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  1. But then I don’t have DAB which is what I asked for? 🤔 Oh I completely agree that there is much to love. But please - don’t sell anything to anybody if you don’t know it will work. there is a principal there which st this price is unforgivable.
  2. So...... after being (over) charged for my “premium” Apple play/ DAB infotainment system..... it turns out that Lotus do not fit it with a DAB arial. i collected the car in December and have so far had an absolute blast in it. The only point to note was that no matter how hard I tried and what instructions I read in the manual I couldn’t get any Digital stations stored on my stereo. Not to worry - clearly doing something wrong I thought - I’ll get it fixed at its run-in service. so I’ve just received a phone call from a (very embarrassed service manager and a very embarrassed salesman) who have confirmed that Neil Turner has advised them that the car does not come with a DAB arial - and “should the customer wish to enjoy digital stations then they should make provisions to fit their own arial”. Staggered beyond belief just doesn’t even come close to how I feel and how the guys at Edinburgh felt too. I’m actually embarrassed for Lotus right now. if I bought a £7k Kia with a DAB radio I wouldn’t expect to have to fit my own arial. If I buy a £120k Lotus I certainly wouldn’t. On the one hand Lotus hope to spunk all over Porsche.... but when they pull stunts like this it kind of makes the house of cards fall down. Now I know what many of you will say. No need for a stereo. And I agree.... but where one has been specced and fitted.... it should do its job without question. I ordered the stereo after discussing it with HQ during my 430 factory tour. “To compete with the other upmarket options, we wanted to offer customers a more premium stereo... folks expect DAB and Appleplay nowadays so it’s good to offer it” (paraphrased). so it’s now with HQ to sort out as I don’t accept Neil’s comments. I won’t accept anything else other than a functioning DAB stereo - because that’s what I have paid for. The trouble is... I know that getting a good digital signal from an aluminium/ fibre body can be really difficult. I only ordered the upgrade because I had assumed that Lotus had considered this. I now fear that Edinburgh will be tasked with coming up with their own bodged solution which will involve removal of trim and dashboard parts to get the arial in. This horrifies me and just shouldn’t have to happen on a high spec Evora. Hell - it shouldn’t have to happen on any new car! Despite this the car is amazing and a joy to have, but the official response I’ve had with this problem has highlighted that Lotus have a very very long journey to go with regards to customer care/ after sales. With Murray Lotus now becoming Leven Cars (who also sell Aston Martin) it probably means that my long Lotus journey will finally come to an end with this car come it’s time to replace because I just don’t see enough of a desire for Lotus to step up in every single part of their business to become a car seller of choice for anything but the diehards.
  3. lol - in fairness I was quite committed to getting Kawasaki but I did also want something which I could “just about turn up to work in” and I wouldn’t be called a buerk. So for me I let the body kit do the talking this time and went subtle on the colour.... that was my reasoning anyway.... and then when I collected the car from Murray’s and released how big the rear wing was I quickly decided that I would never take it to work for said previous reasons ??
  4. You see... I always always believed that until I saw the Press Car at the factory and then I released that the GT has such presence that it just doesn’t need a strong colour. Just my 2c worth
  5. 2 in Scotland then? I’d rather have the comfy seats though - just saying
  6. I do agree Cobwatch that the article was fairer than it could have been. Certainly prior to release of Evo we had all (on this forum) decided what the outcome would be and why. Nobody would have ever guessed in a million years the reason even if they could guess the result.
  7. It’s not always easy to tell! I wasn’t biting..... if my response has been deemed as such then folks on here don’t know me that well. My bite is much worse ? i found the review great.... but confusing. Genuinely - as per my earlier post. But in reality... I don’t care because I own one and it presses all of my buttons (and none of those buttons make me bite!)
  8. Eh? and Eh? im on my 3rd Evora.... never had any issues or concerns or problems or negative feedback to say about the power-steering. and list price of the GT3.... well yes possibly cheaper....on the face of it.... But find 1 single car which left the factory without ANY options and/ or any car that you can actually buy! Even EVO themselves made this point quite clear.... cost comparisons with a car which you would struggle to buy anywhere (or if you could it would cost just under £200k) are meaningless.
  9. I rushed home to read this..... having just come back from a drive in mine on Saturday morning (1-3 degrees) then I immediately locked onto the initial comments about grip. It’s true.... limpet like. however I genuinely ended the article confused about whether the car I own is the same as the Car that was reviewed. The steering on my car is almost other-worldly..... I’m delighted to see that it was a close run thing.... and I’m delighted to see that all the things we had all guessed would be raised as issues/ negatives from EVO were unfounded..... but bewildered that a “non-issue” has turned into a big deal. I agree - it must have been the conditions.... I can’t think of anything else!
  10. I’d be careful... that implies lardy and heavy versus something more normal. Truth is the standard carbon Lotus buckets are very spartan... the Sparco sears are lovely. Not sure on weight saving....: but they are super lovely
  11. These are the Sparcos.... carbon backed. I’ll try and post better pics tomorrow if I take the car out for a run
  12. I’ll post some this weekend too ? - I’ve got the “soft” interior!
  13. It was clean..... for about 30mins and £2500! ??
  14. Hmmmmm. My car is never that clean!
  15. Exactly this. So there is not charge for the machine polishing. I believe my whole bill will be circa £2500 once I get loyalty discount, so that will include ceramic coating of the whole car/ wheels/ interior etc too.
  16. The car is with the company for a week. One man band, extremely experienced. A combination of the high quality PPF, the fact that is diecut to an exacting template - plus the manpower and the skill to fit it which is far from easy. basically. The car will benefit from the film and I don’t have the skill set or the materials to do it myself. So I’m happy to pay and I know that the guy will do the best job as he always has done ??
  17. I think I was up to around £2500 without the roof before I started getting my discounts applied.
  18. hahahahaha. So do I! Audi was completed just prior to mine. Its a lovely thing. If you search for Polished Bliss Detailing Services on FB then you can see some HD videos of the Audi (and the other cars he has done recently)
  19. and so it begins. the first step was to remove the very temporary "track day" film which was applied at Murrays to help me get up the road. I can report that all PPF came off without any incident or damage to the paintwork. They even removed some of the factory fitted PPF and that also came off fine by using the steamer. Next stage..... machine polish the whole car. Then they will apply the precut XPEL template PPF to the whole car up to the window line (inc the A pillars and rear spoiler). The roof and the rear hatch will be treated with Feynlab self healing coating which is applied like a wax but then bonds to the paint (so like PPF but doesn't protect against stone chips). Finally the whole car will be treated with Gyeon MONS+ quartz coating inside and out. Very excited to get it back.... roads up here are still shit (as you can see from the state of the car after only a wee drive).... but once its fully protected I wont mind so much taking it out.
  20. Geez. Does it really matter? lotus builds good car; well received in general by the public; derided by Lotus enthusiasts.
  21. I really hope that Evo give the 430 a fair opportunity to shine. You can almost hear the laughter over on pistonheads right now.... and plenty will have already decided who the winner will be. But I do hope that Evo address the balance and demonstrate that it’s not always as black and white as the masses would have us believe.
  22. Massive spec. Its got the upgraded Appleplay stereo too which is really nice. is it just me or does the exhaust tip actually look purple in those pics?
  23. Had to be a Lotus colour for me! ??
  24. Looking ace Trevor! Total Batmobile! i took mine out for a wee drive on Sunday... the roads are just too icy and full of salt right now but I took it over to the PPF / detailing shop about an hour or so away from us. Just hoping this weather improves soon!
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