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  1. I cannot get the rear wheel bearing out of my hub :crybaby: I have tried putting the hub in the oven at 180C and I've tried heating it up with a blow lamp but I just can't shift the bearing. There is so little inside the bearing to actually get a drift on that I'm thinking of cutting a couple of slots in the lip of the casting which the bearing mates to, so that next time I can actually get to the bearing face to hit the damn thing. I presume my only course of action is to try and press it out? Anybody out there had a similar problem?

    Cheers, Paul.


    If all else fails I have access to a 10 ton press that popped my bearings out without a problem.


  2. I think it's only an inch higher and should still be an improvement.

    Has no one tried to swap an S3 front bumper for an S2?


    I've done it the other way round, if you see what I mean. My S2 came with S3 bumpers fitted by a previous owner. I eBayed them and have converted back to the original (more subtle) S2 ones. The only mod that had been done to fit the S3 bumpers on my car was that the flange where the black strip glues on had been locally ground down to allow the edge of the wrap-around sides of the bumpers to fit and a few holes drilled to bolt them on. So I expect that S2 bumpers could be fitted to your S3 with little difficulty but maybe some localised paint work.


  3. I've just been on the phone to Steve @ SJ about ordering some parts for my series 1 and he mentioned the lower front suspension arm bush modification. The other phone at his end was ringing off the hook and I didn't really understand what he was telling me. So can anybody enlighten me please? It seems that the early S1s had an Opel bush (which looks different at each end) and this was superceded by a Lotus bush (which looks the same at both ends) so far, so good. Apparently, to change from the original to the new is a major drama which involves cutting/drilling/welding etc and runs to about
  4. Just had the dreaded MOT and she sailed through except one of the side indicators wasn't working so I went and bought a new bulb then tried to take the lense off. The screw was rock solid and the screwdriver mashed the slots so I drilled it out to find the unit completely corroded. The earth cable rivet had transformed itself into white powder and so was not connecting the cable for a start plus the moulding around the clamp screw had disintegrated at some point so it was a combination or rust and oxidisation that was holding the lense in place.

    Anyway, I need a new! Any Ideas? Not listed on SJ's site or


    Perei (see may be the original manufacturer. I remember seeing a very similar looking one recently in their catalogue. They are in Aldershot (Hants).


  5. I agree with Gordon's comments. His experience with aftermarket dampers comes as no surprise. I will buy a set of Eibach springs and Bilstein dampers from Lotus (assuming the price is not exorbitant) if they eventually become available. Hopefully Lotus won't base their decision simply on a financial payback calculation but will also consider the plight of owners of the older Esprits who want to get their cars handling like a proper Lotus again.


  6. Hmmm... looks like I could be the guinea pig on this one then!!

    I made a steel petrol tank some years ago to replace the fibreglass one in my Ginetta G15. I took it to the zinc platers and they said that the inside would not get plated because the electrode would not have the "throwing power" to cover the internal surfaces. They also warned that the inner surfaces would corrode very quickly after plating, because they had been chemically cleaned prior to plating and would be bare. They were right. The outside had a nice even gold passivated finish and the inner surfaces were red-rust within minutes of the tanks being washed down after plating. So I wouldn't bother with plating if you are hoping to protect the inner surfaces from rusting.

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