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  1. Hi Thom and welcome

    Saw an identified Elise going over the Avonmouth bridge late morning Boxing Day - you by chance?

    Lovely car. Enjoy.



    Cheers Ian - wasn't me I'm afraid, have been up in Stoke over the christmas period!


    Hi Thom


    Welcome to the Forum. The Elise is such a great car but you know that already. I hope you have many miles of enjoyable driving. If ever you get the chance and want to make it a bit quicker I would recommend a course at the Lotus driving academy. Those chaps can teach you to drive your car faster with no modifications to your car!


    Any ways we love pics here and feel free to get involved with conversations or ask questions.




    I think that's solar yellow bud. Welcome to the forum! Enjoy your first Lotus, nothing like it!


    Thanks for the info guys, much appreciated!  :)

  2. Hello  :welcome:
    Firstly - Happy Christmas! Hope it was warm and cosy one for all  :santa:
    I've just pulled the trigger on my first Lotus - an '07 S Touring in Norfolk Mustard. At least, I think that's the colour?? Previous cars were an '04 RX8 and '05 Smart Roadster Coupe.
    The Elise is everything I want in a car... and then some. The best word I can use to describe the driving experience so far is 'connected'. The whole car gives you so much feedback! The gearbox is refreshingly tactile, the driving position is perfect and there's just the right amount of technology - a radio and heater  :yes:. The cabin noises - the creaks from the dash and the whistle of wind when you hit 60 - they just add to the experience and the car's character.
    I'm in love.
    Anyway, really looking forward to browsing the forums and hope everyone has a fab 2014!



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