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  1. I bought it from Harry @ Viking, he says it is a factory one.
  2. How about the crank sensor. It has a GM Delphi plug on it, I would imagine it should cross to some sort of GM, anyone?
  3. Well thank you all for your insight. Here is an update. I checked all of the above first as I agree with most of you too start with the simple stuff. I talked to Harry with Viking motorsports in so Cal (invalubleHelp over my Esprit ownership, and if anyone is here is fortunate to live in his proximity, I highly recomend his shop) he suggested trying my stock ECU. I unplugged my red ECU and pugged in my stock and it fired right away. So problem solved right? For kicks I unplugged the stock ECU and went back to the red. It fired up no problem. WTF? So I left the red plugged in and test drove it. It made it three blocks and died, restarted with no problem and made it another three blocks and died again. So I unplugged the red, waited a moment, and plugged the red in again. Since then (about 20 miles) it has run fine. I am giong to drive it again today to see what happens, I will update you soon.
  4. Hey guys, I put a new battery in today and I have seem to have lost power to the coils, no spark. I am getting fuel, I can smell it. Any idea's? It started fine before except for the battery voltage being down. Now it cranks fast, and every once in while it will get a spark, and then just goes back to cranking. It seems everytime I repair something on this car, somethng else breaks.
  5. Does anyone know where I can get some clear marker lights for the front of my V8?
  6. Marcus is correct. In fact you don't need the red ecu to remove the cats, I did it before I even had the red ecu. The only thing that will happen is a CEL. The car does not go into the "limp mode" as rumor may have it.
  7. Where are you? Maybe I can recomend a muffler shop in your area. V8's have a really simple setup, and a good shop can build a great sounding and better performing system for you.
  8. Can someone post the website for the carbon fibre roof?
  9. If so, how? I understand the sport 350 springs do it as well as stiffening up the ride a bit. I would love to get my hands on some, anyone have them?
  10. Five days a week in mine when it's not broken. About 120 miles a day, currently 37K and some change on the clock. It is actually a great daily for a sports car, much better than the Elise I used to own.
  11. Just read it. Thank you! Very valuable info, and I appreciate it.
  12. Great, can anyone confirm this with reference to thier car? If that's the case, my speedo is definitley slow as it should show 76.5 mph @ 3000 rpm. Has anyone else had this problem?
  13. OK, it's fixed. The master cylinder took care of it. One other thing I found that you guys should be aware of, the pin with the clip that holds the actuater rod to the clutch pedal was half way worn through. I welded in the missing portion and machined it back round. Much less play in the pedal now. Something we should all check on our cars periodically.
  14. Two questions. I think my speedometer is reading slow. What speed are you guys showing in 5th gear at 3000rpm? Mine is just a tick above 60mph. Second, what is the redline on my car? I have the red ECU and I am not sure it has a limiter, so I have been short shifting. Thanks in advance for your help.
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