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  1. but that's crazy talk Jonny. I work for a super large organisation (Shell) who have probably hundreds of marketing people and I am also self employed (and I have no marketing people other than myself). I have long believed at the very least that Lotus is positioned somewhere between the 2. Now I hear that JMG is pretty much judge-jury for Lotus marketing then I stand by my chicken-shed mentality 😄 In all seriousness....... numbers don't concern me now. Not that I'm driving the car every other day. Its a laughable car.... as in you cant help but giggle when you are in it. OK - so I caught the splitter on a hairpin incline on Monday which I wasn't giggling about.... but otherwise its just brilliant. I agree that the number-plaques are all a bit nonsense now. What was Lotus total build last year? and the breakdown per model was what? Ford probably built more Fiestas every day than Lotus build in a every single one is Limited. but, ahem.... some were supposed to be more Limited than others! I have another big run planned for the weekend. Cant wait. I actually get giddy about it before I go out in it. I think I once heard someone describe steering as though they were "pouring the car through corners". That's exactly how the GT430 steers. You can almost think it. And the grip.....GRIP... in the dry? hahahahaha. Brilliant. It is a great car. Shitty company at times. Great car.
  2. official Lotus at the time of launch.
  3. Rant away - I don't think you can win this one ;) Can I ask (I am being cheeky) if you were required to put down a £12.5K deposit for your car since you have only recently ordered it? I was given a deadline to pay my full deposit as I was made aware that if I didn't act quickly the 6 cars would go elsewhere. The exhaust valve isn't important - but the stories and the remedies are inconsistent. Still - Id be surprised if you are paying out of your pocket for this to be done? I'm certain that I will be charged ;) To clarify the sum I paid for the ICE. As standard the GT430 comes with none. At the time I placed my order there were 2 ICE available. The "standard model with sat-nav and bluetooth for £XX and an enhanced model which came with DAB and Appleplay which cost £XX + £YY. I paid for the enhanced model at an inflated price. Subsequently Lotus have dropped the "standard" model for the Evora and now only offer the enhanced model.... but at the "standard" models price. Enough said. If I'm being blunt about limited numbers... then YES... in an ideal world there would have been 6 for the UK and 54 for Europe. OR... if Lotus had gotten their shit together earlier with correct and proper strategic marketing there might have been 10 for the UK and 50 for Europe or 20 for the UK and 40 for Europe. But I would have been told of this at the time of order and the goalposts would not have been moved at a whim after my money had been paid. I don't believe such a coherent strategy would have called for a complete change of management - but the current chicken-shed marketing that appears to prevail in Hethel certainly does call marketing strategies into question. Again - feel free to defend, but I'm struggling to see how you can :) :) I don't think anybody here takes issue with the engineering or with the product. But there are constant gripes with the marketing strategies (limited numbers/ models per country, etc) which highlights a failing at that level within Lotus which needs to be addressed.
  4. I was told to my face I was buying 1 of six. Hence my hast at placing my deposit. In fact - on this basis I had placed by deposit 20mins after the car was announced (and I was first on the board). i was pissed when I heard they had increased to 10 and that they would also launch a similar sister model (the sport) with the same numbers. Im now beyond worrying about it. There is little to nothing Lotus can ever do to regain the trust which they have lost from me. I’ll enjoy the car - as we all will. And let’s not forget - we WILL enjoy it because it is so amazing. But the company should really take heed and do something to thank and repay the loyalty shown by the customers who bought this car.
  5. In part Trevor I have to agree. The relationship has definitely soured..... the whole DAB-Gate demonstrated to me their hunger at grabbing more money from the customer (I’m still ££ out of pocket for paying a premium for the now “standard” fit Apple-play stereo - standard if ICE is specced I mean). Plus if I decide I want the exhaust valve illuminated button as now fitted as standard I guess I will have a new fight with them to see who has to pay for the purchase and install..... if I bought a GT430 today it would cost me £0.00. increasing numbers of vehicles and changing the spec on a car-by-car basis for such a low volume special seems to me to be a bit desperate. Even the diffuser has now been changed. I share your view. I love the car and the brand - but I am definitely out of love with the current management and how they treat their (many of whom) very loyal customers.
  6. Congrats! i picked up mine today from its 1k service and had a brilliant drive home over the A93 military road (Henry catchpole Evo). with warmer roads and the car run-in I was free to explore the upper reaches of the Rev range. The car is amazing. Such a light touch.... that’s what constantly gets me... just how effortless it feels on the road. my loud button had been enabled! - unfortunately for me it’s just a blank button with no pic on it.... I assume that the loud button on the demo had the wee pic of the exhaust on it? I think I’ll arrange for that to get fitted to mine as it’s not always easy to tell immediately if you have pushed it properly or not (of course you can tell when the pedal goes down!). my DAB is working now too! A great days driving for me.... and I’ve got another cracking drive planned for Monday. I’ll try and start posting up more pics soon! Enjoy the wait...... the car is truly worth it!
  7. Just over 24hrs until I get home from the US and collect mine after it’s 1k service and DAB sort! To say I’m like a kid on xmas eve is an understatement. I’ve not owned a car that makes me this excited to get in it for ages! enjoy your test drive! - I can’t wait to get back behind the wheel of mine on Saturday morning!
  8. Serious test drive Scotty? Possibly a new owner?
  9. Hahahahaha. Ouch i can guarantee that if it comes with DAB stereo that the DAB winnae work 😂 but the rest of the car will be awesome 😎
  10. The thing is it’s the age old story at Lotus. sales do not talk to manufacturing who don’t talk to warranty. sales promoted a new product to me which I liked and decided to purchase for a premium. Manufacturing were not consulted and therefore didn’t have a DAB solution and warranty were left none the wiser. Now I can’t be sure that this is the truth - but it seems plausible - and Neil had been left holding the baby for something which I was charged for. id rather they had just told me this - rather than the constant direction changes and body swerves. nevermind. Onwards. Off to collect my new T8 XC90.... let’s hope Geely have their shit together with it .
  11. I’ve got it all documented. Don’t worry about that 👍 i wouldn’t trust Neil with a packet of balloons tbh.
  12. The dealership (Leven Edinburgh, was Murray’s) are sorting it directly for now. Both their salesman (Ian P - complete star) and their Service Director agreed between them (and unbeknowns to me) that they will pay for and fix the problem themselves as, frankly, any other suggestion by Lotus has so far been a customer services nightmare and embarrassment for them. The car is great and I love it! But I paid a premium for this new fancy all singing and dancing stereo which had appleplay and DAB and now Lotus aren’t sticking by what they sold me. It’s a bit like me buying the comfy sparco seats at a premium to find that the heated seats aren’t wired in and if I want them to work I need to fix them myself. Who at Lotus actually thought this was a reasonable response is nuts. Neil Turner said “As your Evora GT430 is built to the correct factory specification and in fairness to fellow GT430 owners, we are not prepared to contribute towards the cost of any modification to it in this respect” But I was the first to pay for this “premium” upgraded stereo (at £3k and which is now the standard fit model at £2k I believe?)..... so for Neil to say that my car was built to the correct factory specification is incorrect. And it’s not a modification - it’s what I ordered as OEM. At the very least the additional £1k I paid should have paid for the feckin DAB arial! 😂 let me just finish by saying that I’m really looking forward to getting the car back and enjoying it on the roads again. I had it out several times during the crap Aberdeenshire weather (and will post up pics of my adventures soon if I can ever work out how to delete old pics to free up space on my account!). It truly has earned its 1k oil change and has been driven as hard as I dare given the prevailing conditions. There is absolutely nothing to fault with the way the car goes/ stops/ corners or sounds. It’s brilliant..... and there is a deep love affair growing here. I refuse to let Lotus HQ taint that in anyway..... onwards and upwards 😎
  13. Lotus have just confirmed that they won’t stand by this. If I want DAB to work I have to pay for the appropriate upgrades myself. Totally fed and up and jaded with the whole situation. They really are a total shower if sh!t to deal with.
  14. so unfortunately my DAB whoahs continue. I will now have to pull out of the charity rally i was supposed to take part in this weekend because Lotus HQ/ Warranty department will not make a decision on what solution is going to work - and given my time constraints/ distance from dealer I wont be collecting the car until it is 100% right. bugger. So far Lotus have been extremely quick to dismiss all suggestions put forward to them..... including the DAB splitter suggested above. What they have so far refused to do is to come up with any positive sort of solution. They did come up with one idea earlier this week - which involved a £5 Halfords roof arial/ a dremmel and a carbon roof (I absolutely kid you not). Its a real pain actually. When I should be out enjoying the car, its tucked up safe under lock and key at Leven waiting for somebody to get off the pot and make a decision. arse. Im now less fussed about the fact that its a DAB problem and more annoyed at the principle. In other news.... my worst fear was realized. I had a sneaky feeling that i had a slow puncture on the right rear which I asked Leven to check over during its 1K service. Yup - and it needs to be replaced. £366 + VAT. Ouch! We have had some building work at our house and I fear something sharp punctured the tyre. I filled it with tyre gunk - but this renders the tyre impossible to fix. not a good day to be a service guy at Leven giving me a call! poor lad.
  15. I’m hoping to post more pics this week be but I’m having some upload issues which I’ll get some help with shortly. really looking forward to getting back behind the wheel.... it’s a complete joy to drive - and for me - with the big comfy Sparcos I could drive literally night and day in complete comfort. 250 miles for me on Sunday around some beautiful and amazing Aberdeenshire roads... hopefully with a bunch of other nice cars too. So fingers crossed I have some good insightful comments to report back with 👍
  16. 10 for the U.K. (although some same 12)..... but I believe some of the cars we have seen on this thread are from European cars. 60 in total worldwide (excluding US).
  17. Let’s be clear. I have had NO problems with my GT430 Lotus. I have had a shitty issue with the stereo though... and Lotus after sales. quite distinct and separate I would say... so no issues with the car itself. as for race mode.... I’ve not engaged that yet as the car has only just gone in for its 1k oil service and I elected not to play with different modes until after the oil had been changed 👍
  18. Brilliant! Thanks @Bibs! Looks like a viable solution - I hope this is what Lotus offer me!
  19. Aye aye not sure of part number because I just bought a Apple play / dab stereo just I would if i specced any other car. i take your point though on your experience and I’m glad to see that the ying balances the yang... but it should be consistent at all times really
  20. The button is already installed (although doesn’t have the exhaust pic on it). It looks like a blanker.... but it still pushes like a button.... and more importantly - still functions as a button should
  21. @Bravo73 @CocoPops - I will pass on both of these suggestions to Lotus HQ and you guys should get the commission for solving their problem!
  22. Yup. I agree tbh. Dissapointed that I didn’t get what I paid for and what I was told I would get.... but I can’t stomach them taking the Car apart either.
  23. Most probably they can access the rear of the head unit by pulling it out of the dash - so they can definitely get to that end. I believe the other end needs to be properly earthed though for best results. Windscreen solution could work too.... either way I won’t be doing the work and it needs to be carried out to an OEM standard so I don’t really care as long as it works/ nothing is damaged when fitting it/ and it doesn’t cost me any money But aren’t the results are patchy? Like I say - this is a manufacturer/ Lotus HQ problem to solve.... I’ve fitted plenty of stereos in the past but don’t want to make this one my problem. Hell I looked into all of this when I fitted my own stereo to my Cup. But I expected to do that because my car came with no stereo and I decided further down the line I wanted one. I bought a DAB and in the end couldn’t find a suitable place to put the arial without really getting in behind trim which I didn’t want to disrupt so I left it. So I totally buy into having to roll up my sleeves and fit parts..... but not when you have a sales invoice which shows that you paid Lotus to do it for you!
  24. To be honest.. my post could have been whinging about a paint defect or a non-sticky decal or some loose trim ... or a non-fitted arial. fact is - none of this should be my problem to fix. That’s what a warranty is for. I wouldn’t expect to have had the same response from Mini/ Volvo/ Fiat camper van for any of the other vehicles we own. Why then should I just expect it to be ok from Lotus? It’s not - not for this money anyway, or for any Lotus for that matter because they are all expensive. Whatever solution is offered - be it a refund or a subtle modification or a replacement stereo.... that’s their call to propose.... but it needs to be a considered and professional response which they believe will meet the customers expectations. It shouldn’t simply be a “shrugged shoulder” ?
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