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    Lotus Emira

    I'd rather an Emira for $200k over a similar spec Cayman GTS any day of the week, although I get the whole issue on resale, Porsche is pretty good. As they say 'you have to pay to play'.
  2. ACP

    Lotus Emira

    That's a shame. What did they think it was going cost?
  3. ACP

    Lotus Emira

    In Australia, a similar spec Cayman GTS is $225k (that's what I got to on the configurator) compared to the $185k for the Emira LE, but I think the Cayman was drive away price, so with dealer deliver, stamp duty and registration there's probably $25k difference in favour of the Emira.
  4. I have heard through the grapevine that the Emira will get a version of the AMG V8 for its swansong in a couple of years, and that's why the screen was showing 480 bhp in one of the videos. Anyone else heard this too?
  5. The Evora will have an electric folding soft-top that will take up most of the space where the rear seats are. Well, according to the guy that's developing it anyway in the video here.
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