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  1. Thx for the reply Andy...

    mine is an AC model. Any idea if the same unit would have been used on the NA and Turbo? It's a motorola one, but I dont have the number to hand.

    1. Andyww


      Not sure about the NA. They are both Motorola. The easy one has two thin "ears" where the long mounting bolt goes through and the later difficult one has a very wide (50mm or so) ear where it goes through.

    2. DaveyT


      Then from your description I appear to be in luck? Thanks...



  2. Hi Phil, moved to here cos I dont want to hijack Fabians thread..

    Re: comps -- I should be so lucky!...mine is a standard S3, so the wheels are BBS, but I assume the powder coating issue is related to coating thickness vs. The interference fit onto the hub. May be wrong though..

    ATB with your project

    1. PhilW


      Dave. Everything is a bit of a faf to get it right. I don't think the Comps issue will be sorted by end of the month so will be running a spare set of BBS that I have. Fortunately they have gold centres so perfect for the car. Comps will go on but have to be right before the swap. Looking forward to some better weather now and getting out on the road. 

    2. DaveyT


      Not bad here today though...up in Heacham for Mothers day and glad of it by the look of the Cornish forecast! Aiming to be back OTR by the Bude Car show around the end on May.

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