & choked on the dust... Tired lining, threadbare velour on all the corners Original foam still in pretty good condition Stripped bare Taking Patterns for the trim Rad since replaced and new 10 blade modern fans fitted into the repaired cowling A PO's sins compounded by a very dodgy repair job: And without this in the fuel pump's filter (not the 50p piece ),she might run a bit better... Actually, this is a pretty poor record for 15 years of dismantling. I will try to resolve & get some more representative pics before Xmas And Dave, thanks for another vote towards containing my costs - I'm sure it will all spiral out of control at some stage, but the later the better...
  2. LOL! Thanks for the forum Bibs. Been watching LEW for a while and finally figured the tie up between you. Decided to join both, but things seem much more interactive on here, so i figure this is where I'll be spending most of my research time.
  3. Iain, thought I'd jump over and have a peek at yours after your reply. Outstanding job for anyone, let alone a first-time painter! If Dad does as well on mine with his 50+ years of experience I'll be well happy Dave
  4. Hi Steve, She's been stored inside all the time I've owned her, and in a semi-working body shop for these last 15 years so humidity was relatively well controlled. Certainly when the interior came out (about 5 years ago) it was thead-bare and a bit musty, but certainly not mouldy. I certainly appreciate your comments on the engine approach and am secretly hoping that the consensus will be as you suggest - much better on the wallet that way. As for the tanks, they were drained about 10 years ago and as I want to take the engine out for a: belt and water pump changes and b: the experience, I figure I might as well do em anyway..
  5. Hi Ian, thanks for the info and yes, it is, isn't. You should see the parts cost estimate sheet! Did you replace "just because" or were originals definitely knackered?
  6. Yeah, I kind of agree, but that's my line in the sand. Assuming I can get Dad's mojo going again, he's a retiree with nothing but time on his hands , so the bodywork aspect can come on separately. I did the re-trim 5 years ago so that's just waiting to go back in,but I'll admit I do rather have a habit of overestimating my abilities/underestimating the work required...
  7. Hi All, First, a bit of history: I've owned this car for 20 years now, using her as a daily driver for one anda weekender for four of them, but she has now been stood awaiting a re-spray for 15, and not turned over or moved off ramp in all that time. My goal is to get her back on the road before September this year. She's pretty a pretty much original, n/a S3 with c75k miles on the clock, and old, dry R12 aircon system, but does have a new release bearing (& hopefully clutch plates - I can't remember & never got a receipt from the local specialist that did it so I guess I'll have to split the bell housing & check). In 1998 I was driving round theM25 on the way up to Lincoln for Dad to crack on with a full prep & repaint, when I smelled a familiar smell (couldn't quite put my finger on it, but as I was taking it easy whilst following a 40 footer as it was her first run in 2 years, I blamed the truck). Pulled off at 21a towards St Albans, put my foot on the brake...Brake...BRAKE???!!! Handbrake (Gulp). Finally remembered what burning brake lining smells like. Long story short, the third RAC truck to arrive was actually low enough to get the car onto without accidentally removing any bodywork, so after a 21 mile trip under her own power, the last 140 was done without me in attendance. Fast forward through 15 years of promises from Dad to "get it done this year, honest", we've now agreed that I'll also get my a**e in gear and go up for a weekend a month to get things done. So, for the project proper: Facilities: Albeit 160 miles from me, I'm extremely lucky that the old man has a fully equipped garage & body shop with all necessary tools, lifts & a ramp Budget: limited to £1.5-£2k at this stage (increasing as garage junk channels through my ebay account) so I may well be limited on engine work - but that's the bit I'd like most advice on. Now I know Esprits are delicate & quirky beasts, so I don't want to risk ending up in a worse situation that I'm in now (Actually, as 2 well known parts suppliers only offered me a grand for the car as she stands, I'm not sure that's even possible..) Interior: re-trimmed in blue/cream connolly hide 5 yrs back when we originally thought it was going to be back OTR in 6 months to follow sometime in Jan Bodywork: This was Dad's stock-in-trade, so no probs there. Going for same colour and original detailing & decals. I may (after some small scale trials) carbon skin the bumpers and door mirrors to update the look while keeping the black contrast against body colour. Electrics: LEDs all through while instrument binnacle out, check & renew connectors as required Engine: Has to come out to check/refurb tanks & fuel lines. Was running fine before storage. Potential probs after 14 years standing: valves/rings seized, oilways dry, valve seals deteriorated? but what else?? Should I do anything before taking the lump out? eg. spin crank manually to pump oil round. Can compression be tested without running it up? Obvious things to do once out: Cambelt & ancillaries, water pump check/refurb, manifold off & replace any studs as required. carb check/re-seal kit, float height checks etc Chassis - Checking suspension bushes. How much easier with the engine out? Will a standard MOT tester identify worn/tired rubber? Should I replace with new PU ones all round (it's an Esprit after all, and handling is it's raison d'etre...)? Do they make THAT much difference?? New trunions almost certainly, same goes for braided brake & clutch hoses and caliper and cylinder overhaul/replacements as required Well, off for now while awaiting the flood of helpful advice I'm confident will follow Thanks in advance Dave
  8. Yes, as a callow youth, I fell for that one while on secondment to the toolroom guys - IIRC the stores kept me there for over an hour, but now, the WAIT is over... It's time to get back on to the full restoration of my 1981 S3 n/a. I'll be starting a blog and hassling many of you for hints and advice, but so far thanks to Slewthy, Buddsy, Andyclements and Hilly among others for the quality documenting of their own experiences - I reckon you've saved me 50 hours and about £100 already (so full membership on its way ) & I haven't started yet. The avatar pic was taken c.2002 on Dad's ramp, only sig.diff. to date is the removal of the aftermarket gutter pipe, but we have a PLAN! The Plan: go from where we are now to road ready status by September this year, starting with engine out, tanks/fuel lines checked, brakes, clutch etc re-hosed, and then see how much of the anticipated advice falls within budget. Thanks in advance Dave
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