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  1. So guys, is the washer tube Accessible from under the dash without removing anything/everything? Passed the MoT yesterday 🍾🍾, but the washers stopped working on the way back. Could be blocked nozzles, but I seem to have lost a lost of water from the bottle which isnt evident in the bonnet compartment, so I suspect a split or disconnected pipe . any advice anyone?
  2. Cheers Brett, time for another root through the box of old bolts and stuff then 😳, or failing that, another £25 into Steve’s pockets...
  3. Big day tomorrow as I go for an MOT but... fitted steering wheel properly for the first time today, and there’s a shed load of play where the wheel sits on the column. parts manual section 32.05a indicates collets and a locating ring that sits just below the splines, but I dont have these. Dad took it apart many moons ago, so it is possible they have been lost 😡 the wheel boss itself flares into a taper forward of the splines, while the steering shaft is not tapered. Does the collet arrangement mate to the taper, or am I looking for some sort of tapered bush instead? looking at SJ website, the collets are tapered, but not very deep... (been away for the art fair at Windsor and good to meet @Kimbers and his better half there, but it meant a few days lost on MoT prep) @Sparky..., hope you recover soon. I did suggest to Tony that he dropped the Gin art in on the way back but I can’t publish his reply on that one😉 thanks for any help
  4. Looks like 4 Esprits to me : yellow TE on left, Black S2? Middle, white S2 right, and the 300 top left. Man got taste!
  5. Well done Nic... I was obviously lucky with mine, new hydraulics all round, but no changes to the box itself. Only took me a full day to find all the gears but not been out to road test yet, just a few yards back and forth, so fingers crossed on that one... i agree though, that the cross gate adjustments are very finely set...half a turn either way from the optimum made reverse almost impossible to find.... I also found that my re-trimmed gaitor was fouling with the stick, preventing it from properly selecting 5th, so the foam scrim had to be surgically removed from the inside of that too.
  6. I’ll be there with Karen on Stand 41 on Friday night for the PV, and if anyone needs any more tickets than @Kimbers can provide, just let us know. Karen’s work can be found here for anyone interested: Cheers Tony, look forward to meeting you at set up 🛠🛠
  7. Thanks guys, All the bits for this came from SWLC, inc the genuine carb rebuild kit, but I’ve yet to run it OtR, ....and while it was looking promising, I couldnt get #4 balanced as closely as I’d have liked, but then I found the vac take off from that pot wasnt properly tightened 🤔. rebalancing over next day or two now that fuel levels are set correctly. Wish me luck🤞🏻
  8. Hi @jonwat New Orings in the spacers, but I was going by the manual here... Last line states “ uniform gap 1mm ...etc”, which contradicts the diagram. In my case, the rear carbs weren’t clamping at the 2.2 and 1.9 dimensions, so I reverted to the 1mm quoted in the text. what would be the implications (other than leaks, which I will find easily enough) of the smaller spacing? I mounted the carbs to the manifold on the bench to keep an eye on the O ring displacement possibilities... thanks, Dave
  9. I’ll start a new thread to ask you for some help John...
  10. Thanks John, I”ll go back and re-check the spacings.... fuel heights successfully set....😅
  11. Hi Jason, glad to hear it all worked. just managed to get mine level, and I have the following, so obvs need to make adjustments Averaging 3mm (I also set static float height to 16mm) I assume your fuel level also sit this wonky in the carbs? So did you set it to an average 27mm, or bias towards the lhs (jet stack). Meantime, Mean average is what I shall aim for @MikeJ, I would also appreciate your review of performance on this based on yr changes above... thx, Dave
  12. Thanks guys... Pete, no cutouts in my shelves, and they sit level to the quarterlights when resting on the seat belt reel (exactly as Brett’s pic above). I wonder of Lotus just put them in ‘cos thats how the S2 was made, not allowing for the change to early S3s shelf design? Giorgio. Yes my wooden shelf sits in The same place as yours (on the left, first pic))...the brackets in question are the ones shown just above this in your second pic to either aide on the seatbelt mounting bracket. i’ll take a pic tomorrow am of the overall shelf position just for completeness, but I suspect either there was a wooden block on top of each bracket to support the front of the shelf (which I dont recall), or they were just leftovers from the S2 design.... the shelf front is tied back to the top of the engine surround by an L shaped bracket as well, just not to the bilkhead
  13. Thanks Giorgio, but I dont think its those either. The wooden shelves (above the tanks), are already in place about 4” below the level of these brackets. another pic with the shelf placed in situ just in the shelf sits atop the belt reel, and against the bulkhead, but with no fixing point to either...
  14. Thanks Brett, but not quite... Im after whats under the shelf (if anything) attached to the brackets in my pic. thanks anyway!
  15. Can anyone shed light on the engine compartment parcel shelf build for me? Cant find anything 8n parts or WS manuals... shelf sits above the belt reel, which has a metal bracket with two holes on each side , but too low for the shelf to sit. No evident matching holes in the shelf itself either. Should there be a block or something on top of the brackets? Otherwise, the forward edge of the shelf doesnt seem to fix to anything. TIA
  16. So easily done least you’re getting there faster than me!
  17. See you there....for the duration! Karen decided to do this one after success at Newbury back in the summer. The Things We do for Love, eh? 😉
  18. Jani, There’s nothing remotely like a sensor in that position on my 912 engine, looks like its mounted into the carb cooling manifold to the block? but my temp sensor wire is blue.... Might be worth finding out if lotus sited it on the manifold for early engines, then moved it to the stat housing. Maybe you have a later stat housing for some reason? Good luck
  19. Must be an awful lot in that box then 😉
  20. €30k? Wow! That is on the high side, even if t does look like very good original condition....a roadworthy RHD failed to sell on ebay recently for £16k. Those carbs look rather stained as it there’s been fuel spillage on them? Do you have a Lotus specialist/enthusiast available who could look it over for you?
  21. Pascal, do a search on “crank end float” on here, there is a wealth of info (some admittedly quite scary) about the varying stages, plus the correct way to check it. If the vendor is willing, I would do it properly with dial gauages etc... and read the service history in detail, it may be included in there, but it would still be worth doing a full check since apparently there are two elements to the mod (one on the shell, and the other on one of the bearings...see @Matt-watts messages), and occasionally the second gets missed. but dont let it put you off either way, looks a lovely car and Im sure some adjstment on price could be negotiated if necessary... atb, Dave
  22. Here’s the detail re the mod: It’s a post by molemot about 3/4 down the page. engine no 20875 seems to be the cutoff, so it does suggest you are in the “definitely worth checking” zone 🙁 and yes, S3 share the turbo’s galvanised chassis
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