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  1. Hi, Thanks for that. I did notice the ad (In English) on Lotus Esprit World as part of my search but it isn't the car for me. Thanks again for the input tho. Cheers, Jim
  2. I am on the lookout for a Turbo Esprit. Must be in top condition, well maintained and comprehensively documented. Ideal would be white with red leather. Cheers, JIm
  3. Many thanks for organising this Brian. Wendy and I had a great breakfast and great fun. Jim
  4. A really big THANKS to everyone who turned up at the Scottish Aero Club at Perth Airfield today. During the course of the LEGS Breakfast meet we had 10 aircraft in the sky, pretty much non stop, offering flights.... 5 Flexwing Microlights, 2 Fixed Wing Microlights and 3 LAA Fixed Wing aircraft plus the Spitfire doing the cool stuff that Spitfires do. Obviously only the folk who flew Flexwing have experienced proper flying tho, and anyone who didn't ... well you know where to start next time The Touchdown Cafe had a great day and when I popped in after the event to see how it had gone they told me they only had 1 egg left. So I had an egg roll and Wendy says she saved me a cake Anyhow, I expect (well at least I hope) that the car folk had a good meet. This is just to let you know, from the other side of the fence, that the flying folk had one too. As a favour.. if anyone has good photos could they put them on the LEGS Facebook page so I can link it to the Scottish Aero Club page. There are a whole bunch of pilots who didn't really see any cars Jim
  5. Guys.. I have said that anyone who gets to fly will stick at least £10 in the tin. That has brought a few more pilots out of the woodwork to join in.... including the chap who flies this Spitfire (although I am not too sure that there is a pax seat in it) Hope that is ok.
  6. I got my flying helmets painted by an Airbrush artist and can go one better than leathers.. Cross posted on SE.. The cafe is normally closed on a Sunday and they usually make a point of not opening for meets However, they are doing me a big favour by opening from 10am till 12 like last year so it would be good if everyone tucked in heartily in appreciation On a similar note: there is no direct charge for anyone who gets flying since the pilots are volunteering freely. But, there is obviously a cost to running the flying machines. I think Stuart and Simon (the helicopter pilots who did most of the flying last year) were burning avgas at 8 gallons per hour for 3 hrs and were about £250ish out of pocket between them...but they had a great time!! Anyhow, there is a "Donations" tin in the Club by the kettle and if anyone who gets in the sky wants to quietly put anything in then I am sure it will be appreciated by the right people. No one will take money, no one will ask for money and it is more of a reaslisation (by me) that it is the same pilot folk who tend to do the volunteering and some of their costs are a bit more significant that others.
  7. Roll up, roll up Surely there will be a lot more Loti in the carpark then red things
  8. Any more interest? The Ferrari Owners Club had a meet there today. Good turnout of cars including another half dozen Fcars not in this shot inc an F40 LM. A few Maserati, Astons (and an s1 Elise) and other stuff were kept out of the pics Jim
  9. Too late for me to offer any helpful input, but my last Esprit GT3 had previously been looked after by Carden Motors in Aberdeen for 2 (possibly 3) services. I recall that one of the mechanics was Lotus trained and they were very helpful, knowledgeable and accomodating when the car blew an oil cooler on the morning the new purchaser was flying up from Norwich to drive it way!!
  10. Golly, :blush: Thanks Guess I can have a proper look around now We will do it all again in Spring / Early summer. The SAC are keen. Should be good with the sky buzzing with aircraft and the carpark stuffed with cars.
  11. Well... it wasn't windy Hope everyone had an ok morning and enjoyed some of the stuff that goes on at the Scottish Aero Club. I hadn't given any thought as to "queue management" or allocating places for folk to fly in different things since the plan was for there to be half a dozen microlights buzzing around the sky plus the gyrocopter, helicopter and a couple of the cessnas so that effectively there would be no need to queue. Anyhow... despite the weather, the folk at the Aero Club thought it was a great day. They counted 38 cars and nearly 80 visitors to the Club (including friends of friends etc who came along just to see the cars!!) The helicopter guys gave 25 flights and were real stars as were the other pilots and the guy in the Control Tower behind the scenes who decided to take an optimistic view of the viability in allowing anything to get off the ground. The folk in the cafe also appreciated the custom. If the Feedback is that this is something that you would like repeated then I am sure it can be arranged again for spring / early summer. Thoughts welcome.
  12. To fair, the Scottish Aero Club have been really keen to "join in" and seem as keen to see the cars and fly people as much as the drivers may be to see the aircraft and be flown. Even down to the small cafe agreeing to open up specially on the day so that the Breakfast Meet can actually get some Breakfast As was mentioned in the initial proposal, the Club are obviously hoping that someone may decide to take up a new hobby, or enjoy a wee trial flight so much they want to come back for a longer one or even think about the Microlight / Gyrocopter Flying Vouchers as a gift. The helicopter pilot is a bike / car enthusiast and will be using his own helicopter to provide flights for like minded folk. I think that Kingsfield Helicopters are covering the cost of that again in the hope that if anyone in the future "thinks helicopter" whether that be learning to fly, trial flight, gift experience, corporate requirement etc then the will think of Kingsfield. All good. There isn't any particular booking arrangement as such since the hope/expectation is that there should be enough folk to accomodate everyone over the period. Anyhow.. parking on the day. The main SAC carpark which has been set aside (for the nice cars) is the red/blue stripey one which is tucked down the back of the cafe. There is a general carpark (yellow) available infront of the tower for those arriving incognito
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