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  1. Does heating gently help? And what is unobtainable, Giorgio? The glass or the mirror body? the loom on mine terminates in the connections to the mirror on the passenger side (no in-car connectors), so i have to feed the cable thro the door from the inside and plug the mirror in before fixing it on... might well add some connectors to make it easier.
  2. Kind of glad to hear today's youth can still do a degree in engineering, rather than being limited to social media studies and youghurt weaving Congrats, and good lick on the trip!
  3. Simon's pics here Are clear and instructive, note the cutuouts at the corner areas to help the bend. Just be careful not to nick the face (or your paintwork) when the rivet gun kicks back as the rivet shaft snaps.
  4. Satch is a huge part of my listening history too, but I'll never get anywhere close to either of you! Saw him in about 1991 at the Hammy Apollo, 2-3 years after seeing SRV there...fantastic stuff Awesome learning and playing, dude!
  5. Whoever designed that must have grown up reading Batman comics....
  6. Fwiw, another vote for the contrary step of richening the mixture. my carbs (912 in an Esprit S3) were set at six and a half full turns out, and emissions were never a problem.....that said, last time it was tested was in '93 and running on four star.😳, and the exhaust routing is obviously different. You could also make sure you're running on BP ultimate to clean it up. A tree surgeon friend was advised by Stihl to only use that quality of fuel after he started to feel ill from the fumes at the end of a days work, even though he's 50ft up in the open air and near the coast! It made a huge difference. I'll be watching closely as I'm almost at the point of getting mine running consistently now...
  7. 😢 always sad to lose a loved pooch. i'm sure she had the best of lives.
  8. I can also confirm, thanks to Andy's pointers, that the master cylinder is indeed from the Capri (several versions EXCEPT the 2.8i, which has a bigger bore) Borg and Beck reference is BBM 4078, ford part no: 6069633 and they can be had on ebay for £37... got mine from Parts in Motion (would have been £86 inc delivery from SJ) Same diameter and config of holes throughout, same threads (M10 fine), and 20.6mm main bore. Also comes with the seals for the reservoir. a video on bleeding dual circuit Mcs here:
  9. Which part # 14 Christian? There appear to be sevaral 014 bits of jointing hose in the pic above?
  10. Out of interest Chris, do you have a glovebox courtesy light? i have a connector with white/red, green/lilac and lilac wires, as well as a rectangular hole in the top left of the glovebox. nowt on the wiring diagram shows a courtesy light, and I dont have one in my box of bits, but the clabling colours tie in with the loghting circuits. thx in advance dave
  11. Here's a pic of my S3 latch in case it's of any help...although the S3 has a latch either side rather than a central one... no apparent small holes, just the two locators and the grommet. (Assuming you mean the 2-3mm holes?)
  12. For anyone's future reference, the signal wire goes to terminal 2. On the SJ replacement alternator earth comes from the mounting points, so just the two wires connected. looks like my ignition light failure emmanates from somwhere else. Oh joy.
  13. Also just spotted the spade connector to the left of the starter cable, but none of the options alone gives me an ignition light when the signal wire is connected. The body of alternator is earthed to the engine. should there be another wire going back to earth with this new alternator? A call to SJ in the morning, I think...
  14. Well this is where I've stuck that errant earth as there was nowhere else obvious to put it.( @PilotSteve fyi) It does mean I have 2 earths to the revcounter, but I think it's all now in line with the wiring diagram, and everything seems to light up when it should..... ....except the ignition light 😡, but I still need to wire up the replacement alternator from SJ. If anyone has one of these, which terminal does the brown/yellow wire connect to please? 1 or 2? Jamie did tell me on collection, but that was a while back....😗
  15. Not that brave? V8 springs to mind 😂
  16. Thanks Rick, the rev counter is earthed back to the loom so I'll use that. that just leaves me with the spare black wire coming from the loom with the ring connector, which looks like it's meant to go round a bolt, but whether to a chassis point or on the instruments is unclear.
  17. Unless it's a Porsche 😉 Welcome aboard!
  18. Old thread, but perfect for my question. I too have these kicking around behind the binnacle. The wiring diag indicates that the VS casing should be earthed. Can anyone tell me if it is generally mounted to the chassis (and if so, where) or just attached to a (black) earth wire? I just happen to have one of those with no apparent purpose coming from the same bit of loom binding, but it has a 10mm ring attached to the end of it. thx in advance
  19. Thanks does indeed seem to be an integral part of the brake switch, which is hidden beautifully out of view right on top of the brake pedal 😂 It looks like it clips onto the body in front of the plunger and nut, but Im gonna have to take it all out to make sure : a- its not broken b- it actually works as it should have a good weekend
  20. Thanks Lez. I dont think it's that though....there doesnt seem to be any sort of plunger mech or way of fixing it into a bracket, and it is probably a bit high and forward to be able to mount to the pedal, but Ill crawl back under there tomorrow and check. the presence of the capacitor makes me think it's a bit more involved than simply being a switch too.
  21. Brett, I think Lotusbits do a full stainless system for ours with a larger bore, but it's not cheap. SWLC have remanufactured the manifolds, but that wouldnt be any sort of upgrade I guess.
  22. ...and probably not for the last time, I'm not too familiar with electrics. The fact that I need to x-ref about four of the wiring diagrams to find everything thats fitted to the car doesnt help much either..... So this is under the rhs of the binacle, red wires are the legs of a capacitor bridging the two contact. Cant find any ref to green/purple (or lilac) wires on the schematics, except one jojning the brake light bulb to the switch. This bit seemsto be bound with the loom that also seems to supply the brake switch contacts. though it was something to do with the fibre optics, but pretty sure not now. Could it be the Ac air temp sensor? Does something sit inside it using those metal contacts (doesnt look like bulb fittings)? thanks guys
  23. Rolling around the floor getting covered in fibreglass is no fun at any age.....unless you are of a certain masochistic disposition! You must be chuffed to be so close to finishing this amazing looking project Fabian.....I'm just hoping to get mine actually roadworthy! On the subject of which, would you mind commenting on my recent post asking for help on wiper module positioning/fixing?
  24. A little (more!) help please guys?! I've read through many of the posts, and as far as I can make out, the wiper module sits inside the dash to the left of the steering wheel, and needs the black earth connected to it as well. Mine has no back plate, just an exposed circuit board, and seems to be curved as if it has sat in the curved form of the lower dash , but I have no locating pins or visible bolts to fix it (and the earth) to... pic one is whre I think it sits, and pic 2 shows the curvature and (likely ?) earth wire.... any confirmation would be appreciated. Thanks.
  25. Just happened to be inside mine when u posted...this one? .looks to be about .5-.75mm thick steel, riveted on. No idea of,purpose unless there are holes behind it to Be covered up? Shaped the same at both ends... i doubt its strong enough to be any kind of structural....i can ping it with a fingernail..
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