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  2. Can't offer any advice, but I will watch this one with interest Out of interest, with race mode enabled, what's your concern with the current rear grip? At some of the lower speed/tight corners at some of the racetracks here, I can out-accelerate a GTR out of the corners.
  3. Re: the DS3000's - yeah - I've been told as such (ie - they're not great street pads), but the only driving my lotus seems to do on the street is driving to and from race-tracks. It's likely I'll just get the RS14's - they're pricey, but seem like a safe bet. No worries! Yep - that's correct.
  4. Jokke, what LSD did you fit to the car, and how do you find it goes with Race Mode enabled?
  5. Steve - Jack (a few posts up) has done that on his Cup R. Unfortunately, you can't get things like notification of Traction control mode (Eg. race mode) to display on the AIM Dash, so it's not a complete replacement. That being said, given the car has a distinct change in RPM when you activate it, I'm not sure you need a special light on the dash.
  6. I managed 7 track days out of my Hankook Z221's and still had 2-3 events left in them, however, had a tyre let go on the freeway (caused by a puncture) so destroyed the rubber. I didn't even realise the tyre had let go until a following car pointed out there was smoke coming from the back left hand side of the car. No damage whatsoever to the rim either, so pretty impressed with the quality of this rubber. Going to try the Yokohama A050's next though to see how they go. Cheers, matt
  7. Sounds excellent! Is it just the rear muffler, or have you done the full exhaust?
  8. Wow - that's Porsche Turbo/GTR fast.
  9. I'm about 50% through my second set (DS2500's front/rear). Wear seems pretty consistent front/back, however, now that I'm wearing sticky tyres (Semi-Comp Hankook Z221s), I'm finding that the wear rate has gone up significantly. I've never experienced any fade and/or drop in brake performance, however, the DS2500's look like they won't last as long as my tyres have! I'm probably going to go either DS3000 or RS14's. Cheers, matt
  10. Nice one! An 11.8 is flying! What sort of MPH did you run? High teens? I definitely have to come see your car! I caught up with Darrin (Who had the SSC intercooler kit) recently and he was explaining just how fast the car was with that sort of power, which sounds crazy! How do you find the race-mode system works with that power?
  11. Awesome - almost worth a flight to the UK especially for the occasion!
  12. I've purchased Hankook Z221's for my car. It's exclusively a weekend toy and most of my street driving these days seems to revolve around driving to and from a racetrack. 215/45/17 and 265/35/18 in medium compound. Have done 7 track days with them now and wear is pretty even across the entire tyre (both front and rear), do 90% of my track driving in race mode although I usually do the first session in sport. I'm nearly due for a new set and would definitely buy them again. FWIW - THey're not great in the wet/cold until you warm them up.
  13. Lancelin2k7 - did you stretch it's legs and do a 1/4 mile? 0-100 in 3.1 seconds is pretty epic and well down on the 3.8-3.9 factory time.
  14. Have done 15+ track days in my Exige S, the last 7 on sticky semi-comp rubber and no such issues with oil starvation. Lotus Racing offers a baffled sump, but it's pretty expensive and I'm not sure if it's worth it to be honest.
  15. hah - 30mm even! Yep - same. I'm 187cm and other than having to do a bit of stretching before I get in/out, once I'm in the car it's fine. Size 13 feet and find that if I wear runners it's hard to heel/toe/drive the car. A set of Puma street shoes solved that. The Steering wheel brought closer fixed the knee space problem and made the car heaps easier to heel/toe.
  16. I don't have the courage to go full throttle mid corner especially on some of the more daunting ones at some of the tracks here, however, at every track I've been two, switching from Sport to Race I typically go about 2 seconds a lap faster.
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    My car has been great. Two minor problems, one with a roof rattle, which has subsequently been fixed. Seem to have a rattle in the drivers door which I'll get fixed next service and also an intermittent fault (happened twice in 10 months) around the car going into limp mode.. Something to do with misfires. There's a new ECU update which fixes it which I'm getting at next service. 10 track days since I've picked up the car, and only thing it's needed has been consumables (brake pads + oil changes).
  18. I like all those options, happy for some to be options though. As a taller driver, I've actually spaced out my steering column by about 30cm which provides a much nicer seating position over factory, but totally agree that the lack of adjustment is bloody frustrating.
  19. Nice! Out of interest - does the CupR have the traction control modes? Reason I ask is that I was wondering whether you could display that data (which mode you're in) onto one of these dashes? I'd like to put one of these in my Exige S, and that's the only thing I can think of which I'd need from the existing dash that this would provide.
  20. Thanks guys - sounds like it's a probably a bit too much trouble.
  21. re: feeling less confident, that's exactly how I'd describe the corsas. There's plenty of grip, but because the sidewalls flex a lot more than the trofeo's, it feels like the car is beginning to "slip" when infact it isn't. Makes high speed cornering feel nervous IMO.
  22. Thanks for the reply Jack. Yep - removed the ABS sensor bracket - to your point, gave the car another .25 degree. I'll have a bit more of a look (by me, I mean my suspension guy) at the alignment settings and see what else I can get. Appreciate the feedback!
  23. Hi Jack, Try this: Medium Compound part numbers. 215/45ZR17W 1012647 265/35ZR18Y 1012651 From here:
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