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  1. Komotec 430 compared to GT430? Suppose it is the obvious question but with only 250 Miles on the clock of the GT430 it’ll be a while before the comparison can be made!
  2. Close Bravo.... see attached. White Evora S (standard) then Exige S, then Evora S Sports Racer (which I modified with a Komotec EV430 upgrade) then Elise 250 Cup - and now,.... Evora GT430!
  3. No spray from front wheel arches at all. The liners do a good job of keeping that all in check. I did catch the front splitter this afternoon ?.... coming through a village onto a junction with a change in incline. Duly noted and I won’t make that mistake again. Thankfully no damage and PPF to the underside took the impact
  4. Well you know how it drives better than most - and I don’t think I can put it as eloquently. But.... my lasting impression today was that, on some challenging roads (ones I knew well and others I have never been on before) the car simply dissected them. I was constantly arriving at corners I knew well at speeds I had simply never achieved before. The way that it gathers speed (even only using 3500rpm) and the way that it corners (and therefore leads you on to the followIng straight section quicker than I could before.... it’s simply stunning. I guess I’m saying that i found myself having to recalibrate in every way. Its rides really well, not st all figdety despite it being harder. It pours itself into corners too. The only downside I see so far is that (for me) it’s far too quiet.
  5. Quite a bit actually......
  6. Jonny, I think you and I are approaching GT430 ownership from different angles here..... Weather has been unseasonably mild with us in the wild north. I just had to get the Bitch out for a run..... Dirty as a very dirty thing now.
  7. After 150 mike trip back home from the dealers the vents above the front wheels and the tunnels behind the rear wheels were all pretty full with stones and salty particles!
  8. Well known? Makes me sound infamous ??. It is a lovely car - I had a lot of fun speccing it. I hope that it’s clear to those interested in buying it this that I adopted a truly anal approach to saving weight with the spec as much as I possibly could! The lack of a/c was a tough choice but one I don’t regret considering it’s a soft top ?.... and the added weight compared to the documented problems didn’t make it a sound choice. On the other hand..... the carbon aero kit took approximately 2sconds to spec - I always knew I had to have it and it certainly turned a special car into a VERY special car (in my eyes). It’s fitted with a road spec 2ubular - but a unique one that has the smaller 7” silencer and a shorter tail pipe which sits further into the diffuser. My only concession to comfort was I gave in after I bought the car and retro fitted a stereo with Bluetooth and 4 speakers which meant I could listen to tunes and use my mobile. I missed the V6 too much and when thfor opportunity came by to get the GT430 then it was time for this 250 to go. For sure - however does buy it from Murray’s will have a lot of fun ?
  9. I never missed the a/c so would totally agree jonny. I just got an air demisting pad and stuck it under the passenger seat
  10. interesting first experience of my GT430 on Saturday. Collected it at 11am..... caught speeding at 12:40pm First points in over 15 years too...... I blame the car... its just not easy to drive slow!
  11. my 2 favourite pics of my new car so far!
  12. Washed and back in it’s cozy garage for now. What a machine. It’s just.... epic. Love my new car cover too - new design to accommodate the 430’s massive rear wing... which, er, looks even bigger with the cover on!
  13. Weather depending....... collection this Saturday. Christmas has, literally, just come early ?
  14. My car is coming! Shipped from the factory on Friday.... somewhere enroute to MMC as we speak PPF and tracker and exhaust by-pass button to fit.... looking good for 23rd collection
  15. Road trip wont be far..... its a birthday run from Aberdeen to St Andrews followed by a big social overnighter and a pub crawl in St Andrews itself. To be fair... my bigger issue is the distance between me and the dealership.... Im just under 150miles door to door over some amazing roads.... which wont be nearly so amazing in December as im directly over the ski routes.
  16. Your template is now getting its second use! My detailer has already seen the GT430 Xpel template which has been uploaded from yours. Unfortunately its the 1st week of February for mine to get fitted..... and a possible road trip in January is filling me with dread. The solution....... Murrays are going to cover the car with freehand PPF as a temporary measure until it can go in for its machine polish and proper Xpel fitting. The build of mine continues on track. I only wish I could share the pics as its great to see the car develop from sub frame to near complete. Its currently waiting for a rear bumper and tailgate and that should be it. Still on for delivery date of 23rd December..... as long as nothing scuppers that then it will be a fab Christmas treat
  17. Quite a lot of vendors prefer to only use Xpel where there is a pre-cut template for them to utilise. And its definitely not possible to get a 430 template right now.... I've decided to go with PPF to cover the areas most likely to get stone chip damage.... but the whole car is going to be coated with Feynlab's amazing self healing ceramic coating. The wait is sooooooooo painful.
  18. Jonny, gorgeous..... enjoy the moment! from the above pic.....the transmission tunnel..... it looks as though the twin stitching stops and melts into the alcantara...... is this standard - or a very specific detail change by yourself? I couldn't see from the other interior pic..... have you come up with a solution to the "blank button" and/ or does that mean you have a solution for the exhaust valve in tour?
  19. I guess its all done to the massive rear wing. Id love to know the differences between large rear wing (small diffuser) and large diffuser (smaller rear wing!) Has the 260 eclipsed MY17.5 250 CUP aero or original 220/250 aero?........ just cant see how the standard Elise rear diffuser could be as effective as the original Cup's?
  20. Don't disagree that its possible to lose them...... was there not some chatter around the time of the MY17.5 that the side skirts didn't actually add to the downforce? However.... I would argue.... really argue that the side skirts (and the totally wild MY16 rear diffuser) helped to really set the 250 apart from other "lesser" Elise. My biggest complaint with the new 260 (and the new MY17.5 250) is that from a distance it looks a lot like a standard Elise (not a bad thing) with a huge rear wing on it. Make it one or other. I have some pics taken on the Production Line when my 250 was getting built just before they fitted the aero kit (don't worry I wont share them) and the car looked really odd.... very naked and just not quite right. That's what I think of when I see the new Cups with the revised aero. Sorry
  21. Great pic line up....... Cup 260/ GT430 and a lovely 410 in the background
  22. One over here too..... and should be the only one in Scotland (1 of..... ) Essex Blue GT430, manual, satin black alloys, red accents on roof and front access panel. Sparco carbon seats in dark grey, sound deadening, air con, upgraded Appleplay infotainment with subwoofer Delivery - end December 17
  23. Ordered a couple of weeks back - forgot to say. Looking forward to getting it in time for the car getting delivered Thanks again, T
  24. seconded. From what I see this is not a GT430 or Evora specific issue.... and not even an issue which affects all of us. A good discussion thread can get quickly hi-jacked by constant discussions about dealer networks/ website issues, etc.
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