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  1. You miss my point.... I know what the expected 410 spec is. However, You said in your post that you've heard that the "final chassis spec hasn't been signed off" - can you elaborate?
  2. Thanks @Alfa2Evora. Ill reply to your email tonight or tomorrow once I clear my feet. John has already submitted his entry directly to me - but I asked if he could liaise with yourself to keep things a bit simpler for me! Sorry John - I hope my wife got hold of you before you left for your holidays - lucky chap! Id just like to say that all of our entries are now COMPLETELY FULL - a great achievement, and I'm chuffed to bits. 60 individual static cars, over 180 car club cars, over 150 hillclimb cars. Who would have thought! However, there is some latitude on individual clubs - and I think I have given the TLF stand a wee bit of extra room in case anybody ( @johnpwalsh ) decides they want to turn up - all I ask is that this is coordinated in good time with David B. Entry fee of £15 per car represents great value as it comes with 2 tickets (Adult tickets on the gate are £15 each) - and there will be loads to do. We have just finished building the Landrover Experiences very first Deeside off-road circuit (and it looks awesome) and we will also have a special off-road safari too to satisfy all the 4x4 nuts. The soapbox derby should be a hoot - and of course, all day, throughout the day, will be the backdrop of 150 special cars tackling the hill climb - and they will be viewable from either the car club enclosure or the main Royal Terrace where all of the manufacturers (and the Clan BMX display team) will be set up. Here is hoping for nice weather.... come and say hi if you see me
  3. Who told you that the final chassis spec hadn't been signed off.... and did you get any specific details? What was likely to change?
  4. Hi David, Thanks so much for doing this - much appreciated. I wish I could have spent the time doing this myself - but it wouldn't have gotten off the ground at all. Hats of for persevering. To complicate matters... my new car "might" be on the MMC stand (to be confirmed) so you might have to count me out. However - I'm fairly sure I have a couple of individual static entries who might be keen to come across to the Stand. They are already paid up, so it wont affect your final rallying call.... but it might help to boost the overall numbers on the stand. We can discuss that when we talk offline. Thanks again! T
  5. anthonyyule


  6. Indeed it probably is. I just don't have time to really market it - good chance it'll be px at MMC and then be sold on for more than I'm asking for. Now it's time to see whether "where are all the SR" brigade are actually looking to buy or just to browse! My new car arrives in August - so I've got between now and then to get it sold... Please share with anyone you think might be looking
  7. Exciting new motoring festival heads to Deeside Royal Deeside Speed Festival Enthusiasts will be heading to Aberdeenshire for the inaugural Royal Deeside Speed Festival, to be thrilled by the largest gathering of rare supercars, exciting performance cars, motorbikes, and historic racing cars in the north east of Scotland. The Royal Deeside Speed Festival will take place at Kincardine Castle, 20 miles to the west of Aberdeen. The event will be based around a demonstration speed hillclimb, and complemented by a range of high quality trade stands and motoring attractions. The Royal Deeside Speed Festival will follow the ethos of the Goodwood Festival of Speed and Cholmondeley Pageant of Power. The venue, an iconic Scottish castle in the heart of Royal Deeside, is home to Andrew and Nicky Bradford. Situated in the pretty conservation village of Kincardine O’Neil and overlooking the banks of the River Dee, it is only 10mins from Banchory on the A93. The picturesque castle grounds will also play host to car clubs along with a local food, drink and craft festival. As well as the motorsports action we will have family attractions, a climbing tower and kids’ funfair. We will be supporting the charities Mission Motorsport, Help for Heroes and Children 1st. However, the main focus of the day will be the fabulous and fast ‘West Drive’ – which will be converted into Deeside’s first speed hillclimb course, designed by Scottish hillclimb legend Roy Napier, and featuring a series of demonstration class runs throughout the day. And in another new twist, the West Drive will also play host to a Soap Box Derby – an event open to teams who wish to build their own Soap Box and race down the hill for glory! Key attractions this year include Aberdeenshire’s charismatic race driver Chris Chilcott who will be bringing his 1962 Brabham BT2. It raced in 1962 at Goodwood and Monaco, driven by Jack Brabham and Frank Gardner, and took the class Silverstone lap record at 103mph. Also Charlie Williams, multiple TT-winning motorbike racing legend. With 21 TT podium finishes to his name, Charlie is bringing bikes. Onsite there will also be an adventurous off-road 4x4 course including the fearsome 'Willie's Drop', courtesy of Land Rover Experience Scotland, offering passenger rides throughout the day, and The Clan BMX stunt team will entertain with their crazy extreme cycling show. We have a large club stand field, along with a separate concours d’elegance area, both will surely delight the public and the owners alike. A broad cross-section of fantastic cars, ranging from the Bugatti Veyron, Ferrari F50, and Lamborghini Diablo through to the Shelby Cobra 286, 1969 wide-dash body Opal GT and Jaguar E-type Series 1 Roadster will be on show. In total there will be over 50 static exhibits to marvel over. Additionally, the Ferrari Owners’ Club, Ford Modern & Classic Scotland, Aberdeen MG Owners’ Club, Aston Martin OC, and the Scottish Subaru OC are just some of the clubs that have confirmed their attendance – with over 170 club cars now confirmed to be on display. This could quite possibly be the most unique and exciting collection of vehicles ever brought together in Aberdeenshire, highlighting the diversity of classic, contemporary and interesting cars, street-legal or competition, which we have here in the north east of Scotland. Amongst the many dealerships and trade-stands that we are excited to have attending the event, we are delighted to welcome back Park’s Motor Group of Hamilton who will be showcasing a collection of luxury and sports cars from McLaren, Maserati and Bentley; Murray Motor Group will be displaying the Lotus range; we welcome Pentland Land Rover Elgin who are excited to show off some fantastic Land Rovers, and Shirlaws of Aberdeen will provide two-wheel excitement from Kawasaki and Triumph. Finally, in addition to the car related exhibitors, we are delighted to be able to use the event as a showcase for local producers of food, drink and crafts. Deeside Brewery will be hosting a mini beer festival on the castle terrace alongside the castle's own pop-up café, and the picturesque wall garden is the setting for a market of local produce. Castle owner, Andrew Bradford writes “I first did ‘a ton’ on the drive when I was 15 in a friend’s MGC. A couple of years later I was the passenger in a V8 AC Cobra and clocked 115mph on the drive. For over 40 years that has been the unofficial speed record for our drive and I look forward to it being well-and-truly broken in August. We’re excited to be part of this major event which, quite possibly, will be the biggest crowd in Kincardine O’Neil since King Edward I of England arrived here on 2 August 1296 with 30,000 men-at-arms and 5,000 mail-clad knights”. Royal Deeside Speed Festival, Sun 21 August 2016: 09:45am- 5:15pm Kincardine Castle, Kincardine O’Neil, Aboyne, Aberdeenshire AB34 5AE Adult £15, Child £12.50, Family £50 (up to 3 children). Advance sales via website or cash only tickets on the gate. Free parking. For further information please visit our website or follow us on Facebook (royaldeesidespeedfestival).
  8. My 64' plate Evora S (Komotec 430) is now for sale - check out the classifieds. I need to sell it to make room for my 410. Offers welcome.
  9. 500 needs new internals. 460 is the addition of the inter cooler (in S1 models). The quoted ££ for a 500 (on a replacement engine basis) was quite staggering...
  10. But I'm guessing that 410 owners who don't spec the ICE package will not get a USB lead So, Ill be going old school with a USB adaptor in the 12V so I can charge my phone (and occasionally take my portable Tom-Tom with me on long journeys )
  11. I felt the same coming from my 430 Evora to be fair. But what struck me with the 400 was how accomplished and complete it felt. That's not to say that the Komotec upgrade is not brilliant (because it is!); but its just an engine upgrade.... the 400 takes lots and lots of small improvements to build upon a much better overall package (albeit a slower one LOL)
  12. I know - it seems daft. Handy for charging a phone I guess.... but not so handy if you wanted to plug in a portable sat nav or something
  13. Agreed - I'm going to get mine wrapped to match.
  14. where is it in the new 400?
  15. I tested a 400 yesterday. Kept trying to change from 2nd to 5th such is the reduction in spacing between the gears from the Evora S! It's definitely a big improvement in my opinion.... But like you say - the old one still works perfectly well!
  16. Because I have already owned 2 Evora S and an Exige S and this is as close to the Exige S spec in an Evora body as I can get! I don't need the radio or the aircon (well, I know I don't need them although everybody else says I do!)
  17. I hear what you're saying - I hadn't noticed that you are also buying a 410. i thought this was going to quickly descend into 410 owner bashing - with people trying challenge me for not buying an Exige instead. Fact is I've been there and done that and I prefer the overall driving experience of the Evora. I'm still not comfortable with replacing 20kg of the 70kg or so Lotus have removed from the 410 just to make it more desirable at resale time. However im also not arrogant enough to believe at everybody here is wrong. I'm sure there are others out there who share my sentiments - they probably just don't post on forums!
  18. Bibs... I drove the Exige Auto today and I must admit that I really did like it. It was a little slow in auto, but certainly manageable in sport/ race. If the 400 auto is as vastly improved over the Exige as you say - then I think I am sold on it. I was speaking to the factory on Friday and have been reliably informed that the software in the 410 will be upgraded further still with even faster/ more aggressive mapping than even on the 400! Now Ill be honest. I must admit to really enjoying using the paddles. Call me weird if you like.... but I really do get the sense of occasion from pulling on the paddles and changing gear that way. To the point where the lack of clutch pedal/ gear lever isn't so much of an issue. I just had really good fun mucking around with the auto box - letting it redline in manual (without changing up and over riding which was interesting), and generally hooning around. I wasn't sure what to expect... and yes it was a little ponderous in auto, but in manual it was fun. And given the blips on the downshift (which are very crisp and fast), i personally wasn't left feeling short changed from the experience If the 410 is better than the 400 - which in turn is substantially better than the Exige auto.... then I think it could be a great addition to an occasional B-road blast car
  19. I don't understand your comments Im afraid? - Ive had no intention of speccing almost everything back in? - In fact Im quite determined on the opposite - I like the fastidious approach that Lotus have taken to further reduce the weight from the 400. This won't be a daily driver.... so why load it back up with toys and gadgets which increase the weight and detract from what Lotus have (very successfully) tried to achieve here? For example, I have no interest or desire to have satnav when the exhaust sounds so great. And Im still fairly certain that 20Kg is 20Kg (i.e. a skelp of unnecessary weight in anyones book!) I must be literally the only person in the UK that dosent EVER use aircon then? - well me and my wife. Never had. Always got it as part of some pack or other - but never felt the interest or desire to use it - and haven't ever sat up late at night sweating because I have to spec it on my next car. Questioning my sanity for not speccing it? - I don't use aircon, I don't have a desire to use it, I consider the weight of the new 410 to be THE selling point (therefore negated if all the luxuries are added back in), id rather spend the £1.5K on options elsewhere (such as going towards the paint), the car will only be used in the summer (in dry weather) when I can get the windows opened to hear the exhaust. Its not a matter of (in)sanity - its a considered view given why i want to buy this car instead of a standard 400. Lets be honest.... Im prepared to spend £10K more than a fully loaded 400.... so I must have specific reasons. Saving £1.5K in my wallet isn't really the main driver.... I just don't see the point in buying something which I will never use TODAY for the benefit of selling on to someone else TOMORROW.
  20. Thanks so much..... I think Im settled on manual / Toxic Green. Roll on July!
  21. great write up Bibs. I had previously read it - but it was worthwhile going back for a refresh. I thinking I am erring towards the manual - but I hope to be able to report back after Sunday with a definitive answer either way!
  22. And that's even in the very latest '16 plate Exiges too? Wow - that's a BIG difference then!
  23. Hi Evo400 - let me drop you a message later tonight once I get home. I will attach some pictures and give you the full spec. I think I tend to agree with your comments re: the manual too........
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