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  1. Useful info above , thanks all. One addition to the offset dog info: Just put mine back in following the manual's precedure to set at 10deg BTDC, and ended up with the dizzy 180 degrees out, so the cable exit hole was pointing upwards which seemed wrong, and the rotor arm was pointing to #4. I then realised that the ingition sprocket turns twice for every crank revolution, so another turn brought it back round to the right dizzy position, where the slot in the drive spindle is offset to the right of centre, and #1 rotor lined up as it should.
  2. That Upol reface is a godsend, isn't it? Excellent as a conversion coat and surface filler. Glad to see you're still cracking on! Should be doing the front bodyline trim on mine today if it doesnt rain.
  3. Eric, my SP also as described above, but as my carbs are currently on the workbench.... Free movement of the mechanism by hand is 90 degrees from stop to stop. Fairly sure far less than that is actuated by use of the lever though. ATB
  4. How much hassle did you have getting the angles right between the filler neck and the body? Any tips there? for me, and I really struggled, ( but now realise I have to do it again cos I didnt silicone the inner!. 😡), once the filler tube was in place on both the tank and the filler neck, the mating face angles really did NOT want to play -- flush at the bottom but 5mm gap at the top) I got there in the end by iterative tightening of the screws to pull in the filler neck, but it felt like there was unnecessary stress involved to do it. tried spinning the hose round, but that didnt seem to help either...
  5. I'll stick a couple n the car. let me know if you want to hook up and collect them.
  6. Normal propane torch worked fine for me. Had an old bit to play on, and followed the inx to the letter (stainless brush, heating substrate, not rod etc) . took a chisel to it afterwards and damaged the test piece, but couldnt dislodge the new material. there are other alternatives..Dad picked one up from a model show a while back, and we couldnt get that to work, but werent using stainless prep brush at the time.
  7. Fabian, try HTS2000 for you pipe repairs from these guys: Aluminium brazing rods...will try to stick a Pic up later, but I had great success with it on my heater pipes last week. Make sure you have a stainless steel brush. going to try a door handle repair in a week or so, too ATB, Dave
  8. In addition to the Esprit? Good luck with it either way....
  9. ^^...according to Ben @SWLC, there are often spare O rings once the rebuild is finished. Cheers, Ben
  10. Can anyone set my mind at rest here, please? Attached pic is the SWLC OE service kit for the NA, but I appear to have a couple of spare bits: the single O ring and extra ally washer T the top left by the blanking gasket. I suspect the ally washer has been doubled up, as there was already one on each needle jet, tbut the extra (third of one size) O ring has me baffled. All others matched as per layout. have I missed one? TIA.
  11. Cheers Ian. Off to SJ tomoz for alternator and other bits anyway....👍🏻 Would I be right to assume that any shims would only be here, not at the top of the housing?
  12. Hi all, just dropping the gearbox oil and noticed these numbers on the sump adjacent to the bellhousing. 020, twice, rhs of pic by the bolts. do they indicate a shimming requirement? Seem to recall washers involved when it was split, but cant really remember... TIA
  13. Pah, you've only had it a year 😂😂 Its good to make sure you do a job a day though, things really come together that way. Hope to re-start my (now retrospective) thread soon. And the offer of an extra eye on any of your problems is still there. glad its coming along!
  14. If you have a flaring tool, could you not run the clutch hydraulics in standard brake pipe. iirc @Barrykearley did it that way on one of his numerous Esprit adventures. Used an expansion loop in the engine bay to allow for flexing i think? think you'd still need to get the appropriate end fittings though? Barry?
  15. You mentioned doing the capping rails the other day...hows that going? i presume you did them on your S1, but there are some great pics from @simon a-b otherwise. I just followed them and got mine sorted in about 2h per side.
  16. Hi Phil, if you've measured the end float, I would doubt that's the problem... mine was .013" (right at the top of the wear limit, not the tolerance band) and was easily visible to the naked eye at the crank pulley end, but still no adverse noise from the engine as you've been hearing. Another dti check at the crank pulley should set your mind at rest though...?
  17. I'm sure I've seen somewhere on here that someone added a mod for the failure scenario.. iirc, it was essentially a piece of string tied up under the rear valance 😳.??...but apparently, it worked perfectly!
  18. Hope things are progressing well here, Sparky. 'scuse my ignorance, but what are the syptoms of cam tower leaks, and under what conditions would they normally be spotted? Just in case I ever get my bloody car going again, like.... Tia, Dave
  19. Not sure if it helps, but ive just measured (drill blanks) and replaced my fuel hose with cohline from merlin motorsport. Got appropriate stainless fuel clamps too.. measurements were 9mm (3/8) from tanks to fuel cut off (1.5m total), and 6mm (1/4) through to the carbs(1m total). Remember tho mine is the NA.
  20. What are you then? 4'3"?? no wonder you love Esprits...
  21. @PhilW...did you get this sorted? another option is called HTS 2000... good youtube vids showing its capabilities, and most on line reviews seem to confirm it. Got mine yesterday from a place in wiltshire, but still waiting for the (apparently essential) stainless wire brush to prep it with.
  22. Was checking this for mine yesterday....Addition of bumper trim must have been fairly S3 didn't have any, and looking at pics of @hopo's identical one here : Neither did that. Did you source new rubber, Fabian, and if so, where from? i like the idea of the extra protection on installation.
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