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  2. Mine did, now they don't. Is the fact that they broke what Bibbs means by 'normal' ?
  3. Also to add, my previous car was a BMW 1M which went in ok and that's slightly wider than the Exige.
  4. Had the top off all last summer, now refitted - not a rattle or squeak to be heard. If there was, I'd just crank the holds a little tighter!
  5. Congrats on ordering. You have the same combination of cars as I did, and yes you do need to drive the differently to get the best out out of them. I definitely know which is more fun! I had a similar ordering experience, I tried to swap standard rims, preferring the black coupe alloys to my silver when I ordered. The price increase for that was the price of 4 new alloys, which I was not impressed about and declined their kind offer. Given the volume of this car they are now producing and their "build off a customer's sheet" process they have at the factory, I am really surprised by the lack of business acumen this shows. It's a hand built car - they need to bespoke it reasonably.
  6. Congrat's - that's pretty much the spec of my Roadster, you will love it I'm sure. Talk to Jamie or the factory and go see it being built if you can. I did, it was definitely worth the trip!
  7. Looking through the list of people who have ordered / collected, it occurred to me the only other Coupe I've seen being owner driven was at the MBW meet on Easter Sunday, and the only other Roadster I've seen in the flesh was at last years FOS which is when I ordered mine. I see loads of Lotus as I travel around, including plenty of earlier Exige, but none of the new style. So how few are there traveling around the UK, anyone's know?
  8. Enjoy yourself. I did the same and took a mate who is a mega petrol head, we had a great time. James showed just the two of us around. Depending where they are in the build they might let you photograph it. Mine was in the "garage" by the time I got up there - but they let me in it and take lots of pics.
  9. Nyj


    Heartbleed is the name given to the bug rather than any organisation - the software with the bug is widely used by many websites. It's an untraceable vulnerability if exploited, so there is no evidence one way or another to say if it has ever been exploited, and if it has, to what extent. It only effects certain versions of Linux and not Windows so it also depends on what software the website computers are running. Which means no one knows if it's a real issue or not...... I will be waiting a couple of days and then changing passwords on banking websites and ones that hold credit card details for 'one click purchasing'. Just to be on the safe side. You should consider, the banks might not have been vulnerable, but it is very common for people to use the same or similar passwords across multiple sites.
  10. Not sure what you're looking for, but if you are short I will happily drive round in my Roadster; may be of interest - they are still reasonably rare.
  11. Get the dealer to check the hard top fittings (get them to take it off). Its fitted at the factory (according to my dealer) and one of the bolts on mine was over tightened / cross threaded and the bolt head shredded. The last thing you need on a nice day is to take the top off for the first time and find you can't.
  12. Just North of the Didcott junction travelling North about 16.20 today. Ardent Red Elise with two white up and over decals. Looked REALLY good from the glimpse I got.
  13. My removable hard top is as tight as a drum, and worth the investment for track and cold days. But with the improving weather it's great to have options.....
  14. The side lights are a complete waste - I use the LEDs instead, they're much brighter. That said, I haven't noticed any problems with main beam when dipped. How was the A1(M) without a rear wing?
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