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    1979 Esprit S2, 1999 Esprit Sport 350
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  2. Esprit S2, 79070784G, Mike Dickison, Milton Keynes, UK
  3. I've done it the other way round, if you see what I mean. My S2 came with S3 bumpers fitted by a previous owner. I eBayed them and have converted back to the original (more subtle) S2 ones. The only mod that had been done to fit the S3 bumpers on my car was that the flange where the black strip glues on had been locally ground down to allow the edge of the wrap-around sides of the bumpers to fit and a few holes drilled to bolt them on. So I expect that S2 bumpers could be fitted to your S3 with little difficulty but maybe some localised paint work. Mike
  4. Perei (see may be the original manufacturer. I remember seeing a very similar looking one recently in their catalogue. They are in Aldershot (Hants). Mike
  5. I agree with Gordon's comments. His experience with aftermarket dampers comes as no surprise. I will buy a set of Eibach springs and Bilstein dampers from Lotus (assuming the price is not exorbitant) if they eventually become available. Hopefully Lotus won't base their decision simply on a financial payback calculation but will also consider the plight of owners of the older Esprits who want to get their cars handling like a proper Lotus again. Mike
  6. I doubt that Lotus had anything to do with it. GTD made Ford GT40 replicas (kit cars) and a few race car replicas. I think they stopped trading a few years ago.
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