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  1. Hi Bibs, It wont be possible to drive the 400 auto.... MMC only have an auto demonstrator in the Exige. How does the auto differ in the Evora? - can you quantify it? Is it still different software and set up to the Evora or is it just due to the increased mass of the Evora that it isn't the same? To be fair... my budget is pretty much maxxed with either the special paint OR the auto. On the basis that Im always been a manual driver.... I think I would probably favour having a nice colour over the auto.... but Im very very interested to hear your thoughts as its so difficult to find good reviews on the latest auto. Again - great to hear your thoughts Colin. I'm on my second Evora at the moment and 3rd V6 manual ('61 Evora S, '63 Exige S and now my '64 Evora S). In each I have seen an improvement in the way the manual feels and behaves. To have you say that it is improved again is something else.... and to compare it to the S2000 (which generally everyone who has driven one rates the gear change!) I believe that I really "want" an auto (but by auto I mean race car experience flappy paddle - which I don't believe the Lotus auto ever will be)..... and its for the auto to demonstrate that it is worthy of me making a commitment to it. A few months back I was in the market for a new pick-up and I decided that I also really wanted an auto because it would make the journeys I do less frenetic. However, the auto ruined and dominated the driving experience to the point where it was a complete show stopper. I settled for the manual and I'm perfectly happy. I'm going to test the Lotus auto with the same air of scepticism!
  2. So I'm heading down to MMC this weekend to finalise the spec on my 410 which I have ordered As it is a weekend car I am remaining true to the ethos of the model and will not be adding in any weight-increasing options. If I had required satnav/ music and air-con I would have gone for the 400. At the moment the spec looks pretty bare - but that's just the way I want it - ill get some mud flaps fitted and finalise the colour. It wont be a track car and I'm therefore undecided about the manual or the auto? I'm going to drive a 400 manual and an Exige auto back to back so that I can make up my mind once and for all. General consensus appears to be that the auto is much improved?..... I'm tempted - but I would hate to make the wrong decision. colour wise - I'm somewhere between Solar Yellow/ Metallic White/ Toxic Green or Sky Blue (see Evora 400 colours thread) - but as of this morning I think that Toxic Green is definitely the favoured choice! Is it true that Toxic Green is flekked with gold paint and therefore takes on a gold hue in certain sunlit situations? And is Sky Blue as close to "Le Mans Gulf Blue" as you could get - like Porsche Riviera Blue? Delivery appears to be slipping due to the glut of left-hooker 400's which are currently being built for the US market.... but I'm hopeful that it will be delivered by late-late summer. My own SR will therefore be going up for sale at some point in the next few weeks - a sub £50K solar yellow 64' plate S SR with EV430 upgrade, full 2ubular exhaust system, barge board and 5.5K miles of any interest to anyone out there?
  3. That looks really cool. Ill admit that I hate the picture.... the angle gives the Evora a horrible presence.... the pictures taken at Geneva are much more flattering..... but the colour itself kinda suits the car. I think I might have my decision! By the way - I do have access to my own Photoshop Elements..... how easy would this colour swap be for me to do myself if I wanted to play around with colours this weekend?
  4. Hiya, ive ordered my 410S but I just can't decide on the colour... originally going with Solar Yellow to match my existing SR, I had changed my mind to Metallic White. however,.. I'm now set on either Sky Blue or Toxic Green. Can anybody here photoshop a 410 in these colours for me please? Please? cheers T
  5. Funnily enough I've been trying to sell my Evora S SR - but you wouldn't like it. It's a '64 plate, 5.5k miles ... And it has a full 2ubular exhaust system and Komotec 430 upgrade. Immaculate inside and out - and has been called one of the most epic Evoras in Scotland. It's a beautiful car which would also run circles around an Exige V6. Serviced and looked after my Craig Mc and bought from Brandon at MMC. never missed a beat - but it doesn't get driven and so it needs a new loving home. its also yellow
  6. If any members would like to take part in this event, or would like more information then please feel free to email on [email protected] or PM me here. We currently have interest from over 20 car clubs - including the TVR Register, Porsche GB Owners Club, Aston Martin Owners Club, Ferrari Owners Club, Mini Owners Club, RS Owners Club, etc. etc. We don't currently have any interest from Lotus which is a real shame - especially given that Brandon will be attending with a Trade Stand marketing Murray Motor Company. We currently have some availability for any drivers who wish to "compete" in our hillclimb, as well as spaces for individuals to display their cars - which is in addition to some space left available for car clubs. There should be much going on - and it would be great if we could pull together a Lotus Club Stand too. Thanks! Tony
  7. Are you implying that watching Chris Harris and Sabine hooning around in cars will be boring?
  8. £628 for the Evora S, Abarth 500 and Skoda Superb 4x4 altogether And that includes declaration of the Komotec 430 mods too! Admiral Multicar policy, rural Aberdeenshire. Good show!
  9. You can certainly feel the additional power - the car feels much more alive - sending information from all 4 corners more readily. I tend to short shift in 1st.... but otherwise the power is 100% deployable in the dry. In the wet it is a slightly different story (the car will easily spin its wheels in 5th possibly 6th gear mid way through the pedal travel at speeds of 60+), and I imagine the car to be quite like an 80's (or any other pre-electronic nanny aid) supercar. As long as you are careful with your right foot the car is ok. In fact, I had the Evora out on Saturday morning and it was cold and very icy and it behaved impeccably on worn summer tires. Of course, I wasn't driving like a buffoon! Lets be honest - this isn't a fault of the Komotec kit (or the Lotus software which never envisaged such a power hike). Its just physics. As long as a certain amount of common sense is applied then the 430 kit is very manageable. It will take longer to learn the limits for sure as the operating window for hooning safely has diminished.... but I will apply the same philosophy to the 460 kit in time too.
  10. Hello..... My 2ubular was already fitted to the vehicle by MMC in Scotland prior to any Komotec/ Hangar111 tuning being carried out. In fact, I'm not sure I would recommend the 2ubular/ Komotec mix as Hangar111 had a bit of a ball-ache trying to set the car up properly. In standard 350hp tune the 2ubular is fantastic, but as soon we started tuning with Komotec it became apparent that a lack of back pressure from the oversized 2ubular exhaust was causing issues with the ECU. This happened at 390. We overcame the lack of back pressure by increasing the HP to 430 which has resolved any issue. 2ubular are local to where I stay, and where possible I like to support local business. The fact that Jim makes (in my opinion) some of the best exhausts on the market only adds to the reason why I would choose him. He has worked hard with MMC in Edinburgh to create a OEM style exhaust which MMC fit for the customer as part of a turn-key package. The increase in performance from fitting the 2ubular manifolds/ 200cell cat and backbox alone was impressive. It is considerably lighter than standard. However, for me, the noise of the 2ubular is worth the upgrade alone. There are some videos kicking about which are worth looking for. It sounds very much like a flat-plane Ferrari V8 (no exaggeration). Anyway - back on topic. The car hasn't been dynoed..... I intend to do this as part of the 460 upgrade next year. I cant recommend Komotec (or indeed Hangar111 in Suffolk) enough for kits and for the service they provide.
  11. I've not driven the 400 as for me it holds very little appeal. My Evora S is a 64 plate - I bought mine only last October and so I was aware of a new Evora about to be released. It was a gamble as to whether or not I had done the right thing, but my decision was vindicated when I saw the styling which really isn't to my taste at all. I also didn't feel that 400hp had gone far enough (but I can understand why), given that I was already running 390 + 2ubular set up. I'm personally glad that I have followed this particular path. I have something unique and in a body shape which I prefer. The fact that the car has remained looking standard but beneath it there have been so many changes only adds to the appeal for me. I will try and test a 400 at some point..... however, all of the mechanical engine changes which have been made to it (including the "sporty new exhaust note) sort of pale into insignificance when compared to my particular car! I thought it sounded quite endearing..................
  12. That would be about right.... I think I have set aside circa £2500 for the 460 upgrade, based on the costs I have spent to date with upgrading from 390 to 430. I'm not entirely sure what to make of the 460 kit..... I'm trying to think how I felt when I went from 350 to 390 and then 390 to 430. I cant remember a huge increase in perceptible performance when I went to 390 (I was already running with a full 2ubular manifold/ exhaust set up from standard so the increases in performance have probably been incremental up to 390)..... but the jump to 430 was much more noticeable. OK - so that is a 40hp increase....but if the 460 is anything as impressive as the 430 then it will something to behold. Its very difficult to describe... but you quickly adjust to the additional power and now 430 just feels 'normal' (in a spin your wheels through 3rd gear sort of normal!). But I guess its easy to become blasé about these things. 430hp feels incredible. Very very fast, very potent - and the acceleration is brutal. The car feels so alive... it moves around under you and you can feed the power in such a controlled manner. Komotec really have made a great job of all kits to date, and the 460 is just going to be nuts. I just cant wait to get my install done
  13. V6 sizes - but will these be available in the 19"/20" of the Evora S?
  14. I have the 430 kit on my Evora... absolutely no clutch issues whatsoever. So I saw last night.... I haven't quite picked myself up off the floor yet. 40Nm more than a new 911 GT3RS and only 40Nm shy of a 458...... Impressive. Im pretty excited about it
  15. I had the EV430 kit fitted to my Evora S last summer by H111 ('64 plate too so still in warranty). What do people want to know? I'm planning on going back to H111 next summer to have the EV460 kit fitted (and probably a brake upgrade too!)
  16. Received with thanks Kieran! I hope she is back together - it would be great to see her on the hill!
  17. Some of you may have heard about a new event which is being planned for 2016 - the "Royal Deeside Speed Festival". Its an event which has taken quite some time to procreate, but I am hopeful that it will become a regular on the motoring calender. The event will be held on Sunday 21st August 2016 to avoid clashes with other local Aberdeenshire/ Deeside events (such as the popular highland games in Aboyne and Braemar!) and shall be hosted at "Kincardine Castle" which is situated between Banchory and Aboyne on the main A93 trunk road to Perth. There is already a healthy thread ongoing at and you can also follow us on Facebook too!/royaldeesidespeedfestival/. The main feature of this event will be a non-competitive hillclimb - open to all cars and all drivers who wish to take part. The event will be run under an IOPD permit meaning that drivers are free to drive as fast (or as slow) up the magnificent castle's driveway to the delight of the cheering crowd! Pre-registration has been open for about 1 week and already we have recieved over 150 requests for entry forms. Additionally there will be a large area dedicated to club stands and individual static displays. We have already had alot of interest from local and national clubs including Ferrari/ Ford/ Audi/ Triumph/ Subaru/ Aston Martin and Porsche. It is not the aim of this event to restrict entries to 1 of a particular car type. We want everyone to be able to come along and enjoy the event together. Of course, we will have to eventually place a maximum ceiling cap on entrants, but for now we are managing this. Feedback thus far has been very positive and as organisers we hope to bring something a bit different to Aberdeenshire. Lets suggest for a second that we would ultimately like to create a "CarFest" or "Good Wood FOS" for Scotland over 2 days. We already have the backing of some major manufacturers who will be attending the event, along with some exciting small motoring related trade stands. We are also working on bringing a forest Rally-SS to the event and additionally hope to offer passengers the opportunity to ride shotgun on a specially developed offroad 4x4 course as well. As we value supporting the local community we will be holding a local food & drink festival in the Castle's walled garden and for the kids we will host a very special "Soapbox Derby" along with other entertainment and a few surprises! Previous entrants to SpeedFest '14 and SpeedFest '15 (which myself and my team organised) will be emailed shortly and asked if they would like an entry form. It would be a huge thrill to me if LEGS came to this fantastic magical venue to support this new event as I would also be able to park my car on the stand! (hopefully?) If anybody would like any further information, then please feel free to PM me or comment below. Much of my life is now devoted to bringing a great family fun event to Royal Deeside, and all I can ask for is the support of kindred spirits such as yourselves to enable it to be a success. Cheers, Tony. ps. the elephant in the room.... Yes, we did organise SpeedFest '14 and '15 on behalf of the Museum but NO we are not doing so for '16 onwards. We decided we wanted to do something different and the GTM support that. We wish them all the best for SpeedFest '16 as I know they wish us well in our new endeavours.
  18. Yeah that wasn't very clear . I meant when you guys are at Powmill you'll almost be able to hear me as I pass Kinross... I'm actually just back from getting the car serviced by Craig and he has described the car as utterly bonkers. I'm quite proud of that
  19. Brian, Id like to come along if you'll have me? If the weather is fair then I would aim to travel from Aboyne via A93 Glenshee road if anybody else is up for a convoy. 11. Tony
  20. I have the 430 upgrade albeit I already had a 2ubular full exhaust system - so komotec only provided CAI/ pulley and software. The sound? EPIC. Much like an early Ferrari V8 on full attack......
  21. This looks like just what I have been searching for. Can anyone tell me which is the best diagnostic app to use on iPhone?
  22. Have a great time on Saturday night guys - and don't drink too much! Sorry to hear your news Brian - I've sent you an email, just back from the track - but I hope everything is ok. Thanks
  23. Mark - SpeedFest is not organised or run by the GTM so they shouldn't actually be promising/ inviting anyone to the event without coming through me or my colleague first as they have 0% control or say so on this. Unfortunately this isn't the first time this has happened, and it's left to me to apologise and pick up the pieces. Can you please pass on your full details so I can check our system - I'm afraid that it looks like your details were never passed on to us (which is not the first time this has happened either). It really is too late to accept entries now being almost 72 hrs from the event - I can only apologise once again for the handling of this.
  24. I couldn't do that Al - but its all sorted now! Enjoy your dinner next Saturday guys.... I will probably still be at the track setting up!
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